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Linnworks connects, manages and automates ecommerce operations, allowing businesses to sell through multiple channels. Linnworks has more than 100 integrations and enables businesses to manage their multichannel inventory, orders and fulfillment from a centralized platform. The system provides data analytics across sales channels and operations for business planning and growth.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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Integrations & Compatibility

  • Etsy
  • Facebook Shops
  • Flipkart
  • Flubit (SKU Cloud)
  • Fyndiq
  • GAME
  • Google Shopping Actions
  • Groupon
  • Intu
  • Pixmania PixPlace
  • PriceMinister
  • Reverb
  • Marketplace
  • Tanga
  • Tophatter
  • Wayfair
  • Wish
  • Asendia
  • Deliverr
  • Deutsche Post
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • Endicia
  • FedEx
  • Hermes
  • InPost
  • Interlink Express
  • Parcel Station
  • Parcel2Go
  • Parcelforce
  • Parcelhub
  • Royal Mail
  • ShipStation
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • wnDirect
  • Yodel
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • 3dcart
  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • BigCommerce
  • IdoSell
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PayPal
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Shopware
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce

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Ease of Use

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Do not use Linnworks

    What were the positives?

    Channel integration

    Any negatives?

    After building our business around Linnworks for 5+ years, we've been told that the price will increase from £6k / year to £22k / year!! And if we don't like it, we have 30 days. Brilliant.


    Linnworks sucks

  • Geoff Mack

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Linnworks is a slick, efficient way to control all of your sales, inventory and shipping in 1 place

    What were the positives?

    Easy API integration into many marketplaces & shipping partners. We are running eBay, Amazon UK & DE, OnBuy & 3 x websites. Linnworks successfully manages this all in one place which saves us time & expense and allows us to provide excellent customer service without any shipping delays, stock errors etc. The rules engine for shipping is very strong allowing you to manage a wide range of couriers and then have the label and invoice all printed out as one.
    It's nice & easy to use once set up correctly.
    It has strong import & export capabilities for producing account or importing new stock.
    Support is really good, I've always had my problems solved

    Any negatives?

    Like any solution like this, it does take some setting up. I would recommend running your old system alongside until you have everything to your satisfaction.
    It is weak on creating product listings - maybe an unfair criticism as its strength is order & product management. But if this is a key thing, look elsewhere.
    Linnworks are now trying to force customers to a more expensive plan to enjoy some of the new features such as seamless Amazon FBA. A downvote for this.
    May be expensive for new users, we are on an old payment may be worth neogotiating with them if you are thinking of coming onboard.


    The positives far outweigh the negatives. If you can no longer manage your online business due to number of orders, different sales channel, then I recommend Linnworks

  • Daniel Randall

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Poor Service

    What were the positives?

    i dont think was any the system is buggy and does not work

    Any negatives?

    yes the whole system fails constantly and their support is appalling


    i would not recommend anyone to use Linnworks as it is buggy and a bad system and their support is horrible we have tickets from 8 months ago

    they dont care it seems and price while is better out there for cheaper

  • Rich

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Simply Awful - Support Slow - Pricing by Stealth - Used to be a good product

    What were the positives?

    Not a lot, the old Desktop app was pretty reliable.

    Any negatives?

    Support: They are the worst, Linnworks fail to accept they have an issue, instead they blame others (ebay\AMz etc) they slowly fix the problem in the back ground, they NEVER admit fault.
    .NET: Awful - Often fails on Mondays - particularly virtual printer.
    PRICING: They are now hiding massive price increases by NOT publishing a price list, the are "privately" quoting people, some have gone from paying 150 a month to 1K a month! Needless to say we will be leaving when its out turn (We have a plan for this)


    Sad what has happened to Linnworks, once a good product, now run by people more interested in extracting as much money as possible from hard working sellers. I would like elsewhere if you can

  • Jason

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Linnworks think their product is better than what it is.

    What were the positives?

    Makes some tasks easier than doing them manually.
    Not as good as they think it is..

    Any negatives?

    Overly complex, support is slow they only point you in the direction of fixing the issue.
    Given 1 weeks notice prior to outrageous price increase.


    Personally had I been given more notice regarding the price increase I would have walked away. Unfortunately it would take a few weeks to migrate, which unfortunately we didn't have.
    Managed to negotiate a better price, however left with a bitter taste in my mouth for the next 12 months as tied into a contract..

    The software is ok, but I feel there are far better solutions out there, at a much better price..

    PS I very rarely leave negative reviews.. I feel people need to know about my experience.

    Do your research!!!

  • AK Shredder

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Reliable Program, Good Value

    What were the positives?

    Works well once it is set up correctly
    Keeps inventory straight in all Amazon marketplaces
    Good integration between marketplaces. Works as designed
    Very flexible with lots of integrations

    Any negatives?

    Does require a dedicated hand to set up: not a good side project
    Stodgy interface
    Unkept promises of future features: common in small software companies


    I like Linnworks: it does its job reliably in the background, which is exactly what I would ask of it. It's the last stop below the Channel Advisor tier that goes from $20,000 and up. We're paying $2400/year, which is okay for our complexity.

    Setup takes some dedicated effort. LW is relatively easy to manage if you are comfortable with CSVs and uploads, and the documentation is good. It's very flexible in terms of doing anything you want it to do with inventory management. So, mission accomplished if that's all you need.

    The huge drawback, and what keeps it from being an excellent program, is that they choose NOT to keep track of any returns made within FBA. So, yes, they accurately track the totals in the Amazon FCs, but you have no idea what has been returned to an FC. Result is: sales reports are useless, financial data is useless: there are no analytics. You will need another program to deal with those elements if you sell on Amazon FBA. It's a shame to have 85% of the data in one place but leave out that critical 15% However, you only find that out when you are already committed to the program, as it's not something obvious at the outset.

