Ecommerce Returns: Every Question Answered for Online Sellers

We look at ecommerce return rates, optimum time limits, free returns, reducing your return rate, what to do with returned products, wardrobing and more.

By Sarra Turki

The World’s Top Online Marketplaces 2021

Find out which online marketplaces rule their countries, regions and product categories in our definitive list of marketplaces worldwide.

By Kate Merton

The Web Retailer News Digest for May 28th, 2021

US authorities have made a lot of noise over the last few years about Amazon abusing its market position, but no real action has been taken. Until now.

By Andy Geldman

The Web Retailer News Digest for May 21st, 2021

Google just keeps trying, and failing, to make a substantial impact in the ecommerce world. But this latest move might just turn things in its favor.

By Michael Burns

The Web Retailer News Digest for May 14th, 2021

A data leak exposed over 13 million messages in which Amazon sellers solicit fake reviews. Soon after, several very large Chinese sellers were suspended.

By Andy Geldman

Selling on Cdiscount: Your Questions Answered

French marketplace Cdiscount is the second most popular in the country. With only 13,000 pro sellers, it is also a great opportunity for international sellers.

By GĂ©ric Javid

The Web Retailer News Digest for May 7th, 2021

Etsy has been found selling ivory, weapons, miracle cures and porn. Plus early Prime Day rumors are confirmed and an eBay sneaker sniffer speaks out.

By Andy Geldman

Warehouse Management: Essential Answers for Ecommerce Businesses

Discover the best warehouse management practices for ecommerce fulfillment, from picking systems and fulfillment accuracy to outsourcing.

By Alex Mills

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