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Quantity Manager automatically adjusts the quantity available on eBay when a fixed-price item is purchased, to maintain the appearance of scarcity.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • eBay Embedded App
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$5.00 per month plus $0.02 per inventory update

Trial Length: 7 days

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  • All eBay Websites

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  • robbcarpdm

    Overall rating

    Worst service I have ever used

    Its supposed to change you displayed quantity but it has a timing issue that can result with your entire inventory being shown to ebay when then ENDS IMMEDIATELY all your listings if the quantity is over your limit.

    Their awlful customer service denies they ever have a problem even when it documented

    Its got to be some teenager in mom and dads basement to be this bad.

    Their maint times are during peak US periods and it doesnt run in the back ground while they do maint so you are screwed when you inventory runs out.

    Pay for a real service as this one cost me $1000s and a compromised account snafu that they started by being off line.

    Scarcity manager is more expensive but as I found out the hard way you get what you pay for.

  • Carl N

    Overall rating

    Horrible customer service

    After my ebay account was compromised and used to purchase this software, the company that owns Quantity Manager has refused to answer my requests for credit to my ebay account. I cannot close my ebay account until this is resolved. I have contacted Quantity Manager many times and have been ignored for over a month.
    While ebay was great in dealing with the fraud of other purchases, it's impossible to get this resolved through Quantity manager. Support is terrible. I don't recommend dealing with them at all!

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