    Amazon has a return rate of 10-20%, depending on the marketplace and product, and if you sell internationally on Amazon, and rely on FBA heavily, that's far too big a margin to simply ignore. So, garbage in, garbage out.

    For a while, LW played the "it's on our roadmap" game common in smaller software platforms, but they finally just dropped all pretense of tracking FBA returns. I have no idea why, as it's not genius programming; the transactions are readily available in the Amazon API, but I suppose they have their reasons. However, they are reliable for Shopify and Ebay and Amazon FBM.

    Other drawbacks: if you sell internationally, your costs vary from market to market, but LW only allows one cost. That means you can never simply output, for example, your inventory value per marketplace.

    In summary, LW does one thing well: it tracks your inventory and manages availability. Five stars for that. All the other other features such as reporting or analytics, are pretty much garbage if you use FBA. If this ever changes, LW would be a really excellent platform.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Good Value for Money... for the moment

    What were the positives?

    Good Value for Money currently and relatively easy to use.

    Any negatives?

    Support is poor and prices are going to increase dramatically.


    If you are planning to choose an order management system, I would research carefully.

    As you may be able to find something a bit better for the money than Linnworks.

  • blue247

    Overall rating

    Total rip off for a sub standard product

    Terrible customer service with a arrogant attitude to its customers

    Price hike of £150 to over £1000 with out warning. On contacting the company as to why after being a lyal customer since 2009 the increase, simply told take it or leave for another provider , so they have no cares for their customers.

    The system itself should be good however are that many flaws and bugs that cause pricing to be wrong and overselling with little to no support as the 1st response is always " its your fault"

    Would give 0 stars if I could

  • edajovor

    Overall rating

    Read new pricing before joining

    New "Loyalty" Pricing. How can they even keep a straight face daring to name it that.

    We paid £150 a month, and ship around 3000+ Low Margin orders. The new "Loyalty" pricing puts us to £450 a month, by August we are likely to surpass the 5500 a month threshold, meaning we have to pay £1,450 a month?! 26p per order, which leaves a lot of items at a loss. And what for?! Unlimited users?! We have ONE USER.

    This is appalling, disgusting and an absolute disgrace. Slap in the face to Loyal Customers. We've been a customer of Linnworks for years.

    Don't expect to be around for much longer, eBay/Amazon/Linnworks.Tamebay forums and Facebook Groups are full of the same outrage, and alternative suggestions are flooding in, along with people starting demos already, ready to leave Linnworks.

    Seems as though Linnworks can't keep up with the amount of users, so it ostracising their high volume/low margin users in order to free up their resources.

    Linnworks has basic features which are okay, support is non existant, printing order on a Monday, good luck with that.

  • Haider Ali

    Overall rating

    Shambles of a company!

    To all those looking at using linnworks, I warn you that they’ve just had a big announcement that they’ve changed the pricing structure. They very connivingly described it that most users would either remain at the same rate or even see a decrease! I’ve never heard so much Bulls*** in my life. We’re seeing an increase from £3500 upto around £20000. If you go onto their forums I haven’t seen a single person yet say how they’ve decreased or stayed the same. All have seen an increase. The minimum rate has gone up so this will hit the smaller sellers. And they’ve put a price per order on their pricing model. Where on earth did they get that idea from? 12p per order?!! If you’re in a high volume low margin business, this has potentially put you out of business unless you change softwares. Oh yeh and about that, this news of a price change has come all of a sudden. Any other company would’ve probably told you around 12 months in advance for you to get all your ducks in a row and make any changes if you were planning on moving. Not with Linnworks, apparently we’ve got around 3 months to find a new software, get trained up on it, move ALL OF OUR DATA, tons and tons of it, make sure its gone across seamlessly and then start using it. Not exactly a piece of cake. We’ve now got to lay off staff, and also rehire others who are familiar with other softwares. We’re as we speak looking for alternatives who don’t rob their most loyal customers. Such a shame!

  • Nikita P

    Overall rating

    Linnworks Listened

    Linnworks has listened to their existing customers and revoked pricing changes.

    The system is good for the price we pay and we are happy to commit for another year.

    Sanity restored.::

    Experience after 1 year with Linnworks:


    - Support a lot of marketplace integrations, an extensive list you won't find anywhere else.
    - The system does good inventory control for amazon, ebay, shopify.
    - Direct integration with our Royal Mail account - never had problems assigning labels and generating end of day report.
    - Listing tools are being developed. We currently only use it for ebay - works with every ebay globally. Takes quite a lot to learn and adapt.


    - Reporting is weak - they have a set of export options, but that does not satisfy our requirements. If you want a specialised report, you need to ask and pay for implementation.
    - No .csv file support for Manufacturer's Orders.
    - Automatic Email functionality is limited
    - No projection tools for sales/inventory/Fba replenishment

    They have a lot of things to work on, but for the price and keeping all orders in one place it is a great tool!

  • ddee

    Overall rating

    Price Hike from Hell! Despicable treatment of "loyal" custom

    Absolute shocking price increase, totally unjustified. The CEO's message regarding affordable and scalable pricing is total utter nonsense, a right kick in the teeth - comes across very condescending. Does not make any business sense either. It seems he has been called upon to clean Linn systems of its mass users they think - who are no longer viable for their business model.

    The fat cats in the corporate organisation just wish to look after their own without a care and worry for the numerous small-medium businesses who rely heavily on Linnworks. Jumping on this bandwagon of charging customers on an order-count-basis is farcical as far as Linnworks - integration and inventory management is concerned. They just want to cream off everybody else's hard work and wanting a piece of the pie. Just so that they can rub shoulders with some of the other exploiting channel integration software's out there.

