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Seller Republic is an Amazon repricing tool that helps sellers manage pricing strategies and gain Buy Box exposure.

Sellers set min and max prices to protect margins, then apply preset or custom strategies depending on their goals.

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From $28.95 per month.

Trial Length: 15 days

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  • j.bernardo

    Overall rating

    Superb results

    Excellent service. Revenues up. Profits up. Workload down. Seller Republic has been a lifesaver for us, not only is the app concise and quick to use it also is quick at repricing. The only issue we have is waiting for Amazon servers to update. It's that quick! Support has been pretty quick and gave great advice. Not only have they helped with using more advanced parts of the app they also gave invaluable advice for selling in general, whether it be on Amazon or elsewhere. We are planning to use their eBay Repricer also. The recently updated profit and loss calculator is a great improvement too and invaluable to identify our best products. It shows us exactly what we need to focus on. Thank you Seller Republic.

  • e.bronner86

    Overall rating

    Positive, well worth the money

    Quick, easy set up time and it works. A value for money service that brings added value to our business.

  • giorgiob1980

    Overall rating

    Paid for itself in the first few days

    It’s a very easy to use service which I think has some pretty special code underneath. A couple days after integrating it paid for itself with the additional sales we got and I was surprised to find that as it often prices up instead of down are profits are greatly up too. A really fantastic tool. As it comes with a free trial it’s well worth checking out.

  • trancemadmaz

    Overall rating

    Amazing service

    Moved to Seller Republic after having Buy Box issues with a different company. Set up was done in about 30mins, the last company took a week of playing around with. The interface is fluid and easy to use, repricing works and although I haven’t needed support yet I’m confident they will be there if I need them as they have chat support.

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