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StoreFeeder is a hosted multi-channel ecommerce software solution. It enables retailers to integrate with major sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Play, online stores and more.

StoreFeeder features include listing and order management, synching inventory updates, courier and accounts integration, in-depth performance reports.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia


Pricing & Trial

From £250 + vat / month to bespoke

Trial Length: Enquire about a trial

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • Etsy
  • Flubit (SKU Cloud)
  • Fruugo
  • GAME
  • Mirakl Powered
  • Newegg
  • notonthehighstreet
  • OnBuy
  • PriceMinister
  • Tesco
  • 13ten
  • APC Overnight
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • DX Group
  • FedEx
  • Hermes
  • Interlink Express
  • Metapack
  • NetDespatch
  • Parcel Station
  • Parcelforce
  • Royal Mail
  • UKMail
  • Yodel
  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • BigCommerce
  • ekmPowershop
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • osCommerce
  • PayPal
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • X-Cart
  • KashFlow
  • Sage
  • Xero

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Average overall rating
  • SalBB

    Overall rating

    Makes life so much easier!

    Excellent service, Storefeeder are quick to respond to any queries, and to resolve issues. Staff are all very helpful. I was very cautious to begin with as I'd never heard of this company, but I have absolutely no regrets! We currently use Amazon (including FBA), eBay, Magento, and WooCommerce, and bar a few little niggles they have all integrated very well. Stocktaking and keeping track of listings is now so easy. Storefeeder are also keen to listen to suggestions and are constantly making improvements and additions.

    I would have liked to have been able to try out the software before integrating, or seen it in action at another company.

    I definitely recommend using Storefeeder.

  • hello64

    Overall rating

    Easy to use, great support!

    What were the positives?

    It's a very easy to use software, it integrated quickly, and updates very fast. Support and on-boarding is thorough, and informative.

    Any negatives?

    Being able to physically test the software first would have enabled me to make some minor changes to my Attributes and upload product quicker. But it's changable now and I'm happy.


    The support was amazing!! Very very helpful - Thank you Kane!!

    The software helped me to increase my eBay listings by over 150%, and we are looking to open our Amazon store very soon!

  • richard_burman

    Overall rating

    Very Good System and Brilliant Customer Service.

    We have been using Storefeeder for over 3 years now. It is extremely good. The system is very easy to use, it integrates really well with loads of platforms. It enables us to process all our orders from one place and with just a click of one button we can print all our orders off. The product section is also very good. It shows all your products in one place and has loads of information on each product. Listing from Storefeeder is quick and easy. The section I love the most from Storefeeder is the ability to import and export information from the system. This includes products, listings, and reports. It is really useful and not many other systems we have used have this functionality.

    The customer service has been perfect over the three years. Storefeeder are quick to respond to any issue. I would recommend Storefeeder. We have used and tried 6 different systems now and Storefeeder is number 1.

  • sales-not-stress

    Overall rating

    Pretty Faultless. Excellent platform. Super support.

    I stumbled across Storefeeder by accident in all honesty, not really knowing how good it was. I'd been with a more expensive option for some time (Channel Advisor) and the support was nothing short of terrible. I had no choice but to look elsewhere.

    I needed something to handle all the main channels, upload listings, download orders etc. I also needed something that wasn't going to break every 5 minutes.

    Storefeeder first off is simple. It doesn't really have anything that you don't need. It is uncluttered and intuitive. The few head-scratching moments I have had, have all been resolved. The support is quick and in plain English.

    Uploading files to the platform is quick and uncomplicated. Dare I say it, it is also pretty fool-proof..!

    Been using StoreFeeder for over 6 months now and have no regrets at all! Sure, there are some things it might not do, that other systems might, but I believe StoreFeeder give every feature due consideration, and if its not there, there's a good reason.

    Thank you StoreFeeder for making my 9 til 5 easier! You are a fresh company for the modern internet retailer and proof that you don't need to be all hard-sales in a business like yours, or completely nerdy! 🙂

  • SP18

    Overall rating

    Ticks all the boxes! Great software and saves lots of time!

