Product Details

E-commerce management solution which brings marketplaces and webstores into one system. Automatic stock-control, order management, and listing management.

It will bring in orders from multiple channels and automate back office operations including invoicing, postage printing and customer emails.

OrderHub became part of ChannelGrabber in May 2017.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

From $350 per month.

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All eBay Websites
  • Flubit (SKU Cloud)
  • Fruugo
  • DPD
  • Royal Mail
  • TNT Express
  • BigCommerce
  • EasyWebStore
  • ekmPowershop
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • Clear Books
  • KashFlow
  • QuickBooks

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63 Reviews

Average overall rating
  • clubwearguru

    Overall rating

    Great Program

    I have been using ChannelGrabber for many years now and the program works flawlessly, I can't even remember having an issue, setup was also painless. I used Linnworks previously which was not flawless nothing but issues and well overpriced for what i was using it for, they would not even come down in price for small business users so i left and joined ChannelGrabber and haven't looked back since.

    The Customer Service and Support has been one of the best i have come across online any personal issues i had they have accommodated me and the costs are way below any other system out there.

    I cannot recommend ChannelGrabber enough.

  • totstoteensclothing

    Overall rating

    Excellent Service, Great Customer Service, Would Recommend.

    Easy to set up and easy to use system. Great for selling on both Amazon and eBay.
    Great customer service, fantastic, helpful and friendly team available to assist when needed.
    Ability to customise invoices extremely useful.
    Invoices print out in order of SKU's which saves me a great deal of time to pick items from stock.
    Easy to adjust stock quantities.
    Ability to print a stock check which enables me to occasionally check all quantities.
    If you are looking for a multi channel platform then I would definitely recommend ChannelGrabber.


    Overall rating

    Amazing Software

    Love this company. Been using it for sometime now which has helped my business grow from small to medium. Great features at great affordable prices that's why we chose Cannel Grabber rather then other software management companies. Also just found out Royal mail's delivery confirmation will be integrated into Channel Grabber very soon which means more features are added all the time. I also like to thank everyone at Channel Grabber over the years for all there support and help! Thanks keep up the good work!

  • gentrychoice

    Overall rating

    Super star service

    I have tried a few other solutions for inventory syncing between my multiple sales channels but nothing has been as good experience as with channel grabber. The inventory sync is amazingly fast. Support is always available and responsive fairly quick. I see the guys are continuously improving the product features and extending customer experience. Plus 100 orders free a month is a absolutely a great bargain especially for small businesses. i look forward to product price updates features and believe the guys are already working on it.

    Cheers Channel Grabber. all the best and keep up the good work

  • Geraldine Budd

    Overall rating

    A huge saver of time for us.

    This is a huge time saver for us and should we need any help it's always easy to ask the questions and receive a timely and helpful reply. It feels like a very personal service for us, you don't feel like you are talking to some strange computer robot...(Ebay please note with your automated replies), you do get a real person. No more trying to split our stock between website and Ebay, brilliant...there's lots more features we haven't even gotten around to using yet...we are not the most technical people so it's obviously easy to use too!

  • Uncle Paul

    Overall rating

    Good value integrator

    Free if you have less than 100 orders a month, then £65 up to 300, and £20 increases with 21 levels, which you can upgrade or downgrade to as required, so well worth giving it a try.
    Synchronizes most ecommerce platforms, Amazon, eBay and couriers with orders, stock, messages and printing invoices (which you can customise), postage labels, etc. Also some accounting packages, through a third party plugin (costs more!)
    Could do with more integrations, marketplaces and especially epos (only 2 currently) for omnichannel retailers, although there is an API, for those who can write code.
    Support is very good. They seem to try to understand the problem before attempting a fix.
    No reports, apart from a basic sales graph, but that's not what they do, perhaps an opportunity there 😉

  • Fazaltexuk

    Overall rating

    Very Reliable for Stock Management and invoicing

    Channel Grabber is Very Reliable for Stock Management and invoicing 🙂

    Royal mail Labels should show SKUs as it really helpful while packing the parcels.

    Support was almost 24/7 online which is really amazing.;)

    You can mange multi channel sales under one roof, Send custom designed invoices to all your customers in one click.

    Messaging from all channels can be manage able in one program channel grabber.

    Team is really helpful and pricing is pay as you go. No fixed fee , if you sell more you pay more.

    If you sell less, you pay less.

  • Luan Hockley

    Overall rating

    Review and Feedback

    I probably picked a bad time of year to trial Channel Grabber as limited support, but I have to say their daily emails and user guides got me through, there has been a couple of products which have not been imported but I am sure there is a simple explanation or just cockpit error :lol

    Having never used anything like this and never really understanding the huge importance of matching SKU's I had my work cut out before I could really get my teeth into other aspects of what they had to offer but I am slowly getting my head around it and know it will be hugely beneficial in driving my business forward.

    I am just looking forward to the day that they implement a way of being able to upload a product on here and it then distributing itself across all the sites.

    But for now I will just keep on Grabbing! 😀

  • frank.mcdonald056

    Overall rating

    I would highly recommend ChanneGrabber to all online retail

    What were the positives?

    great fast efficient service, not once did we have any of our products over sell thanks to the speed that it was removed from all the other channel's that they where listed on, and because of this i am sure is why we were able to build up a lot of positive feedback on ebay and all the amazon channel's that our products are listed on, which helped us to build up a good reputation with customers which inevitably led to us having increased sales and a much improved turnover.

