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Amazon Sellers Need to Stop Dropshipping and Arbitrage. Here’s Why.

By Chris McCabe

Amazon is now suspending sellers before their first sale, and requesting evidence of authenticity. Some sourcing models won’t survive.

Amazon Sellers Need to Stop Dropshipping and Arbitrage. Here’s Why.

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James Cartwright

Generally speaking it may take another Supreme Court case to rectify the problem that amazon faces! Manufacturer and brand owners continually try to control a market if amazon doesn’t want resellers then it should only sell the brands themselves that takes care of the problem!

Mark Hetherington

I’m expecting this to be a short term purge. Why? Well the biggest problem is that the vast majority of items are sourced through distributors who are not “approved”. In fact in the greater scheme of things approved distributors are actually very rare as manufacturers prefer to spread their wares among as many distributors that are willing to take them. Sure, the likes of Apple are particularly strict about who resells their goods as are many of the big brands, but there are tens of thousands of lesser known brands out there who simply don’t have an authorised reseller network.… Read more »


There is another side of the coin.
We always need to remember that Amazon, unlike other platforms like eBay, can became our competitor, and asking about our supplier could not always be about evidence of authenticity


The even further side is this opens up litigation… amazon flirts with anti trust. First sale doctrine I bought it I can sell it!

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