    The software works and operates as it should on a daily basis, to now go and take advantage of those who rely heavily on its services is not only unjust but a plain old money grabbing greed driven move. Dress it up however you like - Callum Campbell, this is unacceptable and will cost you heavily in the long run. Watch as all your "loyal" customers quickly look for an alternative, we think this was part of your plan to get rid of some numbers and lighten the load on your resources and management (certainly doing the trick).

    What is also becoming more increasingly frustrating is the communication from Linnworks, they seem to have pressed the mute button, cowering behind a sofa somewhere or sniggering at their screens with the uproar they have created. If they were looking for a reaction then they have surely got one now! We were reluctant at their first price hike, now this one has just thrown us right off the edge and forced us into shopping around.

    We recommended a number of other businesses to Linnworks, some more recently too, feel for them. No doubt they will be just as annoyed as us.

    Oh the joy of finding a new management software, training, integration and seamlessly transferring over...what can possibly go wrong!

    Sickening to the core.

  • MattP99

    Overall rating

    Pick a pricing model, now double, triple or quadruple it...

    I have been with Linnworks for over 8 years. A loyal customer through and through. Yesterday from nowhere came a pricing increase, which on top of the big hike at the end of 2016, will reflect a 7 fold increase to my subscription.

    Look carefully at the new pricing before considering Linnworks. The opening package doesn't look too bad but take a closer look at your margin per order and then ask yourself whether the model is scalable for your business. If the answer is no then look elsewhere immediately. If the answer is yes then consider what would happen if Linnworks doubled, trebled or quadrupled its pricing in a year or two. Sounds crazy... well this is what has happened twice in the last three years for many of its loyal customers.

    Worth taking the risk???

  • A Khan

    Overall rating

    Ignore the 8.7 ratings for Linnworks. (Avoid)

    Ignore the 8.7 ratings for Linnworks. (Avoid)
    Ignore the 8.7 ratings for Linnworks. This was for what they used to be. I have been using Linnworks for more than 6 years and we have seen 2 significant increase in the last 2 years.

    1) 2017 - Subscription increased from £300/month to £700/month
    2) 2019 - The new pricing plan would increase the fee from 700/month to 1450/month

    So around 400% increase in 2 years time. The new model is to get you in at a lower rate and then increase the prices, assuming that not all the customers would leave them.

    Linnworks is no longer the company it used to be and looks like founders have lost control to the new investors and hence we are seeing the fair and reasonable (400%) increase in subscription fee. I would avoid this company at all cost and look at more affordable options.

  • TrialMonkey

    Overall rating

    Bordering on Fraud not refunding within grace period

    As inventory management for leading channels within USA and Europe, it works fairly well.
    Everything else is diabolical far behind the rest of the pack, it all has the feel of a few guys working out of a basement somewhere.

    Support is good on live chat but awful if you are trying to get your refund even within the statutory rights window.
    If it is not breaking trading standards bordering on fraudulent behaviour.
    They use an argument that software is not the same, so the rule doesn't apply? that is the first time I've heard that one? We will be seeking legal advice.
    My Advice to anyone would be to watch out if you enter a subscription they may keep hold of your money and if you want to leave, you may have to wait till the end of your period.
    Not good at all if you are just trialling the software.

    The Small claim court is our next step once we have been advised.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      Sorry to hear about your experience, we follow the follwing rules (from Terms&Conditions:

      3.1 A customer is entitled to a refund within 14 days of their initial Subscription Date. Once a refund is issued, Linn Systems will delete the customer’s details/databases and will deactivate the software. Linn Systems will not provide any refunds after the initial 14 day period. Any used remote training sessions are considered services rendered and are not refundable.
      3.2 Customers are entitled to cancel a subscription at any time. To cancel a subscription, a customer will need to log into the Account Management System and go through the Cancellation Procedure. An account will remain active until next billing date is due, and will be deactivated thereafter.
      3.2.1 If a customer cancels partway through a 6 or 12 month paid subscription, the account will be cancelled and the data will be deleted at the end of this period. Data can be deleted earlier if requested and confirmed in writing. No refunds will be issued outside of the 14-day initial Subscription period as in 3.1.

      If you feel that somehow, Linnworks has not handled according to the above, please send me a personal message via webretailer with your contact details, and I'll get in touch with you to make things right.

  • Amanda66

    Overall rating


    The interface is a jumbled mess and is an awful thing to get set up. Their system was pushing prices, nonsensical numbers, to our channels without even being enabled. Amazon confirmed it was their system and they were no help to fix. Support almost completely ignored the issue that was costing us business.

    Almost every part of their system was an insane set up and never worked correctly.

    their order system was dreadful. will not be going back, glad we found out before we went live. Wasted a lot of time.

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Hello Amanda,

      Thank you for your review. We're sorry to see you cancelling Linnworks and especially under these circumstances. I understand however that this decision was made by the management and not you personally.

      I share your concerns about price changes on Amazon and apologise that we could not do more at this point. We see that price change was enabled on some of your channels for some time, but the massive price changes you mention we cannot find any trace of in Linnworks. For that to happen those prices need to be in Linnworks first, the listings need to be linked and price change enabled only then the prices get send to the channel and confirmed by Amazon. As you can understand, those are a lot of steps and they certainly leave traces in the database when this happens.

      When a channel is disabled in Linnworks for instance, no updates at all are possible, so it remains unconfirmed how some of your SKUs were changed after even the channel integration was switched off. We hope to be able to assist you with any aftercare where possible.

      Your last invoice has been forwarded to our finance department and will be refunded in full, I hope you find this amenable. Please let me know the outcome of your Amazon cases, in particular the feed that changed the prices is of interest to me because that will show how the prices were changed. Amazon's first line agents do not always look at these feeds but their technical staff can certainly go into detail for you, which almost always proves to be useful.

      Once again thank you for your time with Linnworks, I do hope that we can still help you out.

      Best Regards,
      Klaas Schippers

      Customer Experience Manager

  • rabhghosh

    Overall rating

    Do not even consider !