    Any negatives?

    All was perfect.


    The support was very quick and always helpful.

  • fgiorgio

    Overall rating

    Great platform and awsome support

    I have been customer of Channel Grabber for a long time and my experience has been absolutely positive! The platform is very easy to use and, most important, it really delivers what it promises! Customer Service is fast, you always have someone who almost instantly replies to your questions, with a deep technical knowledge. I had to leave because I needed a customized synching solution for my sale channels, otherwise I would have been happy to continue being their loyal customer. Try them with confidence!

  • kim799

    Overall rating

    Channel Grabber Support - Brilliant!

    What were the positives?

    N/A - this review is for the support. Please see the last question.

    Any negatives?

    No, everything was brilliant thank you.


    The support from Joe Wood was excellent. We had a problem regarding our new eBay template and missing tags from the company we used to create the new template. This was affecting our eBay listings so was extremely important to us. Joe was very polite and efficient and contacted me both via email and phone. He looked into the problem for us and quickly fixed it for us.

    Thank you.
    Kim Jones
    Hollins and Hollinshead

  • Time Health

    Overall rating

    Exactly what we needed. 5*

    Before CG we could not keep up with orders, inventory and postage for our amazon, ebay and woocommerce channels now we have CG its like we have just taken on an extra member of staff but at a fraction of the cost.
    CG uses a really fast web interface that's easy to use and navigate.
    Easy to setup with lots of customization options available.
    Amazing support that hold your hand and guide you through everything and keep checking up on you to make sure everything is working ok.

    Really Happy
    Thank you.

  • .......

    Overall rating


    Amazing service and very helpful always have an answer and can help you at any time! they get back to you quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend this to another company, They have made doing invoices a lot easier for my company it was taking up a lot of time and now I have no worries!:D
    This online machine is very useful helps with many different online shopping website eg amazon shopify

    Many Thanks Orderhub for helping us find a quicker and easier way, The only thing it is rather expensive but it is very much worth the money

  • lookatmeclothing

    Overall rating

    Really easy to use, works great

    Channel Grabber is by far the easiest system I have learnt to use and understand, people get back to you quickly and are all very friendly. Covers my stock management really well and all errors were explained and easily resolved with the help of the online knowledge base. It would be helpful if there was more ways for me to check on popular items and what's being click on more on my listings but CG did say they will let me know if this does become something they offer which will be incredibly helpful.

  • info183

    Overall rating


    We have used OrderHub for 18 months now and it has changed and progressed beyond what we first expected
    we are constantly updated on new added features the Guy's on the message services and phone contact are very easy to work with and can handle most issues whilst your talking to them
    in my view the system just gets better and simpler to use with each innovation the developers implement
    we looked at several intergrated software systems that were on offer when we decided to take a system on board and glad to say i think we made the correct choice
    Keep it up :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Vortigern Ltd

    Overall rating

    Easy to use and a great time saver. Whats not to like?

    This product is easy to recommend. It is really simple to use and customise, fully scalable to suit expanding or seasonal businesses and capable of producing invoices in multiple VAT jurisdictions.

    The OrderHub tech team are just a phone call away and are available to help new (and continuing) users. They are equally responsive to emails.

    The team are also proactive in making sure the product keeps up with the ever-changing needs of online commerce and are good at keeping users informed of any new developments.

    Considering the amount of time we have saved by using this product it is amazingly good value for money and we only wish we had started to use it sooner.

  • Brian Shattock

    Overall rating

    OrderHub is quick and easy to use

    We signed up for OrderHub early this year as we needed a simple system to bring all of our multi-channel sales orders together into one place ready for processing. OrderHub does exactly that very effectively and efficiently. It also has numerous other features that we do not use and which do not get in the way to impede our progress. The OrderHub support team are always keen to help to overcome any snags. Overall OrderHub is quck and easy to use with a good interface...and above all its competitively priced!! Great System.


    Overall rating

    Channel Grabber 10/10

    After being 10 years Online and with experience with 3 different Inventory Solution Providers.

    I can say with certainty that Channel Grabber has been the best.

    I have only been with CG for 2 years but can say that the functionality is all and more than other providers.

    The Interface is easy and accurate.

    The team at Channel Grabber Sam, Michael and the rest have been brilliant and service exemplary.

    When you call there is an actual human person on the other side - Ready to help resolve any issue or educate you in using the software.
    never have I needed to wait, someone always on the line - ready to help or if there was other issue the tech department were ready - issue resolved.

    I was initially drawn to Channel Grabber due to their very reasonable cost - but am happy to say that the service has been beyond my expectations.

    Channel Grabber assisted our business progress to the next level and we are now on several marketplaces and sales have increased in a tough marketplace.

    Sam and the Team at Channel Grabber team should be commended.:)

  • alisterburden

    Overall rating

    Fantastic company and customer service.

    Channel Grabber has helped our business in many ways from stock control to dispatch and a easy to work dash board and they are the best we have come across the help we got in setting the dash board and account up was fantastic nothing was a issue for them. Also the customer service is first class and any problems are sorted very quickly by there staff which means a lot to us and our business.We are so pleased we had chosen Channel Grabber as our business has not looked back since we joined. We would have no problems in recommending Channel Grabber for your business.

  • deenzstockport

    Overall rating

    great service

    What were the positives?

