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QC or not QC? All About Pre-Shipment Inspections for Your Product Imports

By Gary Huang

Experienced sellers inspect their products before they leave the factory. It's a small price to pay for all the time, money and headaches it can prevent.

QC or not QC? All About Pre-Shipment Inspections for Your Product Imports

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Good information Gary, but how do you define sample size to ensure it’s within 1 man day to inspect if you agreed for inspection to not exceed that time frame?


Replying to Boris


Great question. To define the sample size so that it doesn’t exceed 1 man-day you simply tell the 3rd party inspection agency that your budget is 1 man-day. They will inform you how many pieces can be inspected within that timeframe. Hope that helps!



Replying to Gary

Hey Gary, I was recommended sourcing agent who also does inspections. How do I make sure that he does not underestimate sample size for one man-day below what can be realistically checked? The intent behind doing this can be just to cut down work and still get paid same amount. I think inspection firm can be safer in this case because they are in China, they monitor and check their inspectors and have expertise to estimate the sample size it would take for their inspector to check. However if I still want to develop relationship with sorucing agent, is sample… Read more »


Hi Dave, If trust is an issue, I recommend having the inspection done by an unbiased 3rd party inspection agency rather than your sourcing agent. This is to prevent any conflict of interests. For example your agent may be more inclined to let the inspection pass (and hide any problems) in order to get the order shipped (and him getting paid). The inspector may or may not be able to inspect more pieces per day than you. It’s a case by case basis as it really depends on the complexity of the product, packaging, and the inspection criteria required. I… Read more »


Hi there,
yes, that’s true. Inspection agency will get You all necessary information about the quantity, with calculation why they can check 315 pcs, not 500. Of course it depends, on how “deep” the inspection should be, what kind of tests You order, and what kind of product we have, but anyway, than You can negotiate the quantity, price etc. For sure You’ll find a good solution.
Fryderyk Wachowiak
Green Angel Institute, Inspetion Body Poland

AQI Service

Replying to Fryderyk

Exactly, we would like the customer to send information as much as they can, otherwise that’s really waste time in asking how many pieces you can check or why the sample size you can’t finish in one day.

The information includes:
Purchase Order /Contract agreement
Packing list
Product specifications
Known quality issues or Key points
Inspection checklist or instruction
Type of Inspection


Appreciated this article.


Replying to Jennifer

Posted before I could finish. I ordered an pre-shipment inspection with Qima but received an email today that they are delaying the inspection by a week due to covid. I have worked with this supplier before and they are completing a self-inspection -planned before this notice – but I am still a bit concerned about possibly moving forward without the inspection. This article was helpful in other things to consider before I make a decision about moving forward.

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