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AMZ Labels converts Amazon FBA shipping labels, LTL labels, and product barcode (FNSKU) labels, so they can be printed on a thermal printer.

Drag and drop an Amazon PDF label file into AMZ Labels to create a new PDF formatted for a label printer.

FBA shipping labels and LTL labels are formatted to 4x6, and barcodes are formatted for address-sized labels.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States
4x6 label printer (shipping labels & LTL labels), label printer (barcode labels)

Pricing & Trial

$4.95 per month

Trial Length: 30 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • FBA

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  • Ubuywerush1

    Overall rating

    FBA Sellers Need AMZ Labels

    What were the positives?

    I love the low cost, it's a no brainer at $4.95 per month. At this price, I won't hesitate for the monthly fee and continued service.

    What a great idea, FBA Shipping Labels and Product FNSKU.

    No more issues buying 30-Up labels and having them smudge from my laser printer, thermal is the way to go.


    The software does all the work for you. I emailed support twice for recommendation on thermal printers and labels to use.

    Support is great. They replied quickly and answered my questions. I searched eBay and Amazon for DYMO printers buying both, 1 for shipping labels, the other for FBA FNSKU Product labels.

    I could go on-and-on about AMZ Labels software, it's a must! Okay, back to more FBA shipping I go.

  • bjkamm2

    Overall rating

    Perfect for thermal printing amazon labels

    What were the positives?

    It is the only service that provides formatting for easy thermal printing of amazon shipping labels, which for some stupid reason amazon has not already made available for sellers.

    Any negatives?

    Would be great if it was directly integrated into amazon seller central, but that is probably not possible.


    Support is good. It is very easy to use, so support really isn't a huge issue to worry about.

  • thebookman

    Overall rating

    Works great for shipping to Amazon FBA


    It does exactly what it is supposed to. Coverts the FBA labels to 4x6.

    Creates a separate label for the carrier label and the FBA label.

    Easy to use. Drag the file, click the button, done.

    Worked with my Zebra thermal printer.



    None so far.

    I don't know why Amazon does not have built in support for a label printer with their FBA shipping labels. I don't have the patience to copy/paste labels to the printer, and cutting and taping labels is also time consuming. Found this program from a recommendation on a forum and gave it a whirl. Best 5 bucks you'll ever spend if you do any volume with FBA.

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