    Quick response friendly and kind staff very prompt.

    Don't need to wait for so long for calls to be answered

    when ever i have an issue with my listing i call and most time it gets sorted in minutes.

    i don't have any problem with the service
    thanks for your help

    Any negatives?

    I think it should be opened opened on the weekend for technical some offices.


    great service thanks for your help

  • support7

    Overall rating

    Couldn't live without it!

    We used to log in to our multiple channels but needed the very basics of a system to pull orders together. We went for orderhub mainly because of the price. What we have is a system jam packed with time saving features we didn't even know we needed that we now cannot function without, the system is sound and reliable but the reason we will never move over is the support. the IT guys have tweaked features to suit our business and have always been fantastic if we have had issues. Orderhub has no doubt saved our business a fortune in time and money and our staff absolutely love working with it. Every week features are added or upgraded and always for the better. A brilliant system and even better customer service.

  • jasonh

    Overall rating

    Fantastic service, real people on the helpdesk!

    I've had a really pleasant experience with these guys. We have thousands of skus on several platforms and we are really happy.

    The team hand hold you through the process of listing and deal well with any issues.

    Real humans and helpful technical team. Will go the extra mile for you.

    No issues that couldn't be resolved; the platform is being developed continually. These are a good company to work with and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to move into channel sales.

    keep up teh good work channelgrabber, its been a pleasure so far!

  • paul32

    Overall rating

    Great product

    What were the positives?

    The Channelgrabber integration with various marketplaces was a great help for our warehouse staff, saving time and effort in order fulfilment. The ability to send dispatch information and tracking details back to marketplaces is an excellent feature. The integration for orders and inventory management works well and is very useful.

    Any negatives?

    An integration with more shipping partners that we were using would have been a further positive.


    Support was always prompt and accessibke.

  • office88

    Overall rating

    Makes stock and order management so easy

    ChannelGrabber allows you to oversee all of your ecommerce stock and orders from the one dashboard. At a glance you can see all your sales and you can compare results from eBay, amazo, BigCommerce etc.

    All orders are seen on the orders dashboard and you can sort them by 'new' orders so none get overlooked. No more logging in to multiple accounts to handle new orders. You can easily create one invoice template which can be applied to all of your ecommerce accounts (eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce etc) -- a great feature which allows you to present the same information to all customers. You can also set up the invoice to have a peelable shipping label. If you like you can add on a shipping module which means that the customer address and courier or postal service information is printed on the label. That's a real time-saver.

    We also really appreciate the Kashflow accountancy module. Every single order is exported as an invoice from ChannelGrabber to Kashflow -- this saves us a lot of time and really reduces bookkeeping fees.

    Provided you use the same SKU on all platforms ChannelGrabber allows you to keep a close eye on your inventory. You can even use ChannelGrabber to create new product listings.

    Training and support from ChannelGrabber is excellent -- fast response times and knowledgable staff.

    Highly recommended!

  • mark167

    Overall rating

    Very good!

    We settled on ChannelGrabber after checking out some reviews and they didn't disappoint.

    They were really helpful getting us set up. We haven't tried any of the alternatives but I'd be surprised if any of them offered such good customer service. We sell a very large range of products and without this it would have been almost impossible to manage our stock across platforms. The software itself is fairly easy to learn and works better than we expected. We thought we'd have a few issues making the transition but there really weren't any, it just works.

    Thumbs up from us!

  • andy784

    Overall rating

    Flippin brilliant

    OrderHub is the best product in its software category. After struggling to manage our orders via the Amazon, ebay and WooCommerce interfaces, I realised we needed something that did a much better job of it.

    After many evenings of research, I had initially dismissed it as a contender because of its simplistic appearance, but after trialing some of the other well known products of this type, I realised that OrderHub's simplicity is its incredible advantage over competitors. The others massively over-complicate what really is a simple task, so OH have got it right and the others who appear to have a "fuller" product have actually created a more cumbersome version that produces the same end result.

    The support is fantastic. The team are 100% on the ball and in touch with customer needs. I've spoken to two separate people, both of which knew the product inside out and have asked on several occasions for suggestions to tweak and improve the system.

    Its just great. Don't bother with anything else.

  • kiddieskorneramazon

    Overall rating

    A Fantastic company!

    Order hub have really impressed me as our small business has grown. Having a simple way to process orders and deal with the dreaded VAT receipts has been a weight off our minds. Not only that but we find we have more time now than before to do other things in the office as this process has streamlined the processing of orders.

    The system is easy to use and our invoices can be easily customised to advertise new products or add new information.

    I'll be honest, there are cheaper companies out there that will do similar things but I found that the one-to-one help from OH has been worth every penny. Customer service goes a long way these days and I can't fault these guys at all. I've dealt with so many companies in our years of business that have promised us the world to get us to sign up and then once we're on never hear from them again.

    I've been contacted personally by members of the team on a number of occasions now. They ring to note any concerns, to see if we're happy, to see if WE would suggest any improvements with how we run our business. This alone is one of the main reasons that I pay for this service. Every single time, my individual queries are dealt with in a very polite and professional way. I'm made aware of updates to the system and things that they're working on.

    It's a piece of mind knowing that I can contact them by email and get a response within a very short time. I have already suggested them to other sellers in forums as I have been so impressed with the service.

    A fantastic company with a great team!

