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BuyBotPro is an Amazon FBA online arbitrage virtual buying assistant. BuyBotPro analyses thousands of data points to score deals out of 100. As well as being an FBA calculator and a buying assistant, it checks eligibility, Hazmat, private label status, competitor stock and estimated sales. It also calculates VAT and exports deal information to a buying list in Google Sheets.

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$34.95 or $44.95 a month. Annual plans available.

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • Ged Wilmot

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    If you're an Amazon Seller, you NEED this tool

    What were the positives?

    Put simply, me and my team of sourcing assistants couldn't imagine life without BuyBotPro. It really is a must-have app for all Amazon Sellers.

    Simply input the buy price and sell price and hit 'analyse' - a few seconds later, BuyBotPro shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to make an accurate and reliable buying decision. You can see your important ROI and profit figures, as well as your break even price (essential when considering the "worst case scenario") and whether there are any IP risks associated with selling that brand. It even integrates the important data from Keepa and estimated monthly sales. Just perfect!

    When the mobile app comes out, it really will be the ultimate all-in-one tool for online and retail arbitrage.

    Whenever I have needed them, the support team have been very responsive and the tech team are always working on lots of exciting developments.

    Any negatives?



    If you're thinking about getting BuyBotPro, just do it. They have a 14 day risk-free guarantee, so you really can't lose anything by signing up. You'll soon see just how powerful it really is 🙂

  • Susan E Hogan

    Overall rating

    Excellent tool for all things selling on Amazon

    Only started my Amazon business in mid-April and was lucky to find BuyBot Pro (BBP) pretty quickly. Thank goodness! The tool is a must-have for any serious seller. Providing real time information about products, position, estimated sales, the competition and overall ROI.

    Can't recommend enough. It's an essential for me and has helped to plan for pricing and overall product strategy. Also, by comparison to other similar (but not as good) tools on the market the subscription is very cost effective.

    The team who manage BBP do so very diligently and any queries are promptly dealt with. They are also very pro-active in developing a community where like-minded sellers can 'chew the fat'. Find them on facebook.


  • Mandy W

    Overall rating

    Must have tool for Amazon sellers

    Buy Bot Pro is my go to tool for reviewing items before considering selling them on Amazon. Its unique ability to analyse products using a wide variety of metrics is like having a second pair of eyes that are not emotionally involved in the decision. Its many features are constantly being added to and the developers are always open to new suggestions for improvement.
    In the event of a problem a quick email to support and the issue is resolved in the speediest manner, quicker than any other support I have experienced.
    There is also an excellent FB group where questions are readily answered and the owners are always on hand.
    So whilst the final buying decision is always mine this tool goes a long way to ensure that the decision is fully informed.
    Highly Recommended

  • emoshaya

    Overall rating

    Game Changer

    Definitely a game saver for any Amazon FBA seller! This extension not only works out your profits and ROIs, but it also analyses the keepa history graph and provides insights based on the history of sales. It recommends whether you should source the product or not. It also has the ability to add prep fees and calculate VAT based on your VAT status.

    The people involved in this development are very passionate business people and provide excellent customer services. Get this extension if you are serious about growing your online FBA business!

  • gusmclean59344

    Overall rating

    Game changer

    any body serious about amazon and on line arbitrage simply needs this tool . i got involed in the beta stage and its totally changed with features getting added weekly . i and my virtual assistants could not do without it. its made a lot off desisions for me . as far as customer service from the team behind it . totally outstanding they understand the business from a to z . it has had a big impact on my business and i am sure it will yours . like i said game changer .gus mclean .ps . please feel free to use this review when nedded

  • adamk475

    Overall rating

    Best software there is

    What were the positives?

    The best thing is that this software helps you a lot
    to make good purchases and saves you a lot in
    bad buys. And it is so easy to use that even a newbie
    to the business will get on wit it. I couldn't reccommend
    it enough.

    Any negatives?

    Not sure if there's anything to add as they're updating
    the software on a weekly basis with awesome features.


    Support is awesome - you get your questions answered
    sometimes in a matter of minutes and it's all sorted out
    while-you-wait 🙂

  • bashh

    Overall rating


    I’ve had my extension for nearly a month now and I’m happy to say it has exceeded my expectations. My OA purchasing experience is more enjoyable with BBP! As well as that the customer service is 100%.

    BuyBotPro can actually analyse a deal – and tells me whether I should buy the deal or not. I find this really helpful when I’m busy and I can analyse deals much quicker.

