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SalesWarp is a distributed order management system designed for retailers at every stage of growth. As an engine for omnichannel selling and fulfillment, SalesWarp provides global visibility of real-time inventory, orders, and customer purchase history from one centralized system. With intelligent business logic, SalesWarp helps retailers manage operations and data more efficiently across the organization.

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  • API
  • United States

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  • Newegg
  • Marketplace
  • Endicia
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • Pitney Bowes
  • ShipStation
  • ShipWorks
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Authorize.Net
  • BigCommerce
  • Braintree
  • Magento
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • Zoey
  • Avalara
  • QuickBooks

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  • bobbysingh

    Overall rating

    SalesWarp has helped us streamline our business

    Our company, S&S Sports, a retailer of sports apparel, accessories, and supplies, has operated successfully for over 35 years, selling through over 40 store locations, B2B wholesale, and on multiple Amazon and eBay stores. We needed to replace and/or migrate our custom-built sales management software onto a single platform capable of consolidating and managing inventory for wholesale, retail, and ecommerce channels.

    SalesWarp replaced a homegrown, custom-built platform implemented by S&S more than a decade ago, as well as several other integrated legacy applications. With SalesWarp, we centralized our various inventory systems to manage multiple online stores, our wholesale business, and a large number of retail locations. We now have real-time inventory visibility across all our channels. Also, with SalesWarp’s barcode integration tools, we improved the speed and accuracy of our inventory counts.

    SalesWarp has helped us streamline our business and improve our order management process. The software is easily customizable for a variety of business needs. It provides real-time information about customers, products, orders, and fulfillment.

    Our customer service associates enjoy a more efficient system for responding to customer inquiries and completing orders. In the first year following deployment, ecommerce sales for our company grew 300%. We increased our product reach by over 400%, while reducing annual software costs by over 90%.

    We highly recommend SalesWarp – without hesitation. While many companies talk about being integration specialists, SalesWarp actually delivers on its promises. They are a true partner with us.

  • Kevin Clor

    Overall rating

    Great product -- Even Better People!!!

    I am the Chief Operating Officer for a company that distributes commercial and residential party and event rental products. We have been in business for eight years and have had tremendous growth the last three (3) years. As a result, we have expanded our online presence to include: 2 Magento stores; 2 Big Commerce stores; 3 eBay stores; 1 Amazon store; 2 Wal Mart stores and a dedicated in-house sales staff made up of seven (7) sales representatives. On top of all that, we import our products from about fourteen (14) factories overseas. All of this needs to be managed.

    Prior to partnering with SalesWarp, we really struggled with inventory management and advanced order management required for this level of multi-channel selling. We really needed a much better Order Management System ("OMS") that would allow us to see all of our orders in one location, manage inventory, centralize shipping and distribution, push tracking information and respond to customer service issues. I cannot tell you how much time was wasted going into each selling channel, processing orders, processing customer service issues and then exporting all of that to a manual inventory control system. We were constantly plagued by stockless orders, inadequate reporting needed to order products based on growth, inadequate reporting for basic accounting functions and an inability to get a 360 degree view of where are customers are buying our products. I do not even have time to get into the challenges we had ordering products from overseas to meet demand.

    About eighteen months ago I was tasked with finding a better solution. I vetted all the big companies and most of the new companies as well. I sat through countless demos and was made an infinite number of promises. Then, I met the great people at SalesWarp. SalesWarp is a true end-to-end ERP system that also gave us the extra bonus of being able to deliver quotes and process orders through their system. They are also one of the only companies that have template publishing system allowing you to take one centralized listing and push it to multiple markets such as Magento, eBay, Amazon and Big Commerce. What really sets Sales Warp apart though is their advanced warehouse system and inventory control management. I can set warehouse locations, scan products, process purchase orders, receive shipments, drop ship and set reorder thresholds all in the same system and, basically, on one screen. I can view my FBA warehouse and know at all times how much product I have to sell and, how much product I have sold. Our days of overselling product or not ordering enough product are over!