  • admin925

    Overall rating

    Great System with First Class Support

    I spent a long time shopping around for order management solutions online. There are plenty of options, many of which are complete overkill and expensive when it comes to straightforward order management across multiple channels. After using two or three different services we were finally able to abandon them all and adopt OrderHub. We've never looked back. Getting fast and helpful support is a necessity. Once you've centralised all your orders you need to know that you'll get quick solutions if anything goes wrong. The team at OrderHub have done just that every time. Highly recommended.

  • russ129

    Overall rating

    Very Pleased and Simple to Use

    After trying various all in one packages to manage order processing, stock control, product details etc this system is by far the most reliable, by only managing the orders and stock levels this seems to work without fault which as an online shop selling on ebay and amazon a system like this is vital to our day to day running. We are very pleased with this and will certainly continue to use it for the future.

  • info812

    Overall rating

    Performs spot on and exellent value for money.

    I moved over from Channel Advisor to Channel Grabber after 6 years due to high costs, infact i have saved 90% on software costs! I wish i had done this years ago!

    The change over was surprisingly easy as all my live listings were imported automatically into CG from Ebay and Amazon bringing in all the important info and immediately taking over the quantity control. Turn one off and the other on, simple!

    Channel Grabber is easy to use and doesnt take long to get to grips with. One of the main factors im happy with is ability to integrate directly with the main couriers and Royal Mail allowing me to print all address labels by just clicking a handful of buttons.

    The support is very good and being based in the UK you can actually just call them! very rare these days..

    Implementation was free and very easy to follow, Channel Advisor charged me over £1500 for this process.

    All in all i cant sing their praises enough, give it ago and you will be happy with the new simple day to day operations...

  • nathan

    Overall rating


    After looking for a system that we could use to make ebay selling easier I found ChannelGrabber. I first spoke to Sam Gilbert who was extreamly helpful in assisting us with our requirements. He was kind enough to take the time to show us a demo and explain all the features Channel Grabber had to offer. After a few queries we had were swiftly answered by Sam we proceeded in opening an account with Channel Grabber.

    From here we was introduced to Clare Cormican who was the most helpful person you could ask for. She helped us set up everything and adjusted the invoice template to suit our labels and went through every feature, step by step to show us exactly what every feature had to offer. The help from Clare was amazing and she has always been on hand to resovle any queries we had very quickly

    We have since spoke to Clare and Sam who both have checked on our progress and asked if we had any ideas on how we can improve Channel Grabber. At this stage everything is perfect for what we need and we have no idea's as of yet however if we do then I will let them know.

    They offer a highly professional service and it is worth every penny to use the system they have. We can save upto 2 Hours a day in the process they have provided us with to make our selling experience on ebay, easier!

    All I can say from here it was the best decision we could of made. It saves a huge amount of timem, you wouldnt believe! and I cannot thank Clare and Sam enough for the help they have offered us during our time with them

    Thanks Channel Grabber! I highly recommend to anyone considering!!

  • info972

    Overall rating

    Super easy to use stock management sytem at a great price!

    We have been using order hub for around 6 months and have found it a very user friendly software to use. The fact that the sytem is based online and is always at work in the background relieves us from the need to run it on a server.

    Very competitively priced with no nasty surprises!

  • mark.b

    Overall rating

    Great Fulfilment system!

    We've shopped around a long time for a good fulfilment system which doesn't break the bank. Occasionaly you'll find a good one, but the cost is more expensive per month than getting another member of staff, or the features just are not there.

    Then we found OrderHub... it's beautiful to look at, simple to use and has all the features you need and nothing you don't don't need.

    I trained my staff in about 10 mins, that's how easier it is to use.

    The team behind it are also very helpful and have worked with us to make the system even better with full support for couriers.

    I'd rank it a high 9/10 (If it gets Magento support it will be 10/10!)

  • PrinterShopLtd

    Overall rating

    Very easy to set up, perfect to help a small online retailer

    We began using OrderHub in March 2015 and we honestly do not know how we would cope without it now. OrderHub easily integrates our inventory management and dispatch processes for eBay and Amazon marketplaces and is easily equipped to also manage the same process for our website, powered by ekmPowershop when we launch it officially next year.

    From keeping easy tabs on our units in stock, to bulk printing of invoices with a very handy consolidated picking list, the system has truly allowed us to spend more time on what we do best - sell online! We've managed to 'mirror' items on both marketplaces without worrying about overselling as the system automatically updates stock on all marketplaces when a sale takes place.

    Having a flexible monthly subscription is perfect for any small business looking to expand, as it means you can have a subscription that reflects your needs without spending out hundreds and thousands of pounds for a system that isn't right for you.

    We have seen many helpful and innovative changes to the system in the past 9 months, and hope to continue using the system in the future as we know it moves with our business needs.

    OrderHub have been incredibly responsive to e-mails if we have any issues so we know that they can be trusted to resolve something if it occurs. They regularly reach out for feedback on new features and keep up with the ever changing demands of selling online.

    We would invite any online trader to try out OrderHub and see how it can work for your business.

    Well done OrderHub, keep it up!