    We had spent quite sometime trying to find the right solution for our company, as we wanted a programme that would allow us to manage our selling platforms without lots of manual work. From the outset, Kane and Jack from the on boarding team were great and they helped us step by step to ensure we were up and running. One of our main concerns was how would we thousands of products that we stock onto Storefeeder, but with their help it was quite a breeze!

    The programme now manages our stock levels and allow us to sell across multi-platforms without the hassle of overselling (but there is the option to use oversell which is also great!). We haven't set up ordering yet, but it seems quite easy to do and will make our lives even easier with automatic purchase orders being created.

    Would highly recommend for all online e-commerce businesses! And we would recommend getting on there earlier on rather than later down the line when you have thousands of products!

  • sstones

    Overall rating

    First few months with StoreFeeder - WOW!

    We've just moved to StoreFeeder having been using m2epro & Magento to manage our channels for the last 6 years. We thought our old software was good, and we were managing things well but when we looked at how many elements were broken or just didn't work right we realised it was time for a change.

    From the outset the initial demonstration over the web proved very promising, and from there followed a face to face meeting where we really grilled them over the features we wanted. I was pleased to hear that most features we wanted were already built in, or were on their way. As they have an accessible API anything that they don't have in the software can be done yourself if you really need it.

    They are very clear on what the software can and can't do, if it can't do it and they think it will be a useful feature to their customers they will look at adding it, if it's something that's unique to you then they will tell you it can't be done but there is always the API. More often than not there's a solution to what you want to do.

    From the moment we started onboading we found the process very simple, and very thorough. It was easy to import our product data and map our existing channel listings. Each part of the process can be done stage by stage so that you built up familiarity with the software as you go along, and only when you're fully set up and ready do you turn on each part of the software incrementally.

    You are assigned someone from the onboarding team who walks you through each stage of the process and is always available to answer any questions. They'll show you how to do something, then you go off and do it so you're learning as you go along.

    General Support:
    Any questions we've had there is always someone at the end of the phone if you need them - the phone is always answered quickly by friendly and knowledgeable staff. They also have a ticket support system where you can log tickets and questions which are responded to in a timely manor.

    As with all software there have been several bugs, but the important part is how the company deal with it. They thoroughly investigate all reported bugs, keep you updated throughout and resolve them quickly.

    New Features:
    In the few months we've been with storefeeder we've seen several promising new features be released that we know we can make use of. The speed of progress is very reassuring. If you're not making progress you're going backwards.

    Bad points:
    The closest thing I have to a bad point is the documentation - there's so many features in StoreFeeder that not everything is documented properly in their knowledgebase, this means that we have to contact support more times than would otherwise be necessary - but you know what? - see above - the support are just so good it's not really a problem!

    It's so nice to feel that we have a professional and responsive support team behind us so that we can concentrate on our day to day business.
    If you want features - go with storefeeder
    If you want support - go with storefeeder
    If you want stable software - go with storefeeder
    If you want to succeed - go with storefeeder

  • Baby Knows Best

    Overall rating

    Just Started With Storefeeder - WOW

    Just started with Storfeeder, and have just finished the training weeks, after being with a much more expensive platform.

    I'm really impressed with the layout, set up and intuitive way Storefeeder works.

    Initial Stock importation was quick and easy to map. Shipping settings etc easy to follow and set up.

    Plenty of features to make stock management and listing quick and simple. Not used the reports yet but I will be shortly for VAT return.

    Initial 1 to 1 support/training was excellent.

    Technical Support so far has been first class.

    1. Reply from StoreFeeder

      Thank you - we really appreciate your feedback and from Kane and the team it has been a pleasure working with you. Just started with Storfeeder, and have just finished the training weeks, after being with a much more expensive platform.

      I'm really impressed with the layout, set up and intuitive way Storefeeder works.

      Initial Stock importation was quick and easy to map. Shipping settings etc easy to follow and set up.