    Beyond the inventory management, there is a robust advanced order management system or OMS. All orders from all markets come into one screen. They can be managed, modified and shipped. Once complete, tracking automatically pushes to the marketplace and the customer is notified. No more manual updating. Also, I was able to set up wholesale stores for each direct sales representative. Now they can send quotes and process orders all out of their store. That allows me to see at any time what each sales rep is doing in terms of profit loss and product movement. This is an awesome tool for commission and rep evaluations as I have the power of Sales Warp's awesome reporting tools to report on reps like they are markets.

    I love reports and have always found marketplace reporting systems to be awful. SalesWarp comes stock with a tremendous number of pre-built reports but, what makes SalesWarp so tremendous is that I can make any custom report I can imagine. It took me no time to learn the reporting language and begin to process my own reports for my own needs.

    The final thing I want to talk about is the most important -- the people of SalesWarp. I speak to Scott, Joe and Chris all the time. I have been helped by Abe, Brian and Viktor. I have also had conversations with the owner, David. I know all of them on a first name basis be

    1. Reply from SalesWarp

      @Kevin Clor

      Kevin, Thank you very much for your thoughtful and thorough review! We will continue to work hard to help Tent & Table grow and succeed. Your review will be really helpful to those folks who are currently vetting new OMS offerings. Again, thank you for the feedback! Warmest regards, Dena

  • ANS Xtreme

    Overall rating

    Innovative Omni-Channel eCommerce.

    SalesWarp has been a tremendous help in the evolution of our eCommerce environment. As our sales channels grow and new channels are added the entire system becomes more robust. SalesWarp becomes more powerful as its responsibilities with us grow. Having the ability to customize the workflows catering to our business and being able to customize those workflows for individual sales channels has been a tremendous help. The support and development team have been incredible through this process insuring they understand our needs and building SalesWarp around it. They are also a very experienced team with great suggestions to help SalesWarp run your business as efficient as possible. Not only has SalesWarp been a very stable system but continues to evolve and become more and more innovative with every release. They take customer requests and needs very seriously knowing these requests can benefit all clients if developed properly. The cost is very reasonable for the services we have deployed and the work it has taken to develop those services. We look forward to what the future holds with our partnership and what the team will come up with next.

    1. Reply from SalesWarp

      @ANS Xtreme Thank you Derek for taking the time to provide us with your thoughtful review! I'm sure this review will help other folks who are looking for a similar omnichannel solution. We truly appreciate your business and wish you continued success.

  • ecommercestoreowner

    Overall rating

    Awesome Potential, Great People


    We started using SalesWarp in 2014. We are a relatively small company to be working with a system like this; we only receive about 100-150 orders per day. With that said, we do sell across a large variety of sales channels, and have a unique business model that requires a fairly sophisticated solution.


    - First and foremost, there's the staff. The folks at SalesWarp, with whom I've had my fair share of disagreements and disappointments, in the end really do genuinely care, really do genuinely listen, and really do genuinely want to help. They will go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. That’s absolutely critical – you can have the best software in the world, but if the folks behind it can’t be counted on, then it’s a waste of time.

    - The software as a whole is an incredible time-saver, and the feature set is unique. I don’t know of any other software in the price class of SalesWarp that allows for product publishing, inventory management, AND purchase order generation. Those are exactly the three primary facets we needed, and I found they simply weren’t available at my budget anywhere else.


    SalesWarp is a young company. That's unfortunately apparent when it comes to its software. There are bugs, ranging from mild to moderately severe, some missing features, incomplete areas, some pesky UI problems, a lack of overall polish, and many other small ways in which it could be improved upon. It's come a *long* way since we first started using it, but it still has quite a bit to go until it reaches that place of “software zen”.

    It needs to be said that our particular business needs are quite specialized, and have required a lot of customization. In all likelihood - assuming your business needs are at least somewhat more “traditional” - you’ll need a lot less customization, and you’ll likely utilize, to a greater extent, the tried-and-true, “out of the box” features of SalesWarp, which do exist in great numbers, and which generally work as advertised. So it is therefore also very likely that you will run into a lot fewer issues than we have.


