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AMZ Advisers is an ecommerce marketing company that specializes in growing businesses on the Amazon platform.

They help grow clients' Amazon sales by developing their strategy, optimizing campaigns, creating listing and brand content, and managing paid advertising.

AMZ Advisers have worked with businesses of all sizes from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Nunya Bitness

    Overall rating


    If you like to be jerked around and treated rudely, you will love working with this pathetic excuse for a company

    These people are rude, inconsiderate. They make appointments that they blow off.

    My over-all impression is that they are just more ***mers looking for a way to con people who are trying to start up a business.

    500 characters? There are a lot of words I'd like to use, but they are not really appropriate for public display where children may be present.

    These people reached out to me, seeking my business and then they turn out to be complete flakes.

    1. Reply from AMZ Advisers

      @Nunya Bitness

      It’s very clear by your emotional response that we made the right decision in not choosing to work with you. In order to move through our sales process you must qualify yourself as a viable lead and apparently that did not happen since we have never spoken. We choose to work with brands, manufacturers and private labels that are professional and have established differentiated product lines that we feel we can create high level strategies for in the short term and long term. Please feel free to come out from your fake name you made and post your business URL here so we can tell you why we do not feel you would be the right partner for us.

      Thank you and we wish the best of luck!

      Steve Cicalese
      CEO, Amz Advisers

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