  • wingsandthings13

    Overall rating

    Excellant Product and Staff

    would just like to write a quick review for channelgrabber, i would very highly recommend them to small and big companys. to be truthful i did leave them for a while and thought the grass would be greener on the other side but i came back within 4 months (i will write a seperate review on this)
    channelgrabber's support Team are amazing 100% They actually go out of there way to help you, Sam is amazing goes out of his way to help and advise which is brilliant, you can phone them email or use a support ticket
    the software is so easy to use, the traffic light system is great
    orders come through brilliant and the picking list is so handy.
    sales have doubled since i came back and everything running smoothly you couldn't get any other multichannel software for the money, oh and there is no training fee's
    Looking forward to the future with them

  • info504

    Overall rating

    Extremely helpful

    CG was absolutely very helpful for my business. Integrating Ebay and Amazon onto one platform saved me a lot of time and made it very easy to adjust stock levels, edit listings, create new listings and print out invoices.
    Besides the excellent system, the people that have assist me on the phone were always very helpful, patient and extremely knowledgeable .

  • richard_burman

    Overall rating

    Feedback for Channelgrabber

    Before i start with this review i want to say i have never given a review before. I felt i needed to leave a review for channelgrabber because they have simply been superb. I have been with Channelgrabber for over 2 years and the system is fantastic. The customer support is amazing. Unlike other integration systems you can just pick up the phone and speak to one of the support team members and they will help you straight away. I have tried Linnworks but i was very disappointed with the customer support i received. My business has been online for over 8 years and Channelgrabber made listing on Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten and my own store very easy to do. Picking the orders from the system works well. The one thing it was missing for us was Royal Mail FULL integration. I have spoken to Dave at Channelgrabber though and he says they are working on this as a priority. There are a lot of systems out there that charge way to much for what you get in return. Channelgrabber is a great system and it is very well priced. They even helped us through our setup with no extra charge. They were always more than happy to help.
    If you wish to contact me direct then my email is: [email protected]
    I am more than happy to share my experiences with all inventory control systems. I have tried Linnworks, Brightpearl and Storefeeder.

  • m.shafiq1989

    Overall rating

    Second to none customer service

    Although we have moved on to more bespoke software, whilst we used CG, they offered excellent customer service, and all issues and queries were seen to immediately. for the price this package is a bargain. We have learnt a lot from using CG and has been and ideal stepping stone.

  • ScarfKing

    Overall rating

    Great Potential, just not right for me at this time

    I evaluated ChannelGrabber for some time and was impressed by what I saw. It supports FBA, the various European Amazons,, Ebay and my site platform, BigCommerce. The display is very clear and enables you to easily see what is missing on the various platforms. Phone support is available and is very courteous and helpful.

    I didn't ultimately go with ChannelGrabber because it was unable to list to if you have brand registry (that's the case with most MCL platforms) and because the image handling at that time was cumbersome to the point of not being workable. However, the image handling and many of the other issues I had with it have been addressed and are being addressed, and this is definitely a company I am keeping in my sights for the future. For me, on Alaska Time, the time difference made support difficult, but those on the East coast of the US or in Europe will be pleased with CG's phone support.

    There is some concern about ChannelGrabber not offering a free trial. I want to emphasize that when it became clear that the program would not work for me, CG immediately refunded ALL of my money without any static whatsoever. I found CG to be professional, fair and courteous in every interaction I had with them.

    Definitely worth checking out especially if you are thinking of doing international business.

  • uzaifa

    Overall rating

    Amazing service and fantastic support

    Channel Grabber is a fantastic and affordable tool which makes order processing and management really efficient. On call support is quick and really helpful. Will definitely recommend.

  • info848

    Overall rating

    Great Staff Good Program

    Channelgrabber has been a great tool for us saving us a lot of time when listing on Amazon.

    We have products multi variation listings and we use Amazon's brand registry scheme. Although Channelgrabber did not have the functionality for us to list using these type of items (Items without EAN) the staff at channelgrabber soon made this possible.

    The staff are very friendly helpful and will do their up most to try to help whenever they can.

  • rahul_kohli

    Overall rating

    Great for stock control over multiple channels

    Simple and easy to use platform to sell across multiple channels.
    The staff are a credit here. All so helpful and there for you from the start and also whenever needed. Fantastic. I would recommend channelgrabber

  • juhihshukla

    Overall rating


    Channel Grabber is absolutely brilliant! For small businesses like myself, it is exceptionally easy to use and easy to interpret. It tells me my daily turnover, my weekly number of orders, my best sellers and much more. I can do stock uploads which is something that was most important for me. Before turning to Channel Grabber I had tried a few trial softwares just like this one, but I just didn't find them user friendly. They were expensive and were too technical for me. I am into simple things that do the job- and Channel Grabber is definitely just that. When I first started using this software, I was confused as to how to use it and what to do however my account manager Dave, who I must thank for helping me so much and dealing with some of the silliest questions has really made this software fun to work with. He has really supported me through the start of my business with this software so thanks Dave! 🙂 I would recommend Channel Grabber to any business. The software is great, staff are friendly and helpful and always there to answer your questions. Thank you!!

  • sales391

    Overall rating

    Excellent Product and Service

    I have been using Channelgrabber for over 6 weeks now and I dont know how I managed without it. I run 5 different websites, all of which have cross over products which can be a nightmare for keeping on top of stock control.

    On average I was having to refund around £2000 of orders a month because I was struggling to keep on top of the stock control and I was selling out of stock items. Having to login to each site individually to update the stock was very time consuming and easily got confusing.

    Since using Channelgrabber I have cut down my monthly refunds by around 95% and I am now spending less time updating my sites. Instead of logging in to each one of the sites I now login to Channelgrabber and update EVERY site from there with one click. It really is that simple and I cannot recommend it enough.