      Plenty of features to make stock management and listing quick and simple. Not used the reports yet but I will be shortly for VAT return.

      Initial 1 to 1 support/training was excellent.

      Technical Support so far has been first class.

  • timsilver

    Overall rating

    The best multi channel order and logistics platform!

    We started using Storefeeder back in 2012 when we first started to explore marketplaces to supplement our revenue from website sales, what became apparent very early on was that at that moment in time there was not a huge amount of choice for platforms. We looked at all of the competitors and kept coming back to Storefeeder and this was who we have been with since. Every year we review the platform and every year it consistently tops the opposition in terms of it's offering.

    We sell on many channels and Storefeeder gives us the platform to collate all of our orders, but the warehouse management side of Storefeeder really is the icing on the cake to make the dispatch of our products as simple as scanning a barcode.

    While trying to achieve operational excellence, you need to be backed up by a platform that can scale and adapt as the needs of your business do and that is exactly what the guys at StoreFeeder have done, year after year.

    Whenever we have an issue the support team are always on hand to help and are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the platform and we have recently been utilising the API setup to enable us to build our own business applications using the StoreFeeder data.

    All in all, the best software for its purpose, of which I have no doubt!

  • Chris S

    Overall rating

    Great software with useful reports and helpful support/devel

    Storefeeder has allowed us to streamline our order processing as well as ensuring that we have a better hold of stock management.

    The platform is easy to use and provides a number of useful reports that we just couldn't get from our e-commerce platform.

    The returns processes within storefeeder have enabled us to ensure that our stock is managed more effectively and, after a few discussions with the storefeeder team on improvements to this area, they rebuilt the process to ensure that it is more efficient - which is incredibly useful when processing the levels of returns that we do.

    The support function is always willing to help and they always ensure we are kept n the loop if the fix to our problem inst a quick one.

    All in all i would highly recommend the service to anyone looking to change.

  • James Morris

    Overall rating

    Absolutely fantastic time saving software, jam-packed!

    Storefeeder has enabled us to excel our business in more than one way, it has completely transformed the way we operate. The initial set up process for a large company can be daunting but Kane and the rest of the support team are extremely informative and helpful and will guide you through the process to create an almost seamless transition into the realm of automated online selling.

    Any queries which arise are dealt with from our experience within an hour or less.

    One word of advice would be to get all of your SKU's in order before you look to start using storefeeder or any other multi channel platform, you will be thankful you did!

    The amount of thought and detail that has been put into this software is quite astounding, the programming hours must run into the tens of thousands.

    I have looked at plenty of online multi channel eCommerce stock management / order processing systems and Storefeeder meets more than our requirements and I expect with the great support team which back it, will continue to for many more years to come.

    There are so many features to be found within Storefeeder it just wouldn't be possible to explain them all with a character limit of 4000, check it out for yourself! You cannot beat the value for money.

    We are a more than a happy customer and are so thankful for Storefeeders multitude of features, where would we be today without software like this?!

    Heres to the future of (almost) stress-free multi channel online retailing.

  • Shash - Innox

    Overall rating

    Great Platform, Streamlined, Flexible.. the List Goes On!

    Storefeeder is a great platform for selling online on a multitude of e-commerce sites from the giants like Amazon and eBay to the lesser known channels. It has a streamlined sleek inventory management section which is growing in capabilities. The flexibility for order dispatching and reporting is fab. It's clean, easy to use interface makes it ideal for all users in the business.The list goes on & on.

    The team at Storefeeder have taken time to understand our requirements, the way we work, our specific quirks and overcome any issues or problems we face as a business in our field.

    Overall, Brian & the team have created a great company with helpful staff who listen and try to action what you ask.Their flexibility and level of innovation on the software is far superior to others we have worked with in the past.

    They are more concerned about our business processes and how to grow with us than using us as a cash cow. This means you won't break the bank for an ecommerce multichannel solution and warehouse mgmt tool that is easy to set up and navigate, user friendly and growing all the time.

