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Retail Arbitrage at Scale: An Interview With Robyn Johnson

By Andy Geldman

Retail Arbitrage at Scale: An Interview With Robyn Johnson

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Let’s be honest. She is only sharing her strategy and a link to her site, because she is using her speaking engagement as another revenue stream.

Shelley Luzaich

Replying to james

While it’s true that Robyn is linking to her paid services, I have to tell you that I met her at an event and she’s the real deal. She sat with me and gave me incredible insight, information and really good business advice in 30 minutes (that she could have easily charged for). I also met her husband and her staff – ditto for all of them. Each one shared openly and honestly. She really means it when she wants to “raise the bar” because if people are just selling at the lowest price – it’s a race to the… Read more »


Replying to james

I don’t really understand why you feel like that’s important? Presumably you read the interview because you were interested in what Robyn had to say. Is it at all possible that someone might want to read more about Robyn after reading this interview? If that’s possible, could it be that the best place to do that would be on her website? When I got to the end of the article, I didn’t feel compelled or tricked to do anything. I am intrigued though and will click through to find out more, because I want to. Why is it important that… Read more »


Replying to james

I met Robin years ago and have watched her grow. She is a successful entrepreneur and a good person who wants to share and build others up. Yes, she is now speaking and writing books because others want to know how she did it! Be happy she is willing to share how she got to where she is today! Not everyone will attend or read and do it but the fact she is sharing is fantastic!


Replying to james

That comment seems quite harsh. People share their knowledge and experience on other websites and they do benefit from a link to their own website as part of that. The benefit to the reader is that they may learn something new from reading the content and the content creator gets some exposure to their business/website.

Personally I prefer there to be a link to the contributors site so I can validate them as a trusted information source.

Laura Buoni

Replying to james

Heard Robyn speak in person and have listened to several of her podcasts. I have no problem with her linking to her paid services. She offers her free info so you can decide if she has something you’d like to know. I personally find her free info packed full of useful, usable information. She is well versed on her subject matter. She’s offering a product it took time for her to learn. You are free to pass.


I heard Robin speak at CES this past September and she was amazing. I made it a point to go say hello. I would listen to anything she is willing to put out there.


I understand that Amazon and eBay are cracking down on some level of retail arbitrage as many brands are now defending their retailers from unlicensed sellers of new product and forcing Amazon/eBay to remove the new listings of those retailers who are not in a relationship with the brand.

A follow up article on this would be an interesting topic.

Albert Williams

Hi Robyn, I felt inspired and motivated when I read your account of starting with nothing and then growing your business from scratch. I have been working on a gold – mine for 32 years, and now have been boarded, due to lung problems. I need to learn new skills and supplement my income as my pension is inadequate. Do you perhaps offer a coaching service, so that I can learn retail arbitrage from a grass roots level ? Can you maybe suggest a website that offers this type of coaching ? I am at present residing in South –… Read more »

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