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5 Ways Amazon Private Label Selling is Under Attack

By Pete Thompson

Private labeling seemed like the perfect business model for the Amazon marketplace. But has the whole private label ethos now had its day?

5 Ways Amazon Private Label Selling is Under Attack

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Building a brand and playing the long game with differentiated offerings and good service is really the only way to go now. Like any other business, it’s hard work if you want to survive and prosper.

Also agree that products made or designed locally rather than China is a very valuable point of difference. I’ve seen one quite successful example of this very strategy in recent months.

Danny McMillan

Replying to James

Thanks for your feedback. Local is much harder, as in most cases suppliers are not as responsive as the Chinese.


Another thing to note is Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 is not protecting brands as Registry 1.0 did. We follow the Amazon procedures and we have our trademark registered and on product. We have registered with 1.0 and now 2.0. We have had hijackers on listing and have done test buys and reported to Amazon. In 1.0 they band any seller from our listing unless they had our permission. With 2.0 they have opened it back up and we can not get it closed again and protected. We manufacture our product and sell it exclusively direct to end user on Amazon.… Read more »


BR.20 is not a protection against hijackers. There is a lot of confusion around BR as sellers assume they are protected. BR is a great way of locking down empty fields on a listing but not a protection against distribution. Some sellers have lost BR due to the fact they tried to leverage BR to keep others out. The other option is brand gating which only a few actually get to access and this has a short time frame before it expires. Amazon are introducing the Transparency program which aims to help against fake goods etc. The best way to… Read more »


Interesting about Brand Registry. As I’m trying in vain to have a trademark registered to get access to 2.0, I now realise that other than for enhanced brand content, it’s not really worth jumping through the hoops with a costly trademark process.

The only winners are the lawyers !


Seems like it has evolved into a business where you need to provide value with a unique patented product. Then you must have the staying power to defend your patent and continue to enovate. This is much harder than buying a me-too product off Alibaba, having a chinese mfg. change the color and put your “brand name” on the product. Those days are pretty much gone in my opinion.

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