    Highly recommend Storefeeder to any online retailer/ e-commerce business who are both established and/or trying to grow into leading sellers in their field.

  • GB Posters

    Overall rating

    Best multi-channel inventory solution on the market

    We've worked with Storefeeder for a number of years now and it has transformed our business. We have integrated with 16 different sales channels and also with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

    We researched all the available software and found that Storefeeder has the perfect balance of having a straight forward user interface that is incredibly intuitive to use, yet being incredibly feature rich.

    The main USP for us is that Storefeeder has unique functionality that enables a user to have multiple listings of the same SKU even on the same channel, this is then mapped to a single product and inventory level within Storefeeder - this enables us to have maximum listing coverage on marketplaces without being limited to a single listing thus maximising revenues.

    Storefeeder have always been willing to take on custom work and help us where required, support has also been very quick and proactive.

    Highly recommended.

  • Electrical Europe

    Overall rating

    Streamlined & Efficient Top-Class Product

    With our high output of orders per day across multiple sales platforms, what could have been one of the most difficult facets of daily business has been helped exponentially by storefeeder. The product has opened up new doors of growth for us which would have been impossible to manage without it!

    The streamlined and easy to use interface makes employee training a breeze, and products & orders are never hard to track down. With multiple ways to search, and detailed and relevant info on every page, storefeeder allows us to work with the customer to resolve issues quickly and professionally.

    The client support we experience is also quick and efficient, with replies typically within a couple of hours.

    Storefeeder is a top-class product which operates efficiently at present; and we can only imagine the software will become stronger and stronger as time goes by.

  • KieranJ

    Overall rating

    Best in class by a long shot

    I am a genuine business owner using StoreFeeder to manage stock, orders, prices, shipping etc. across currently Amazon UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, COM and CA as well as eBay UK, DE, FR, IT, ES and multiple Magento stores. StoreFeeder manages over 120,000 orders per year.

    The SF support team are far and above any other similar service company that we have used or read feedback on. We've always been impressed with the level of knowledge and willingness to help of everyone in the SF team.

    The platform itself functions very effectively in terms of the breadth of it's capabilities and also the consistency of it's operation and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it strongly to anyone looking for a platform to manage their online accounts.

  • JimS

    Overall rating

    A great piece of software with excellent support

    We've used StoreFeeder for 2 years now and our growth and success has been possible because of this software.

    The on-boarding process helped us get up and running quickly; with just a little phone support we were able to understand the basics quickly and the rest was pretty intuitive.

    It's a very versatile tool which integrates Product listing, Order Processing and customer information management. I particularly like the ability to get at our data so that we can analyse our all aspects of our sales, and also we can modify it and re-upload changes very quickly.

    The support really is first class. All software runs into issues from time to time, but the most important factor for us is how these issues are handled, and the Support Staff are professional, approachable and issues are handled quickly. And after 2 years of use I can attest to a 99.999 % up time!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • mattym

    Overall rating

    All the features we needed

    We chose Storefeeder after a very long review of the various software options out there. The result was that Storefeeder was the only one that fulfilled our needs on budget. In practice it delivers also, it saves us a lot of time and its features enable us to generate more money, so its a win-win. They have some great staff at Storefeeder too, support is efficient and there when we need it.

  • pamosplc

    Overall rating

    WOW Storefeeder Multichannel Solution

    Brian and the team at storefeeder have changed my way of thinking and have taken my business from a small online business working from a small shop to the biggest in my field now despatching more than 5000 items per week.

    Storefeeder have found solutions to all of my issues and what i like is its not all about money where with others they can do but its a charge here and there.

    Overall a great company with great helpfull staff who listen and try to action what you ask.

    Excellent keep up the great work .

  • Biscuit

    Overall rating

    It does what it says on the tin

    Having worked with Brian and his team for a couple of years I can say that they are both smart and flexible. No fuss, no faff - just job done.
    The key meaure of a supplier is whether they deliver what they say they will do. Storefeeder do that.

  • info

    Overall rating

    A small team with a BIG PRODUCT & amazing PERSONAL SUPPORT.