  • rob971

    Overall rating

    Affordable, reliable and effective

    I've used Channelgrabber now for 3 different companies and it is by far the most affordable and simple to use. Setting up the account takes no time and importing products from the different channels is very quick and simple. I would strongly recommend Channelgrabber to all businesses of all sizes, even with large amounts of SKU's the product still performs well.

  • JonGaze

    Overall rating

    Awful, slow, buggy system - best avoided

    I signed up with ChannelGrabber in April 2013. Things may have improved.

    I was given a whistle stop tour of the system - shown how to attach to 3rd party Amazon listings and told that was pretty much all that was required for any type of listing on any market place.

    There was no trial period - the rationale was that it was necessary for their engineers to import my products at my expense before the system could work, therefore a trial could not possibly work. So, I committed, paid the up front monthly fees, plus data import, etc.

    I found the system to be seriously buggy, unreliable and slow. My earliest stock items had many variations, and their screens for setting up variations were so difficult to use that mistakes were virtually inevitable and very hard to fix - especially if you'd uploaded / attached to Amazon listings.

    I persevered for too long with it, but at the point of leaving I did raise my issues with the CEO who basically dismissed them all out of hand.

    The experience with ChannelGrabber had a seriously negative effect on the business - could not sell properly and the money paid to them was a significant chunk at that point.

    I’ve just re-visited Channel Grabber’s terms and conditions


    13 a. Don’t expect ChannelGrabber to work, and certainly not quickly
    b. When it does work, it’ll probably be rubbish
    c. We’ll corrupt your data for you
    d. We’ll corrupt other people’s data
    e. best not to connect to our servers at all because you’ll probably regret it.
    We just don’t care, and we’re not going to change.

  • contact91

    Overall rating

    5 Star Service

    Great service and great product. Always willing to help and guide us. Defiantly would recommend their service and system

  • Sales

    Overall rating

    Affordable Multi-Channel

    Affordable Multi-Channel with great training and instruction to set up the software. Simple to use and easy to train others on with its clean interface. I would recommend.

  • sales639

    Overall rating

    Massive time saver

    This has to be one of the best business decisions I have ever made, previously to joining Channel Grabber I was manually inputting eBay and Amazon orders, the monthly price is a complete no brainer, no way you could pay a member of staff the same wage to do the same job.

    If you need something to manage stock across multiple sales channels that integrates quickly and efficiently then don't try anything else. By doing this we have seen our sales grow as everything is now in one neat little package.

    Staff and support are also first rate and deal with queries and issues in a very timely manner.

  • tlmcc

    Overall rating

    Great product for great price!!!

    Hi guys
    If you are looking to find product that will help with amazon and ebay orders you are in good place.
    Excellent service - friendly helpful staff will sort it out any problems asap.
    5 stars service.

  • savavoom

    Overall rating

    The Best Investment I Have EVER Made For Our Business

    We've been looking for a multichannel fulfilment/order processing/stock management system for our business for a while now. We tried several other platforms including Linnworks (downloadable software based system) and a few other online systems.

    All of which were hard to set up and to be honest this made things a nightmare from the start!

    Who has time to learn how to use a new system these days that doesn't just work "out of the box"? Well we definitely didn't and quickly let those free trials expire without further thought.

    We received a promo leaflet through the post from Channel Grabber. It was colourful and graphically pleasing which suggested to me straight away that their user interface is most likely going to be friendly and easy on the eye.

    After looking on their website and deciding that this system would PROBABLY be the one for us I looked for a free trial, as seems standard with most of these types of offerings. There wasn't one. So I decided to bite the bullet anyway as based on first impressions I couldn't fault what I saw and ordered the £120 package there and then.

    I received a welcome call within minutes and was quickly set up to receive some training the next afternoon. Apart from a few little things to show me around the user interface it was pretty much self explanatory.

    We had all our stock synced and webshops (Shopify, eBay, Amazon and all set up by the next working day and our orders started syncing with Channel Grabber.

    We created a custom invoice template for printing out all our orders in bulk and have never looked back!

    This could quite possibly be one of the BEST investments/purchases I have made for our business.

    It’s reduced our workflow immensely and means all our orders look and handle the same no matter which channel they came in from. Everything works seamlessly and the number of software packages this stuff integrates with is amazing.

    We have already recommended two local businesses to try this out and no doubt will do many more.

    We now have more time to focus on the important aspects of our business and can pay our staff to do more important jobs rather than the mundane order processing which would waste so much time in the past!

    If you’re looking for an online multichannel order management system and can’t make up your mind which one to get - get Channel Grabber.

    Thanks from all at Infinity Pro

  • mobi2906

    Overall rating

    Excellent experience

    Excellent experience
    I have been using channel grabber for last one year and increase sales by more than 100%

    They are continuously developing and adding new features and have a great customer support team that respond and resolve pretty quickly.
    Our account manager is always available to contact if we need something new or something fixing. Also the support guys are excellent they contact you very quickly and always resolve your issues.

    I have used few other inventory management software’s in the past and in my opinion Channel Grabber is more user friendly and accurate.

    I have no hesitation to recommend Channel Grabber

  • Laptopscrewsdirect

    Overall rating

    Amazing Product, Amazing Staff, Amazing Price

    Channelgrabber is by far the best addition i have ever made to my business.