    What were the positives?

    Here's my honest opinion.
    Built by Nerd for Nerds, No wonder they need an Academy!

    This is simply not the platform if you need a your inventory and taking care of your listings

    Go ahead if you can dedicate a staff only to work in conjunction, Else avoid if want to run a ecom business and not turn into a IT Nerd. Extremely confusing, laborious. In today's day & age, It feels like using a "NOKIA 3110" compared to other smart phones . I landed devoting most of my time navigating and understanding the system rather than running my business.

    Any negatives?

    Yes. Avoid!


    Support is a level below pathetic, you would wait for at least 35 Mins for a reply to chat, and all your given is a link to .net.. You will never get to speak to anyone if you call, no matter what time of the day. ( trust me I have tried at 3AM local time and still everyone is always busy). Well if the executives are always busy that speaks for itself.

  • premium

    Overall rating

    Linnworks is good if you are IT expert

    Linnworks is good if you are IT expert but for normal business people who does not have IT degree it is not good software. Tried to learn and learn for more than 2 years seems like time has come to give up. But if you are big organisation with IT expert or if you are IT expert probably will be good for you though.

    It is very confusing as software try to do lot of things without perfecting anything much.

    For normal business to use easily it has to be lot more user-friendly.

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Hello Yogendra,

      I'm sorry to hear these concerns and have just called you to address them personally. Unfortunately, the call remained unanswered. I have created a ticket for you in which I aim to make your Linnworks experience a lot smoother, please contact me there with further details.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

      Customer Experience

  • AlexWise

    Overall rating

    Linnworks - Stock Management King

    We have used Linnworks for some time now, and it very rarely lets us down! If it's all kept in check and up to date, you're products will be safe and you'll never have to worry.

    We use it across, Amazon, Ebay and Magento and it keeps the stock level all correct! It's great to create products as well as configurable products.

    Linnworks constantly updates it's software, so you know they're always trying to improve. Also their very responsive on the phones, and provide great service.

    You can get a real overall look at your busines from one piece of software, which completely amazes. We don't know what we would do without it.

    Oak Furniture King would be struggling without them.

  • PackSmartLtd

    Overall rating

    What would we do without Linnworks....

    Pack Smart Ltd has used Linnworks for well over 6 years and grown with them over this time. We started with a couple of users and one despatch station and now operate 8 despatch stations and over 12 users. It is without question that Linnworks has been central in forming a key foundation to our business and without that, we would not be where we are today.

    The system has continued to develop significantly over this time and whilst we do use many of the features and options within Linnworks to manage our processes efficiently, we still have plenty of 'growing room'. Linnworks has been able to manage rapid growth, introduction of multiple sites, further growth through the consolidation to a single site and have every confidence it will continue to support our future growth plans.

    Have we ever had an issue or problem? Of course we have - these things happen occasionally and would question any systems provider that says otherwise. What is important, and Linnworks do this well, is how quickly issues can be resolved and normal service levels restored. As with many Linnworks clients, it forms the backbone to our business and without it, our operations are halted. Just the same with power-cuts or internet connectivity (not within the remit of Linnworks!).

    Linnworks clearly are developing with a commercial focus on their product offering and that, for us, is critical. Any software development led by non-commercially aware or operational backgrounds rarely hits the mark. The features keep coming and the client base has a voice to guide and steer some of the feature requests.

    Our business has some quirks - as with all small, flexible and growing businesses - and yet Linnworks has supported every one of them. Some through the use of standard functionality, some requiring a little technical 'magic'. Through standard due process, every couple of years we review our software, platform and systems and genuinely the balance of functionality, service and cost means there is very little competition.

    Would we change? No
    If we were starting again, would we use Linnworks? Absolutely

    So we look forward to more features, richer functionality and some exciting opportunities that Linnworks will be offering!

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Thank you very much for taking the time in leaving a review.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • matthew

    Overall rating

    A must have tool for the E-commerce Seller

    I have been using Linnworks now for many years and its not just a great order management platform but it has also proven to be a value tool for performing many labouring tasks such as the many changes Ebay have recently introduced to compile with their rules. Rather than having to edit listing after listing Linnworks helps to manage all the effort after a few template edits and a few clicks of a button. The other thing i love about Linnworks is its support and the way it is constantly evolving to keep up with the ever changing future of the ecommerce world. For example when a new marketplace or marketplace feature is introduced Linnworks is there in a heartbeat to cater for its customers. To sum it all up it makes my life easier to get on with growing the business, at first i though it was a cost i could do without paying and i could continue manually printing all my invoices, labels, updating stock and so on but now after year of getting to know the product and its many uses other than the previously mentioned it is invaluable to me

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      Hello Matthew,

      Thank you for reviewing Linnworks!

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • steve745

    Overall rating

    Linnworks Highly Recommended

    Linnworks is not perfect, but it is very good. We use it to organise our stock and manage several selling channels. Now we've been using it for a few years, the thought of managing these things without using Linnworks is inconceivable.

    It has all the flexibility that we need with very few problems. Most important it is an active tool, always in development and always growing.

    Support is always rapid and helpful and I was even able to get a support resolution on Christmas day last year!

    Highly recommended.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      Hello Steve,

      Thank you for taking the time and writing your review. Glad that you always get quick support, and indeed also during the Christmas we aim to assist as many customers as we can.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • gazglasgow

    Overall rating

    Fantastic system, such a time saver.

    I have been using Linnworks for a number of years. Whilst the system has improved over the years with great new feautures being added there has always been one core benefit:

    It's a fantastic time saver!

    If you are receiving a reasonable volume of orders from various shopping channels then this is the system to go for. For one fixed monthly cost you can process as many orders as required.

    Inventory management and mapping works a treat. If you leep your initial stock levels on the system accurate then over selling is virtually eradicated.