    It also has a function to copy the deal to Googlesheets which is really handy.

    My OA business would be less efficient without BBP and I’m sure it has and will save me from many bad buys in the future.

    I would recommend BuyBotPro without a doubt.

  • lippertyuk

    Overall rating

    Wow! Your one stop shop for deal checking !!

    Like everyone who does Amazon FBA, we all need to vaidate details but it means subscribing to many different apps to get the info needed. Not anymore ! Not only does BBP tell you your profit, it gives you a deal score, tells you if Amazon are likely to deem it Hazmat, advises how many sell over a month as well as 90 days, tells you whether you're eligible to even sell the item in the first place! and my favourite bit - allows you to save the deal you just checked out - to your own Googlesheet with a click of a button! it works out the VAT, tells you your break even cost and you can set your own deal criteria; tell it your purchasing budget and it will even suggest what quanity to buy. I'm really not sure how we lived without BuyBotPro !

  • kathy793

    Overall rating

    Amazing, Gamechanging Product For Amazon Sellers

    As an Amazon seller I struggle to know which products to buy. This software basically does all the analyzing for me. I used to spend so much time on just one product trying to decide whether to sell it or not. Now I spend seconds and just whip through my list. I was paying for a lot of other software to try to be able to gauge the number of sales a product would have. But I no longer need those as I find the sales predictions with this software to be more accurate than any other software out there. I started using this software when it was first available and I can't believe how many new features have been added since I have been using it. My favorite is the the "score" the software gives to a product and now there are three reasons given as to why BuyBotPro either likes it or hates it. I love it. No more guessing. The software dives deep into the data and sees things I would never figure out. I also love just clicking on the export button and having it copy all the pertinent info over to a spreadsheet. I went through 240 products in less than two hours last week. Before BuyBotPro that would have taken a couple of days. It has take my Amazon business to a new level and I haven't made any buying mistakes since I started using it. I highly recommend this product to all Amazon sellers.

  • eds

    Overall rating

    The Ultimate Online Arbitrage Deal Analysis Tool

    I have had the honour and privilege of being a Beta tester for this awesome analysis tool virtually from it's inception.
    I have seen it grow from strength to strength with ongoing updates and new features being added all the time.

    This tool in my humble opinion is at the forefront of technology

    It has helped and continues to help grow my online business by streamlining my deal analysis and buy decisions through its speed of function and ease of use whilst still leaving me in control to make the final decision.
    It even gives me reasons why I should or should not purchase a particular item and notifies me of how many I should buy.

    I truly believe this tool will revolutionise the online arbitrage world both right now and in time to come.

    To be in possession of this online tool would be like taking an armoured tank to a fist fight where you multiply your chances of success many times over.
    Without this tool would be like "entering a Formula One race with a donkey as your means of transport".

    However by far and above the most important reason why I endorse this online tool wholeheartedly is simply because of the tremendous dedication, support and speed of communication shown to me whenever I had an issue or problem to resolve - this level of service is second to none and for which I will always be very grateful.

    Thank you!!

  • simongardner1983

    Overall rating

    Game changer a must have software

    What were the positives?

    The product is amazing and a game changer in online arbritage, it has now become vital in my business. The time saving this software has made in my business has made me able to concentrate on upscaling much quicker. And as it tells me so much infomation I make buying decisions within a minute where as before I was checking 3-4 things on product before buying. Would 100% recommend.

    Any negatives?

    Nope it the first of it kind


    The support is amazing email response or Facebook response very quick and helpful.

  • andy594

    Overall rating

    Excellent piece of Software. Couldn't be without it.

    I've been using Buy Bot Pro on a daily basis for 4 months and could not do without it now. 🙂

    It swiftly and accurately analyses my OA deals and enables me to quickly make an informed buying decision.

    Without a doubt it has helped my buying process and stopped me making silly mistakes. It has also speeded up my decision making time so I can quickly work through more potential deals to find the best money makers.

    It instantly gives me a Yes / No decision red or green box along with some Detail on the decision. It will flag up Gated Categories and Hazmat.The deal analysing criteria is fully customisable to your own criteria - eg you can input your own Margins, ROI, Minimum Profit etc which allows me to be very specific.

    The Estimated Sales Calculator is a relatively new feature and helps me decide on quantity to purchase.

    Support and Advice from the BBP team is fantastic. It's a game changing one stop shop for all my OA analysis which has helped me grow my Business with confidence. Its worth every penny and I would be lost without it.

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