    From the first day i called them they were happy to help and bent over backwards to get things done for me.
    Clare Cormican has been brilliant and helped me set everything up and customize my labels and invoices.( and at no extra cost). i get through straight away every time i call not like most other companies where you sit on hold for 10mins.

    I sell on 2 amazon accounts and 1 ebay account and before it was so time consuming logging on to each account and downloading new orders and then having to import the csv into a mail merge document for my packing labels. Now with ChannelGrabber i just click on "NEW ORDERS", select all and click print which takes 10secs and then i can click dispatched and it will do all the hard work and dispatch all my orders off the relevant channels. it must save me at least 1 hour per day, 24hours a month. and it only costs me £40 per month... i love ChannelGrabber it does everything i want it to do for me and it has saved me so much time to get on with more important things to build my business.

    Well done to the whole team at ChannelGrabber and thanks for creating such an amazing product at such an affordable price..

  • paddymr2

    Overall rating

    Saved me employing anyone

    Channel grabber is great, from when I enquired and spoke to clare in sales to getting set up with Zoe. Now I save many hours everyday using channel grabber. Thanks

  • livyfurniture2

    Overall rating

    Product Did not Work & Was Refused a Refund

    We singed up to ChannelGrabber after thinking that is did everything they advertised and said it would do. However this was not the case I have never dealt with such an appalling company.

    We set up our Ebay and Amazon account through their system and after investing a lot of time and money into this system we found that it did not work correctly, our listings on Amazon where changed and rather than having a title for the product this got changed to a HTML tag with no listing title. With Ebay after being informed that it did, ChannelGrabber did not support any of our variation listings which is a key part of our business.

    We wanted a complete managed solution so decided that we wanted to link our Volusion store to ChannelGrabber however that was the biggest mistake of all, this did not integrate correctly and after speaking to them on numerous occasions we agreed with ChannelGrabber that we would allow them time to develop their software to work correctly or they would provide us with a full refund if it did not fully integrate, however after waiting and waiting and them saying it was finally ready to work correctly it still did not so naturally asked for a refund so we could look elsewhere. We were denied this and told that we could not have a refund because someone’s own time and effort had been invested in this, never mind our time that we have invested in a system that did not work.

    So we send them in writing a cancellation request only to find out months down the line that they had still in fact kept the account going and had been taking money out of our account.

    I had to call them on numerous occasions to get them to refund the money that they had taken out after the cancellation but they had never refunded the money that they said they would for the failed integration.

    So naturally we looked elsewhere and found Channel Advisor who set up our account gave us full support and have double our business. So my advise is pay the extra and use Channel Advisor and NOT ChannelGrabber.

    1. Reply from ChannelGrabber

      Dear David and Danielle,

      I am very sorry you were unhappy. We are a slightly different service to Channel Advisor whom charges a % of sales because they work very closely with their customers to give a managed service that includes a lot of assistance above just software. In contrast, ChannelGrabber the product is software and not any kind of managed service, we work with excellent partners like Genie and the Geek whom would typically use software like ours to provide the managed service you get from Channel Advisor.

      We continued to take payments from your card even though you had cancelled, this is extremely regrettable and completely unacceptable. It was an admin error from a junior member of staff and was refunded immediately upon request

      I am sorry we were unable to provide you what you were after, but I am very happy to hear you are getting what you need and progressing well. I wish you the very best Christmas and productive 2014.


      Daniel Williams
      CEO - ...

  • Hollins Hollinshead

    Overall rating

    Brilliant, Exactly what we were looking for.

    ChannelGrabber manages our stock, allows us to list items quickly and is a much more time effective process for managing our orders. They are always quick to rectify any query's we have and very easy to contact.

    Zack Oakes

  • thetanbar

    Overall rating

    1st Class Customer Service

    We moved to ChannelGrabber a few months back, it simply does everything that the tin says!

    From Sam in sales to Zoe in account set up, the service has been 1st class with a little extra. Always very helpful and ready to help if required. Importantly, you can get hold of these guys rather than waiting on someone calling you.

    The system is easy to use (fool proof)

    I would recommend ChannelGrabber to anyone with an on-line business.

  • onextrade

    Overall rating

    Great Customer Service and Simple Software

    We use to use kyozou but they are not good for UK sellers.

    We then used channeladvisor which is a complete rip off and very expensive.

    We also tried eseller pro but they are expensive and customer service is non existant.

    We are now suing channel grabber to manage all ebay and amazon sales internationally and domestically. We have also integrated channelgrabber to our magento website.

    So it is a complete system for us and easy to manage!

    Customer support is always available via email and telephone. I would highly recommend using Channel Grabber.

  • Yathu

    Overall rating

    One of the Best Marketplace Platform

    This is Yathu from Goddiva ( we have been searching for marketplace platform and finally found out Channel Grabber. Our account manager Sam was very helpful and he was sorting out all the technical issues we had. We used to have 2 staff for market places and after getting channel grabber we have cut down the staff to 1. Very good platform. Exactly what we wanted. Affordable and Very Good Service.

  • abtools

    Overall rating

    Great stock control system.

    We started with channel grabber to manage stock across multiple platforms and are really pleased with it. This stopped us having to have different stock for different market places. Channel grabber does this really well and allows us to quickly change and manage our stock levels. It also gives us nice tools we did not expect such as the ability to provide one consistent (automatically generated) invoice across market places and it provides a picking list to speed up order picking.