    Listing management using the new interface makes creating and managing listings in bulk or one by one a breeze. Descriptions, properties, images and specifications can be changed in a flash and before your browswer has even logged into eBay!

    For anyone seriously interested in online sales I thoroughly recommend this system. It takes the chore out of order despatch and leaves you time to deal with other things.


    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Hello Garry,

      Thank you for using the Linnworks software for all those years and for posting your review here on Webretailer.

      We believe in scalable growth and that is why even our free Linnworks Community plan has no limit on the number of orders one can process, and our PRO plans are completely without any restrictions.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers
      Linn Systems

  • Bedrooms Plus

    Overall rating

    Great software that works!

    Linnworks is a great service. There have been a few transitional issues moving over from the desktop client but that has to be expected and they have been relatively minor when you consider the size of the platform. is far superior to any cloud platform out there and it is absolutely the way to go and forget about desktop applications.

    I received a call from Will Bowes regarding feedback I had sent in. That is the first time I can recall a company actually calling back regarding feedback and one of the things I mentioned is going to be available soon.

    Other companies could learn from the way Linnworks operate and people like Will are a credit to the company.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      @Bedrooms Plus


      Thank you for leaving your review of Linnworks. I am happy to hear that the issues you have had earlier were quickly resolved by Will Bowes and our support team.

      As you know, our support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers
      Linn Systems

  • JAFComics

    Overall rating

    Love this program

    I have been using this program for over 5 years now and I am so glad I found it. We use about 70% of the features and love it. The ability to list to our website, Ebay and Amazon righ from the program is amazing. It manages our entire business from our retail store to our online presents. When I need support they are always there and we always fix the issue. I really cant say enough about the program other than if you are not using it you are missing out. Linnworks has really shaped my business and put me ahead of the competition.

    1. Reply from Linnworks



      Thank you for your review of Linnworks. As you might know, we offer 24/7 support to all our customers. Our main offices located in Europe but because the support around the clock we are also very accessible for American Linnworks users.

      Thank you for using Linnworks for 5 years.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers
      Linn Systems

  • CarlG

    Overall rating

    Order Management software - Linnworks

    My business was on the brink of ruin 2 years ago. We had orders piling up on a desk and our stock control system was absolutely useless for the amount of orders we were receiving.

    We decided to try a few different order management solutions and found the free trial of Linnworks. We were promptly contacted and helped with any problems that we were having with the set up of the software and after the trial period we were happy to sign up.

    We have had few problems with the software but whenever we have they have been quick to respond and everything has been handled quickly.

    We intend to continue using the software indefinitely.

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Hello Carl,

      Thank you very much for your review. It makes me feel very good that Linnworks has helped you - in a way - to save your business!

      As we aim to make our software as scalable as possible, we hope to enable you to continue to grow your business.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers
      Linn Systems.

  • navitech

    Overall rating

    Linnworks review

    Linnworks, is a great bit of software, it is priced accordingly with so many unique add ons. We have used linnworks for a fair few years now.

    I do feel now everyone has access to live chat that the quality of the chat is not what it used to be. To note I understand profit has to be balanced. I do feel when you send an emai on a Friday afternoon the commitment to solve a problem is smaller.

    In life you pay for what you get, in the case of linnworks we more than get that hence my 5 stars, I am a realist in life.

  • gemtree

    Overall rating

    Very streamlined multi channel software

    Have been using this for four years now, and overall I must say it has been ideal for our needs. It has different channels to integrate with, including shipping channels. Only recently we noticed there are some third party plugins that you can utilise. Stock levels can be synchronised at different time intervals, and there are wealth of settings but not at a point where it becomes overwhelming. Support has always been very effective, friendly and helpful.

    Data import and export features can be very useful also, and in this instance, for a php 5 zencart website it integrates very well.

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Hello James,
      Thank you very much for your review of our software, we are glad you put Linnworks to the best use. You are right that Linnworks has a lot of functionality, with the ability to create custom scripts in Linnworks Desktop and the possibility to buy or create an app for a lot of extensibility can be achieved.
      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • StylesChris

    Overall rating

    Linnworks Desktop /

    I have been using Linnworks solidly for over 6 years for a multitude of different projects and have been extremely happy with the service provided.

    Whenever there has been a problem we have found livechat to be the best way to resolve problems quickly and politely no matter the size or severity of the issue.

    Although we have decided to keep using Linnworks desktop due to a lot of custom scripts etc - appears to be extremely useful, quick and intuitive.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Thank you for your review and for using Linnworks all those years! I appreciate that you are a very advanced user as you mention the use of custom scripts.

      If you require any further features or functionality we currently do not offer, please do not hesitate to let us know via the Linnworks forum in the Feature Request section.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • NaviBeechie

    Overall rating

    Linnworks Review

    I have been using Linnworks for 5-years now and i can honestly say it is the best product of its kind. I have used other providers who do not come close when it comes to price or quality of service.

    Could i run my business without Linnworks.. definitely not.

    On the rare occasion that i do have a problem, Linnworks always provides a prompt solution.

    I could not give a more glowing review or be more pleased with the service Linnworks continue to provide me year-on-year.What more could one want from such a service.

    1. Reply from Linnworks



      Thank you for your review of our software! I am glad to hear that it caters your needs so well. If there is anything else you require our software to do, please let us know via our forum or give us a call, as all the paying Linnworks users have 24/7 access to support via phone, chat and tickets.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • Gemma Price

    Overall rating

    Nothing worth having comes easy

    We have been using Linnworks for almost four years.

    In that time we have grown from a small ebay seller to an international multi channel business with £8m p/a turnover.

    Linnworks has been the foundation in which we have built the business.

    Without Linnworks there would be no Superfood Market.

    I know alot of users say there are better options - in our professional opinion thats not true.

