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EliCommerce is an all-in-one Amazon seller consulting service. Services include brand management, product ranking, listing optimization, PPC advertising, review management, FBA and logistics, seller investigation, analytics and reporting, price monitoring, industry research, international expansion, and product sourcing and development.

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  • Tim S

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    *BEWARE* EliCommerce is NOT to be trusted

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    Our company contracted with EliCommerce in 2020 to manage one of our brands on their Sellers Account.

    There were many promises but none went filled. We have yet to receive one payout for our product sales and are owed over $200,000 by EliCommerce. We are currently working with their old partners in a lawsuit to recoup our funds along with a few other larger Sellers


    If you want your Amazon business to succeed. Do not do business with EliCommerce. You will avoid tragedy!

  • hoojmedia

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    Real Amazon growth

    The team at EliCommerce really understand the Amazon marketplace. Just my initial chat with Eli was so informative. He shared strategies and free advice and I can tell he sincerely cared about growing my brand on Amazon.

    I witnessed an overall lift in organic sales and they lowered my ACoS to 18% when it was at over 200% the month before.

    Their process and workflow is so clear cut and organized. If I ever did not understand something about Amazon, (which happened frequently, someone from the team at EliCommerce explained it to me extremely professionally and patiently.

    Great work. Honest business. I am in!

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