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Meet Momox: The World’s #1 Seller on Amazon and #3 on eBay

By Andy Geldman

Meet Momox: The World’s #1 Seller on Amazon and #3 on eBay

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So their model is retail arbitrage? How are they able to do that on such a large scale?

John Mounsey

What a great article / interview! (not to mention inspirational). Thanks so much for arranging this and posting the exchange here. John.


Whos #1?

John Mounsey

Replying to Andy Geldman

Ahhh yes, Zoverstocks! I’ve had plenty of dealings with them – they seem to sell pretty much *everything!*. John.

Enrick Bui

Great interview, Andy.

I’m quite interested in learning more about how they’re tackling the Fashion industry on Amazon.

Jeff Golden

Christian did not mention how he started selling on Amazon USA and who assisted him for many years till Amazon allowed German sellers to use direct payment.

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