    These guys are a small team but they are brilliant at what they do, there are no receptionists, you go straight though to usually the same person who you will soon know by name. There is no stack it high sell it cheap mentality, no sales people who have never used the system, no share of your business turnover, this is a refreshing provider that constantly improves the product on a daily basis.

    You can speak to anyone at store feeder and they will normally get you the answer you need within a few minutes or they will transfer you to a colleague who has slightly more knowledge in an area (everyone has their specialty). There is no lack of knowledge, the team know the system backwards, they normally understand the problem you are facing immediately and they will tell you how to resolve it or do it differently within a few minutes so you can get on with your day job.

    If you really need to talk to a director or developer at store feeder you can, that is not to say that you should pester them, please don't, the rest of the team are excellent too, but the point is they are highly accessible if you need to talk to them about a problem or need to discuss a new feature.

    I have tried other multi channel solutions before, all mentioned on this site, and you cannot even begin to compare them to the product or support of Store feeder, there is such a divide that it is impossible, the last provider i used was hopeless in comparison. I did not start my own business in online retail to become a full time IT technician, that is what happened when i used another well known provider, i spent more time on the phone to technical support than i did running my business, Store feeder have allowed me to get back to my day job, they have taken away most of my IT related problems.

    Another massive plus with store feeder is that they actually use the system that they sell, they have a fulfillment arm to their business so they use the product every day, most if not all other suppliers have no hands on experience with how their system behaves in a real world environment, store feeder do, and the logic they use for their system is based on a real warehouse environment.

    Don't bother reading any more reviews about multi channel software, just call store feeder, they will honestly take care of everything for you with a fully capable system, they will setup Royal Mail and other carriers for you, they will help you convert your data to be compatible, they even book appointments for a specific person to go through the setup of different parts of the system with you on a one to one basis.

    I was massively worried about changing systems to the point i nearly didn't, but in the end store feeder ironed out most of the problems within hours, it was no where near as painful as i expected, these guys are pros at migrating people, it does not have to be difficult, you just have to choose the right supplier, i am so glad that i moved to store feeder.

    Kieran Collings



    Overall rating

    Amazing multi-channel software that keeps getting better

    Storefeeder is a brilliant solution for multi-channel resellers looking to improve efficiency, expand their business, and/or reduce costs.

    In a little over 18 months Storefeeder has enabled my client to reduce their order processing costs by over 50% while at the same time radically improving their customer service, stock management and multi-channel listing processes. Implementing Storefeeder has been the best thing they ever did and has enabled the business to cope with expanding trade and product lines in an efficient and streamlined manner.

    Before implementation I considered and trialled many systems including MOM, Linnworks, Intelligent Retail, Sanderson (Elucid), Khaos Control, Channel Grabber, Channel Advisor, and Brightpearl, amongst others. There is no perfect solution out there but for us Storefeeder was the stand out candidate.

    The two mains strengths to Storefeeder is that it is completely process driven, and that unlike many of the others mentioned above it is easy and intuitive to use.

    Storefeeder has excellent inventory management tools. It acts a central hub for all order processing from a wide variety of different channels. It uses a superb system of pick-waves for order processing that allow you to pick, pack and dispatch orders together in a batch based on a variety of criteria (shipping type, warehouse, etc).

    Another stand-out feature is the product and listing management system which is by far the best I have seen, completely eliminating repetitive listing tasks and ensuring your product listings are consistent (or different, if you prefer) across all channels. It handles product attributes, component/kit products, and product varients with ease and elegance.

    It is a very easy system to learn and use, but should you need them the support is excellent by both telephone and online ticket system. And the team at Storefeeder are very receptive to ideas for improvements. If there is a weakness then the lack of CRM could be considered that, but for us it wasn't important. The reporting tools are also a little blunt but you can get your data out which is the main thing.

    Overall Storefeeder is a superb multi-channel e-commerce system and it is improving every week... the team are always adding new features and improvements which is great to see.