    At times you will want to pull your hair out over it, and then when it works you will take it for granted. But without it you will never achieve the volume you need to make it worthwhile.

    Plus the team are amazing.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      @Gemma Price

      Hello Gemma,

      Thank you for your review. I am glad to hear that your company is still going strong. Your companies story is well known amongst the Linnworks staff, not in the last place because of the motivational video of your company, in which you explain your use of Linnworks:

      Thank you once again,
      best regards,

  • MrH

    Overall rating

    So far so good

    I've been a user of LW for 8 months, starting on the free subscription. In Jan i upgraded to the Professional subscription.

    The initial set up was simple enough, i imported products from eBay. Now this runs all my channels (5 in total) seamlessly. Integration with the Royal Mail DMO was simple and now all my goods in/out is controlled via this. I set up on the Expres version so didn't have the technical support if i needed it.

    I've attended several of the webinars, they cover all aspects of e-tail understanding and gave me the answers i needed, even if some of the dialogue was basic - these are designed for all knowledge levels.

    I've had to use technical support twice, one was an issue i'd created and locked myself out the system, this was resolved within an hour. The second was for advice that i couldn't see in the help pages. The CS agent was helpful, polite and had all the answers.

    I spent a lot of time looking around for an alternative when the new pricing was announced, nothing seemed to come close. For a fee of just under £5 a day the versatility of Linnworks has allowed my business to grow from very little to now being the biggest seller in my category on eBay.

    All this great stuff covered by the cost of one extra sale a day...

    1. Reply from Linnworks



      Thank you for your constructive review. Your approach of trying the free version of our software before committing has indeed the benefit of having all the functionality that our software offer such as unlimited orders and fully automating your shipping, e-mailing, etc. for free!.

      When still on the free version, you have been only limited by the amount of SKU's on your database and the available channels. Making effective use of our webinars and documentation is the way to go for users of the free version of Linnworks.

      Very good to hear that your business is doing so good in the eBay category you are active in. Have you thought of expanding to other online marketplaces as well? You can find a list of marketplaces you can integrate with Linnworks here:

      Best regards,

      Klaas Schippers

  • velocity

    Overall rating

    Great Value

    We have been using Linnworks for over 3 years now and in that time its helped us growth our business. The efficiencies that Linnworks offers in stock control and order management have allowed us to keep our business lean which in my opinion is a must for any small business.

    We are able to process (print/pick/pack/dispatch) one order every 50 seconds. We process over 500 orders a day on average with one member off staff. We have visited other companies that have 5 members of staff doing a similar numbers of orders.

    Linnworks is great value for money. It has allowed us to keep the costs in our business low, which has enabled us to work of a smaller margin and grow our sales.

    Linnworks isn't perfect, there have been two occasions where orders wouldn't download due to technical issues at their end and they probably could have comunicated better with their sellers on both occasions. That being said, I can live with two problem days out of over 1000.

    We have looked at the other options to Linnworks but I haven't been able to find any that come close to Linnworks when you consider the cost per month. Its great value for money!

    If you are prepared to spend some time setting up Linnworks and work how best to use it in your business, it will make your life so much easier.

    Thanks for helping us grow our business Linnworks, we couldn't have done it without you!

    1. Reply from Linnworks



      Thank you very much for taking time for writing a review of our software and services.

      That you can print/pack/despatch an order in under a minute is quite impressive. It must mean that you have optimised your warehouse processes and Linnworks in a very efficient way.

      We are improving the way we communicate with our users, we have for instance the status page, any outages (Linnworks or third party providers) are being displayed on:

      For more personal messages we have developed the notification feature in, it works like an inbox and allows us to quickly reach the Linnworks users. We have used this functionality to announce server upgrades and service periods for certain servers for instance.

      Thank you for using Linnworks, if you need more features or functionality in the future, please do not hesitate to let us know via the forum.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • sales813

    Overall rating

    A non transparent company that do as they please.

    I am a large seller, shipping over 600 items per day, I must say it started off very well. HOWEVER they moved from a desktop application to

    I asked at this time if I could keep using desktop and would all the features stay the same... I was advised it would NOT change and all the features would stay. Shortly after import/export got removed from the desktop version. Now today I want to use the 2D royal mail barcode and it is only available on so no update. you may say "well use" it is slow, sticky, freezes, not easy to use, awful looking interface and just gives no confidence.

    I was advised this year 2017 that the prices would go up but they never told me it was £100 per month if what they class as inflation (but I get support now)

    I would love to attach a support ticket I raised a over week ago on the support site that is still showing as "being processed" and the phone call I took a short video of at 37mins, I was still on hold listening to a pre-recorded voice over stating someone would be along soon.

    To put it into context, I feel I am committed to this company simply because of the amount of effort I put into setting up my stock system and integrations. They know this and basically play on it.
    I have never dealt with a company with no morals, and totally not transparent in fact it is run like a 1980s corporate institute.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      Hello John,

      Sorry to hear about these concerns. Unfortunately I was not able to identify you as a client of ours from the information provided here, but I would ask if you can please contact us on [email protected] so we can discuss this further, as it seems there are some points you might not be aware of and we can assist moving forwards.

      To address some specifics;

      - We do intend to continue supporting Desktop. However, it will not be possible for all features to stay functionally identical, as our infrastructure changes and we need to add new features in response to e-commerce trends. Some features may be replaced or retired over time, and it may not be possible to make new features backwards-compatible with the old tools in some cases.

      - The Desktop 'legacy' import tool remains available through a shortcut if it is needed. However, we strongly recommend using the Linnworks.Net tool as it has more functionality and is both more stable and more secure.

      - It is possible to print 2D barcoded Royal Mail labels through Desktop if you wish, as we ensured this function was backwards-compatible. The one exception due to technical hurdles is that you must manifest via .Net at the end of the day.

