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BigCentral from BQool is a sales, marketing and service solution for Amazon sellers. It covers email automation, review tracking, keyword and product research, feedback management and buyer-seller messaging.

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From $50 to $500 per month (10% discount available for annual subscriptions).

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • amazon sellerk22

    Overall rating

    Avoid! Total waste of time and money!

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    The support was non existent

    Ridiculously overpriced rubbish. Feedback does not increase at all. All this does is automatically send feedback request emails which most customers do not want to receive anyway. Its nothing more than an automated system that should cost nothing. The cost is extortionate compared to its simplicity. Customers just get fed up and angry that they receive more unsolicited emails.

  • valuegardensupply124

    Overall rating

    A must-have for Amazon Sellers

    Bqool's Feedback Central automates the ugly and inefficient task of automating review request emails on Amazon.

    This is a must have for any store, especially new stores. The premium versions offer a feature to check and see if customer has already left feedback, so it won't email and bother them again.

    Bqool offers long free trial periods and will extend them if you require additional time to evaluate the software.

    The support team is excellent and their communication and customer service are A+

  • maureen

    Overall rating

    Tracking reviews, made simple!

    We use Bool's Review Central for 6 of our Amazon marketplaces and it has been a really great time saving tool for us. Tracking reviews page by page is time consuming and Review Central has not only simplified our work, but has also allowed us to track our results and makes follow up a breeze!

  • jeff559

    Overall rating

    Must Have tool

    BQool Feedback Central combined with Review Central has helped us tremendously over the last several months since we started using it. We have more than tripled the per month number of quality reviews and feedback received from customers on Amazon, which has really helped us promote and maintain our brand image.

    The daily digest and notifications help us keep a pulse on what our customers like and dislike about our products and service and helps us identify problem items and deficiencies in our processes.

    Their application has saved a lot of time vs manually searching all items and sales in order to respond quickly to issues.

  • ananda

    Overall rating

    wow ! this website is amazing !

    This website provides everything i asked for. I have a small amazon business and I don't need to spend my entire time on the amazon platform to get reviews...i will use this web-site for all my future products...thanks you so so much !

  • Cartay708

    Overall rating

    1-2 positive feedbacks per day

    I was using their repricing tool (still am) and everything was going well so I figured let's try the feedback tool. I'm so happy I did!! Right of the bat I started getting 1-2 positive feedbacks PER DAY. Which we all know helps you compete better for the buybox. What I really like about it is you can set up all types of rule on who to send messages and when. This is very important! I'm very happy with it and the price is also very competitive. So what can I say really... If it works it works!

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