    I highly recommend it!
    Chris, Leytech Computer Solutions

  • mike622

    Overall rating

    Great Product With Ever Increasing Abilities

    We have been with Store Feeder for over two years and over that time the platform has helped us grow our business easy and effectively.

    We use Storefeeder to manage our inventory on our eBay, Amazon and magento based store. The whole process, from inventory management to order management and dispatch, is hassle free and easy.

    We also use some of the more advanced features such as bar code picking and selling through our suppliers data feed. Bar code picking is a dream and has reduced our order error rate from 2-4 a month to ZERO in the last 6 months. It also reduces our order handling time and ensures we can effectively monitor pick rates and progress. Store feeder also connectsto two of our suppliers data feeds allowing us to sell products we do not hold in stock. This has increased our sales without any additional costs.

    On the occasions we have needed help we have found Brian and his team to be more than willing to assist and effective at dealing with our issues.

    The small monthly fee is very competitive when compared to rivals. Further, we are finding that the optimisations in terms of order handling and stock management more than justify the outlay.

    Overall I cannot recommend this platform more highly.

    Mike Prentice

  • mc_mc

    Overall rating

    Major step forward with Storefeeder. Multi-Channels - One solution

    After using a well known multi-channel software company, we were very disappointed and after 6 months we had achieved nothing!

    StoreFeeder has enabled us to quickly manage inventory and the speed of order processing has increased dramatically. We now have much more time to focus on other jobs whilst StoreFeeder takes care of the rest.

    One of the main things I have been impressed about with StoreFeeder is how they listen to client feedback and implement many improvements and features. We have had a lot of custom additions to our account which has helped integrate our unique processing tasks very smoothly and efficiently with StoreFeeder.

    StoreFeeder is constantly improving and if you want to improve your business I would HIGHLY recommend it for multi-channel selling!

  • scott879

    Overall rating

    Customer Service is key

    For our Business - the Service we receive is as critical as the service we offer. We have had 2 terrible experiences with other providers of multi-channel systems.

    From Day one with Storefeeder we received the very best in service from discussing the concept of their system to designing ours. We are very happy indeed from a service and technical aspect and we are using more of the facilities available daily.

    We are all very happy indeed - have every confidence in the system and very satisfied to the speed of response to any of our questions. Highly recommended.

  • blindstickinsect

    Overall rating

    Relief At Last

    Having trialled a number of multi channel software providers, I was left frustrated by the fact that none of them could provide the whole range of services that my business required. Then I found StoreFeeder.

    From day one, the team at StoreFeeder have provided expert support and guidance in helping me get up and running with their system quickly and without any disruption to my business.

    My requirements for a piece of software to handle kit products effectively and to merge orders from customers were vital to my business and StoreFeeder handles these with ease.

    I can honestly say that the software is saving me around 4 hours a day in time which allows me to concentrate on growing my business.

    Mister-Solutions Ltd.

  • JonGaze

    Overall rating

    Feature rich, intuitive, capable, scalable. The perfect fit

    Feature rich:
    I'm not going to list the fantastic features this system boasts, but I will mention the one that transformed my business - the (Amazon) repricer. Gaining access to a tool as powerful and cost effective as this is has been a game changer for the business.
    There is so much crammed under the bonnet of this system, but it all to be seen and accessed in a logical manner. The design of the pages is well thought out and ... intuitive.
    I have thousands of products available to sell - they are all within StoreFeeder and it copes with them admirably. The fact that variation products are products in their own right is brilliant. Other systems treat variations as though they are poor relations - StoreFeeder treats them as equals and offers all the capabilities of a non variation product.
    I'm sure this system will be in use by my company for a long time to come - and I have some significant growth plans!

    The perfect fit
    I'm so glad I found this product. I'm not going anywhere else.

    Barocco Limited

  • Sam

    Overall rating

    great product and service/team

    First of all let me say the system itself is very sturdy, the variations display very well plus are easily viewable in comparison with other Multichannel System's this is the best by far in terms of displaying variation products and also simple products (no Variations).