      - The prices did indeed change early this year after a period of notice; the first time we have done this for existing clients since the companies' inception. For some clients this was actually cheaper, for others like yourself it led to an increase in cost but also an increase in the available services and support. In either case, we feel the prices fairly reflect Linnwork's value against competing products, and we're still one of if not the most cost-effective solutions for the functionality we offer.

      Regarding your concerns on support availability/responses, without your account details it's difficult to confirm these or assist further, but I hope you'll reach out to me so I can investigate this, as that should not be a typical experience with our team.

      I hope to hear from you soon,

      Kind Regards,
      Joshua Neale
      Customer Experience Manager

  • abn3221

    Overall rating

    Used to be not bad but now terrible and incompetent in man

    Used to be not too bad but now treble and incompetent in many ways
    A lot of issues since movement to new database was done.
    -Data disappear from data base and when we chase they say because we use desktop version.
    -Massive slowness/crashes on busy days, it seems they have done alot of marketing and got more customers but not scaled the system up properly.

    -From time to time they suddenly they announce api depreciation.

    lists go on but have no time to explain more...
    Sound like in house business to me now. Disappointed.

    1. Reply from Linnworks



      Thank you for taking the time to review our software and services. We have attempted to get in contact with you regarding this review, which appears to be nearly identical to reviews found elsewhere on the internet under different pseudonyms.

      In order for us to properly address your concerns, we would require getting in direct contact with you. If you can respond to my direct messages or call our service number which is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week it would be much appreciated.

      Worth mentioning is that we never delete any data from anyone's database without the user explicitly asking us to do so. We have indeed depreciated some older API calls, but have done this as carefully as we probably could, by notifying our user base nothing short of half a year in advance and a few consecutive times after.

      I hope to hear you soon as I am confident we can improve your Linnworks user experience by a lot!

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

  • Carl Brown

    Overall rating

    Unstable service, Terrible Support, Overpriced. Customers ar

    Very unstable service, We are basically paying to beta test software. There have been alot of changes over the last 6 months which have made linnworks offering much worse so if you are weighing this up against the likes of other systems id think again. A long review yes, but there are so many incidents to report. I have broken it down into chunks for any prospective clients below..

    Support - Very poor, maybe one reply per day if that and even then very poor understanding of english so they totally misunderstand the question. In urgent cases don't shy away from giving them a call, these urgent cases will arise at least once per month for the small business owner. For mid to high volume users I suppose you have to be in constant contact because the servers cannot handle heavy load. In this world time=money and those manhours add up so factor this into your costs.

    Price - Such a very expensive product with no justifiable reason. Maybe that they are losing custom and need to factor that in to their margins. You now also must pay per user so if you have any remote workers, designers or systems logging into your accounts you must pay for extra logins.
    Factor this into your costs.

    Royal Mail integration - Very buggy. Be prepared for your manifest to fail as happens with us and manually use OBA system (very light user 80-250 packages per day) which requires us to go to the late opening delivery centre 8 miles away as the post office cutoff is often missed. Oh and some of the international services are not integrated. The simplest option would be to use OTC small parcel for everything, at £1-£1.5 more per parcel..
    Factor this into your costs.

    Service - We have experienced glitches and bugs causing our inventory to report incorrectly. The main reason we chose linnworks is to prevent overselling. We now oversell at least 5x per week. To prevent this we do once monthly stockchecks. Something we didn't need to do previously. Support cannot put their finger on it so no help at all.
    Factor this into your costs.

    Overall a terrible experience with this company. Google Linnworks and you will get a list of competitors with taglines of unhappy with linnworks and complaints from current / previous clients.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      @Carl Brown
      Hello Carl Brown,

      I am very sorry to notice that our software has not been up to your expectations and that you find our service poor. I personally know of the struggles that Royal Mail OBM has been giving you and have been giving you advice in accordance with our shipping specialists who have been able to reset your manifests on a few occasions. It is good that you mention something new here and I might be able to help you making you integrate your international services. I will take a look at your account again and will contact you later in order to assist you in making your integration more efficient.

      As you know from our earlier correspondence, we have tools to extract any information of your backend regarding stock movement. Based on the researched examples the conclusion was that Linnworks follows your stock correctly. Please see the support ticket, a full technical explanation including screenshots and details has been provided to you in that ticket. If it really is the case that you oversell 5 times per week then it should not be hard for you to provide us with an example, with that example we will be able to find what's causing the overselling really quick.

      To conclude, we have indeed changed the software a lot in the last 6 months. All the changes have been made to either simplify the user experience or to make it more streamlined. A welcomed example of that are our renewed servers, all the Linnworks users are currently enjoying a quicker and more reliable service than ever before. In order to address any other concerns you may have I will give you a call later in the hope to make your Linnworks experience better because. I believe that with some proper advice you will be able to get a lot more out of our product.

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers
      Customer Experience Manager
      Linn Systems

  • MarkJ

    Overall rating

    If I could post 0 stars I would!

    If I could post 0 stars I would!

    Some of the worst customer support I have ever seen!

    Everything is great with linnworks until you run into technical issues. The support staff are terrible, take ages to respond and often do not reply to the specific questions asked.

    Trebling the price gives me no option but to migrate to a new platform.

    This system is now not reliable for a large company considering the number of outstanding issues and poor support and too expensive for a small company like mine. Having been a customer for 4 years now It's now time to find something that's better value.

    Farewell and good luck Linnworks
    Sta Away

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      Hello, Mark, your review is quite shocking and it is not good to hear that your experience with our software and service has not been to your expectation.

      If there is anything I can do to help you or to change your mind, please let me know, I have sent you a personal message and hope to get in touch with you in order to make things right!