    Once the issues I’ve mentioned in the cons have been addressed – and I’m confident they will be – it’s going to be absolutely spectacular software. As mentioned, I’ve already seen it come a long way, and I look forward to the day when its full potential will be unleashed.

    1. Reply from SalesWarp

      @billythetree Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback! We really appreciate it. Robin, you have been an integral part of our client product team and have influenced our product evolution. We wish you continued success!

  • YelenaK

    Overall rating

    Finally A solution that works

    Our business was struggling to find a way to automate all of our order
    and inventory processes across multiple sales channels. We lost
    thousands of dollars in sales and on development working with other solutions. ?

    The SalesWarp support team is very responsive and easy to work with. They listen to our needs and address our concerns. They are constantly adding to their standard features and have, in fact, added many of our requests to their standard features, allowing us to implement those features within days. 

    SalesWarp’s account management, operations, and technology are top-notch. They are experts in the product and can answer any and all questions you may have; they were able to get on calls on short notice, and work with my drop shipper on items that needed to be completed to ensure proper integrations.

     As a result, we can finally automate frequent inventory syncs across several channels, including marketplaces and other branded sites.

    SalesWarp has helped us substantially eliminate the manual effort that was previously required in operating our business.

    Our business finally has the required architecture that is scalable, affordable, and most of all, offers enterprise-like functionality.

    1. Reply from SalesWarp

      @Yelena Krasny Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful review! We appreciate you letting us know how we're doing, and will continue to work hard to make you happy. Thanks for your business!

  • Colby

    Overall rating

    Great company to facilitate automation processes for your mu

    We are a multi-channel online retailer selling home products nationally. As our company grew we struggled with trying to make QB work efficiently as an order fulfillment software with automated processes. We utilized QB programmers to create many customizations. We ultimately hit a stopping point with our file size growing beyond the workable QB limit. We were not looking to get rid of QB, just wanted a way to only use it for accounting. We found SalesWarp at IRCE marketing convention. They offered a series of order fulfillment process automations, EDI capabilities and limited record imports into QB. This was great news for us. We began integration which took much longer than expected as they were new to EDI a year ago when we had our integration. Their team: Scott our project manager, Joe and Puneet lead developers worked very close with us in the beginning and still do today. SalesWarp has allowed us to scale our business in a custom way. We have unique in-house systems that benefit our competitive position in the market and SalesWarp has been able to design customizations to work with these systems and improve them.

    Very inexpensive EDI with customizable functions to fit each vendor’s unique EDI system.
    Work directly with the personnel that are leading development.
    Custom functions that are built out within a couple of weeks.
    Receive orders that automate to drop ship purchase orders based on set rules. (Our favorite feature)
    New features are always being added to their core platform.
    Robust product catalog abilities: bundling and configurable products (powerful on market places)

    Initial custom integrations may take time. They have improved a lot of this since we integrated.
    They have limited videos and tutorials for training your staff, although, they are available for live demos.

    In summery SalesWarp is not a perfect system but what is. They are a work in progress like any successful company. The SalesWarp team is friendly and easy to work with. They have continued to work hard for us 18 months later. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to automate your order fulfillment processes, add or reduce the cost of EDI functionality, improve your product catalog functionality and use as a central hub for you multi-channel business.

  • CW Vent

    Overall rating

    Horrible Experience!

    We had a very poor experience with Sales Warp. Our project was promised in 6 weeks and dragged out past 7 months and we were still not even 50% complete.
    To make matters worse, suddenly we found out that we were 100% over budget and no one even told us that we reach budget and requested for approval for additional budgeting.
    And in addition to that, we did a comparison between what was originally sold to us during sales presentations and what was actually being delivered.
    We commonly came across problems with communication. We would have to say the same thing over and over to both the same members for their team. No one was listening, let alone communicating with each other.
    To make matters worse, they turned around and blamed us for the delays and the problems that were being experienced. It's one thing to own up to it, but when you turn it around on the customer and blame them for their own mistakes, that's a whole new level of professionalism.

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