    They currently integrate with pretty much every major on-line store (eBay, Amazon and and the majority of webstores such as Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify etc and even a few custom made ones too so there is no need to worry about connecting to current and existing market places.

    Pros of Store Feeder-
    -Support team always find the issue or resolve it one way or another.
    -Includes listing management for Amazon, eBay and Magento (Amazon one saves so much time, highly recommended).
    -The stock control is very easy to use and updates fairly fast.
    -Mapping products is the easiest and best way by far from any other multichannel system used.
    -Order management is simple clear and has support for Logistic API aswell.
    -HAS A VAT OPTION (20%,15% etc) that actually works and unlike most multichannel this can be done by the user and not from the back end system.
    -Mail order/Telephone orders are very good even has a postcode checker which is great pre-fills address field in
    -The most important one for me is the display of the products as most channel do not separate/group variation products bit with a few thousand SKU''s it gets messy, so StoreFeeder groups them all best I’ve seen and used by far with a doubt.
    -Customer Database of email address etc
    -Drop Shipment system
    - Purchase orders
    -Warehouse management (if you have more then one warehouse
    ...And Loads More...

    Con's of Store Feeder- not all systems are perfect and even the best have limitations or possible missing features.
    -Sometimes can be slow responding, saving pages etc. However due to be web-based it could be your own internet sometimes so can vary.

    I have literally tried every other solution in the same bracket such as (Channel Grabber, LinnWorks) Just let me confirm I am not slating them at all but channel grabber promise everything and couldn't organise a pub crawl (to put it nicely) and Linn Works want you to pay in order to start up by having training sessions and I've had 4 trials and still have no idea on how to use it.

    Just let me confirm, we are currently a Customer of StoreFeeder and trade as ShoeStation Direct.

    eBay Store:

    Thanks, Sam

  • cosmeticsfairy

    Overall rating

    Huge Increase in Sales thanks to Storefeeder

    I was using a well known multi channel software company a few years ago and was seriously let down.
    Then i came across Storefeeder who have exceeded all my expectations.

    My sales over the last year have increased significantly this is due to the ability to sell across multiple channels such as Ebay, Amazon and magento just to name a few.
    Ive been able to increase the amount of sku's i sell easily due to how the software works.

    One of the things that impresses is there ability to listen to customers and implement new features all the time with growing demand from clients and changes made by the platforms themselves.

    There technical support team are very knowledgeable and very helpful and will go out of there way to assist.

    (1)Massive increase in Sales since using Storefeeder.
    (2)Saving lots of time which goes towards increasing our range of products on offer.
    (3)Technical Support amazing.
    (4)Lots of new ideas being implemented constantly.
    (5)Fantastic value for money.

    Highly recommended Company -5 Stars

  • Eyesore Merch

    Overall rating

    Want to grow your business fast? Then sign up to StoreFedder Now!

    6 months ago I was in a position where I wanted to quickly expand my business. I had been testing my marketplace for a year and knew that the only way to grow was to start selling on multiple marketplace platforms. I made contact with the guys at StoreFeeder and have not looked back since. I am now selling on eBay, Amazon & Play as well as my own webstore and have hugely increased my daily orders in this short period of time.

    StoreFeeder has allowed me to easily manage my inventory and dramatically speed up order processing. I now have time to focus on many other areas of my business while StoreFeeder takes on the bulk of the hard work.

    If you want to grow your business fast then contact StoreFeeder today!


    Overall rating

    Best multi-channel software on the Market today

    Storefeeder Multi-channel software knocks the socks off the rest. It s the perfct combnation of simple to use, low cost to run and the customer service is second to none. I have used other software, Channelgrabber, and Channel Advisor, but to be honest they either priced me out of the market or left me stranded with poor service. When i came across Storefeeder i found them to be polite and efficient, the sofwatre is now controlling 6 channels and is working as smoothly as silk. Storefeeder has saved me thousands in time and energy and i cannot rate them highly enough. Five star software, Five Star service.

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