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EU Declaration of Conformity: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know

By Ferry Vermeulen

Amazon is asking sellers on its European sites for their products’ Declaration of Conformity. What is a DoC and how can sellers get one?

EU Declaration of Conformity: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know

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Hi Ferry,

Thank you for this article. I have been over to your website. If we gave you pictures of a product, and a description of it, would you be able to tell us which EC Directives it would come under, and which Template we would need to buy for it from your Shop section? Would you charge for this advice?

Ferry Vermeulen


Hi Peter. Thanks for your message. Could you send the pics and the description to [email protected]?

Dmitry Volskiy

Hello and thank you for the article. i need help with declaration of conformity for wireless car charger. I am selling on amazon. I cannot pass the UK marketplace – they say: not all applicable standards are indicated. So in fact i only need the list of all applicable standards for wireless car charger. Can you tell me how I get find them?

Ferry Vermeulen

Replying to Dmitry Volskiy

Hi Dmitry. There is not one source where you can find all standards, but there are a few places where you can try to find them:
-The website of the European Commission. Select a product group and on the next page see if some relevant standards are listed.
-Search on the website of normalisation institutes, such as DIN, BS, ISO, IEC, NEN and SIS, by using key words
-Google on for example ‘standard + product’
-Search the Official Publication Journal of the European Community.


Thanks for this info.

I have registered at the CeE mark done all the require questionnaire but to print the certificate itself cost a huge lot money. can the template above used instead of making payment and how do we get the template download after subscribing to your newsletter?

Ferry Vermeulen

Replying to Akin

Can you send me some more information such as where exacftly you registred and some product images or a /url at [email protected]?


Thanks for this article. Unfortunately last year our products where being suppressed due to conformity issues. We uploaded all documentation and they were approved and reinstated. However, these where batches of products and they could be down time of up to 3 days. = loss of revenue. I am looking into a pre approval method to avoid Amazon suppressing any of our products. I followed the above below instructions, however when I click the Listings Limitations Apply button, I cannot see the Request Approval under the product information.Any ideas? o request pre-approval, you should do the following: Go to Catalog… Read more »

Ferry Vermeulen

Hi Shane. Are you talking about Amazon’s instructions that you followed? I have no experience with that. You can shoot me an email at [email protected] with more info if you like. Happy to help!

Nick M


Will amazon ask to only see the DoC certificate or will retailers/manufacturers be required show compliance through test reports and a technical file?

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