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Amazon Seller Account Registration: Is Video Screening the Answer?

By Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe looks at a new program which vets Amazon sellers over video calls. There are a lot of upsides, but will it make it past the pilot stage?

Amazon Seller Account Registration: Is Video Screening the Answer?

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Jon Thompson

The email intro made me laugh – “Imagine amazon without bad sellers or fake products” – they would probably cease to exist! Smaller sellers made amazon what it is today, and the implimentations they are trying to impose on sellers, such as a route to authenticating every product, just isn’t viable. Oh, sure, it would work for the major manufacturers but for products from the millions of small businesses around the world it’s impractical at best. Grouping the same product with different sellers simply doesn’t work for me, because it’s a lottery whether the item you buy is from someone… Read more »

Chris McCabe

Replying to Jon Thompson

Hi Jon, thanks for the comment. Even large sellers begin small, and this is for newly registered ones that are attempting to pass verification. So this represents (hopefully) a first step in improved methodology, taken with a big grain of salt of course that it can be executed properly. But that is what the pilot’s for — we just believe it can’t be any worse of a process than what they have in place now, so even modest improvements are welcome.

Sarah Kate McMilliam

Sounds like yet another way for amazon to find out where legitimate US brands make our products so they can circumvent us and make the same products at the same factories under their own private label (as they have been doing for years).


Always appreciate your insight Chris and this is good information, but a resounding NO from me. Until they fix the underlying issues rampant with the teams enforcing policies, they don’t need to layer in more “stuff”. This looks like a classic example of throwing technology at a broken system in hopes it will fix things.

If they really wanted to fix the problems they would increase transparency, increase communication, audit their teams, raise internal standards, hire appropriately, train appropriately, and implement an actual survey and complaints process with transparency for sellers.

Chris McCabe

Replying to Nick

That’s true it’s treating the symptom but not the disease, in a sense, trying to use tech to fix what they are unable to improve with the teams and tools already at their disposal. My one main hope is that registration can be accomplished successfuly in one sitting, not tons of useless back and forrt appeals to Seller PErformance that no one reads, emails to Jeff/ Executive Seller Relations that fall to the wayside along all the others. Sellers may be able to rectify any mismatched documents or inconsistencies on a video call and troubleshoot it live.

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