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Finding Your Amazon Niche: 10 Ideas For Private Label Product Research

By Manuel Becvar

Success on Amazon often comes from selling in a niche with passionate buyers and fewer competitors. Here’s how to find your perfect niche.

Finding Your Amazon Niche: 10 Ideas For Private Label Product Research

Find and purchase profitable inventory with the best tools for market research, product analysis, importing and wholesale.





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Pierre Lamarre

Great and valuable information.
Thanks for sharing.

Manuel Becvar

Replying to Pierre Lamarre

You are welcome Pierre 🙂

Elena Kova

Thank you for sharing information about UPC. Confirmed with Amazon today that they have a lot of problems with cheap UPC codes.
Kadaza- this is new to me. Thank you again ,Manuel.

Manuel Becvar

Replying to Elena Kova

Happy to help Elena!


Dear Manuel,

Thanks for the valuable information. So how about using terapeak for researching for products (instead of junglescout for example)? would you advise to use it? Even though terapeak is more focused on ebay but in the end it’s also focused towards the USA market just like junglescout so most probably the trending products on ebay would also be trending/wanted on Amazon.

Manuel Becvar

Replying to Zahi

Hey Zahi,

Yes, I have used Terapeak before and it’s also good for Amazon. They’ve added a couple of things among them finding bestsellers on Amazon linked with Alibaba suppliers. But yes, they are heavily focused on eBay.

Hope this helps 🙂


Good article dear Manuel. As always!
Thanks for producing!


Excellent article! I’ve just begun with affiliate marketing, but would love to move into private label. You’ve provided a great road map and ideas, so hopefully I will get there soon!

Taneisha Barrow

Can you send me information or post more information about the trade shows in china ? I am looking for cosmetic/skin care products to private label as well as Esthetician machines. I want to go to the trade shows in Asia but I don’t know how to go about finding information or how much it costs in taxes to bring products and equipment back to the US.??? Waiting to hear your responses ! Thank You

Angie Elkerton

You have definitely inspired me. And it was free 🙂
Thank you so much.

adnan salimi

Hello! I am thinking to sell on Amazon. Actually I want to do it now. I need to to know couple of things.

How much minimum money do I need to have to start selling on Amazon?
When it comes to selling on Amazon. Shall I go for.
(a) Private Label
(b) White Label

I could not find products with white label on google search.
I am l looking for light items that cost me less postage such as wireless earphones. I am just starting out. So I nee your help in this.



Hi, thank you for this post. Do you have any suggested tools/programs that can be used for learning on how to develop new products?

Warm regards


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