    There were a few initial glitches (as to be expected when moving to a system like this with over 2000 products) but the customer service team sorted them all out quickly and they know what they are doing. They are constantly improving the system and the little changes we see from time to time always make it easier to work. The latest move to a better server has improved things further making the system much faster.

    The menu driven system is easy to use or it is easy to upload .csv files if you prefer.

    The system does what it does very well, the only down sides would be what it does not do. It would be nice to see addon's for accounting software, better stock ordering management, and a way to tell how fast an item is selling etc things that are offered by some other providers. However these would just be nice extras, channel grabber provides an excellent core system that is easy to use and that so far has proved pretty reliable.


  • AngelaM

    Overall rating

    Wish I had signed up to Channelgrabber sooner!

    Like many ecommerce retailers I started with e-bay and as my business grew I added my own website and then started selling on Amazon. My main problem became Stock management as I was having to buy 2 lots of stock one for Amazon and one for ebay to avoid overselling and spent hours moving stock around between the two.
    Looked for a system which would synchronise stock to try and free up some time and apart from Channelgrabber many were out of my budget. Took probably a year to finally sign up as there was always something else going and I was concerned I would not be able to cope with the system as I am not particularly good with the technical side of things.
    Once on board Channelgrabber could not have been more helpful, took around 2 weeks to get SKU's synchronised (mainly because that involved input from me and I had to find time to add skus to my ebay stock). So advice to anyone considering Channelgrabber - if you don't already use sku's on ebay then use your Amazon skus and start adding them.
    A few little issues along the way with set up - mainly down to my lack of understanding but Zoe who is Channelgrabbers Implementation & Training Specialist was with me every step of the way .
    As soon as system was live I could see benefits and I then added my EKM website which was very straightforward.
    I can really only comment on the Stock Management side of things as that is the reason I signed up but there are many other features which the system offers.
    Feel confident going forward that any issues will be dealt with quickly by Zoe or "the tech guys" so have no hesitation recommending Channelgrabber Multichannel Management Software!

  • uniquecentre

    Overall rating

    Excellent mulichannel management software in UK

    we have started using channel grabber around six months ago , we have contacted many other companies before choosing channel grabber as i had very bad experience with 247topseller they have changed their name to 247commerce !!! and we lose , lot of sales and money

    eventually we end up with channel grabber , i have read the review of others and found that they have serious issue training and he is right upto some extent that there is some training issue going on , but their support team is excellent and they can guide you for almost anything. One of the main reason about selecting channel grabber , it is damm easy to use. I never have to wait for support line in last six month as they are always available on phone support.

    one of my guy learned channel grabber and update listing on all market places in three days !!! this is something that you can not find in any other software as this is a very easy to use and smartly designed software. there are some features which can be easily understood if we call channel grabber. I am bit more technical as i am in this field for 5 years but even if you are new it wont take more then 3 days for you to understand all its function.

    now i am using channel grabber at its full force and requested tons of feature in six month .. guess what most of my request has been approved by management of channel grabber.

    If you are looking for the cost effective and EFFECTIVE and smart way to manage your listing then channelgrabber is the way forward

    - Immediate impact on your monthly sales
    - Saves your lot of time of copying same thing here and there , you can increase your product category in no time and its available everywhere
    - technical support line is excellent and best thing is you can call them , no need to wait for ticket and reply !!
    - they are always ready to listen to you .. ask them and if you need something
    - excellent ROI

  • Party Cheer

    Overall rating

    Do not sign up to Channel Grabber!!!!

    I'm extremely busy at work and I really dont have the time to write this. But I'm soooo frustrated with Channel Grabber that I have to get this off my chest.

    First of all you get promised everything under the sun. I even brought up the fact I've read a lot of negative reviews online about Channel Grabber. But they have a very good salesman called Chris who promised me that they have invested heavily in customer service etc and that all the issues I've read online had been sold. What a lie this was.

    It took them ages to get everything set up and I kept calling to get training but they were too busy.

    I found lots of bugs in this system, but it was mainly the customer service I had a problem with. After a couple of weeks of using the service I realised I wouldn't get the support I needed to help use the system properly. The software might be very good but you dont get the training and support to help you use it.

    So I said I wanted to leave and cancel my subscription. You sign no contract so this shouldnt be a problem.

    So I explained why I wanted to leave and a week later I heard nothing. Then I kept trying to leave and they kept saying someone would call me.

    Eventually an arrogant man called telling me that I shouldnt leave because he will personally train me and be on call for whenever I need help. It was extremely rude and wouldnt take no for an answer. He then admitted that they don't have enough staff to help everyone but he would deal with me directly. So I get told be Chris the original salesman that they had solved the issue with staff and customer service. But then this gentleman admits they have some staff issues. But he is the king of the company and he will be able to help me 24/7.

    Eventually they agree to let me cancel the subscription. But you guessed it. They still charged me at the end of the month for the next month. I then have spoken to them at least 5 times and each time they have promised me the refund is on its way. But still no refund in my bank. It looks like I'm going to have to contact my bank about getting the money back from Channel Grabber.

    My advice would be I wouldn't go anywhere near this company. I wasted £150 to use this product for 2 weeks! And even then I didnt get proper training to use it. Please Please Please!!! Use another company. I'm not a competitor writing this. I am a good honest businessman who got conned! Please dont do the same.

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