      Best regards,
      Klaas Schippers

      Customer Experience Manager
      Linn Systems

  • LW_customer_for_8_months

    Overall rating

    They use customers in production to test the software

    It seems it had god features in the past (we think), but we came on board with the launch of the cloud version (beginning this year) .Net which we were pushed to use, and it has been a bad decision for us because it was not ready to be in production 8 months ago and it is not ready now either...

    In our opinion, the problem is that they do not test the features they release to production so you end up opening tickets and tickets in a daily basis because things do not work as they are supposed to work and there is no documentation updated that helps you with found errors. At the end you feel like the Test Lab because you submit tickets for things that are so obvious it is just incredible that they did not test it or that nobody else reported it. We have counted how many tickets we have opened in the 8 months we have been with them and it averages one ticket every two labor days... Most of the answers are "oh yes that functionality is only available in the desktop version", or "no, you cant use the desktop version, you need to use the online version as it has been migrated"... "yes I see the problem, it is a visual glitch I will report to developers..."... 1-5 visual glitches in non-common areas would be ok, but 15-20 visual glitches in most of the screens, in filters in buttons, in searches... that is not a visual glitch... At the beginning we had support from the management level that seemed to be concerned about us, but that is gone as well, the last 4 or 5 mails we have sent them have not been replied... very unprofessional. Now they are changing the pricing plans (more expensive) to supposedly improve the Support Service... but we already paid for one year of Suppor Servicet!! and it has been terrible... you ask me for more money for something that you did not provided as expected?? No, if you acknowledge the service was not good, you need to put all the tools in place to fix it and provide the paid service. Then, when you demonstrate that Support is at the expected level, you can change the fees, but first do the work. If we paid and we did not receive what expected, how comfortable you make us feel asking for more money?? How can we trust??

    Current environment for business tasks is: .Net. Linnlive and Desktop. You have to work with the 3 of them at the same time... depending on what you need to do, you need to go here or there, but there is no clear information about which functionalities should be used in each environment... you learn those through Support tickets... and they migrate functionalities without proper communication to customers, so one day it works, next day does not work... open a ticket, wait for a reply, change your business process... Yes, Support service is really bad, slow, unskilled...they propose solutions that are not tested first and it ends up with 4 or 5 replies in every ticket before it gets solved (if solved...

    Not all is bad at Linnworks though, it is very flexible for data management and it allows to speed up many listing tasks. Our feeling is that it had a very good base but they made very bad decisions regarding .Net version and instead of stepping back, they keep kicking the ball up waiting for a miracle... they ceated new more expensive plans, asked customers to migrate and pay more for new plans, so they could budget fixes/improvements with this money... it is just not right.

    We made a big economic effort to migrate to LW expecting to scale up the business and after 8 months, the migration has been extremely expensive for us due to the numerous errors found, and due to the lack of interest from Linnworks we are looking at options to migrate again with the negative impact it has.We are very disappointed with this software... and we can not recommend it.

    BTW: they promised us additional support to help us migrate and then did not commit. Watch out if they promise something to get you on board.

  • ExCustomer

    Overall rating

    Terrible software, terrible support

    It used to be pretty good software but since about 1 year ago, there are constant problems. Software keeps freezing, crashing, features are being removed, new useless features are being forced. It seems like Linnworks just lost it. they just don't listen to their customers. They always think they know better.
    Tech support is just disgusting. In most cases they are not able to solve problem properly and more recently it takes days for them to answer support tickets.
    If they are not able to resolve problem (most cases), they will just stop responding.
    And guess what, now they want even more money for subscription.
    We had a good run with them but after checking other solutions, Linnworks is no longer worth the price. It is time to switch.
    Stay clear of them.

  • Ryan-P

    Overall rating

    Loyal customer saying goodbye

    Overall, Linnworks 'Desktop' - I say desktop, as this is the software we have been using for 3 years, and have been overall very impressed with - has been second to none. We experienced some minor bugs along the way, though none of these had any impact on our day to day trading - until the release of
    We don't use, which is the cloud based version, but are soon to have no choice. The horror stories of downtime, and £1000's of lost revenue as a result are leaving us with no option but to look for an alternative. This is without mentioning the recent 'Price Hike' which Linnworks are calling a 'Restructure', which will increase our monthly subscription for the service from £40pm + VAT (we were on the legacy loyalty customer subscription) to £140pm + VAT. The only reason that Linnworks seem to be able to justify this huge price hike is that they are adding 24/7 support, as opposed to 24/5 support. Support is only used by us when there is an issue with the software.
    On top of this, they are also adding a £50pm surcharge for each additional user, regardless of whether they use the full system, or just print shipping labels in the packing shop.
    A few months ago, Linnworks would have got a 5 star rating from us, but with recent developments, we are out.

  • pissedoffuser

    Overall rating

    Poor software even worse support

    We have used Linnworks desktop for a number of years without problem. However over the last few months Linnworks has become unstable and completely unreliable. Crashing daily, stock values and numbers changing for no apparent reason and worst of all for the last three Mondays we have had no access at all. This has resulted in deadlines being consistently missed. Tech support is useless or you are unable to get hold of them. When you do they will blame everything under the sun apart from their lack of ability to solve the problem. With planned increases in price on the horizon we shall be moving to a new supplier as soon as possible. I can only recommend that you give this company a wide birth!!

  • Reviewer

    Overall rating

    Absolute disaster with Linnworks

    I am having terrible problems with Linnworks since they have made changes recently. They have taken over procedures without informing me and everything is not working as it should be. Listings on Ebay are not updating and others have completely disappeared from being connected to the Linnworks inventory. This has caused overselling and bad feedback.
    Despite promising to call, they have not done so. Would not recommend to anyone. If it was easy to change to another company I would do so right now but so much work and effort has gone into setting up everything with Linnworks that this is not an option at the moment.

  • Geekster

    Overall rating

    Very difficult to setup

    I started to evaluate the software on Monday. It seemed great from all the reading, etc that I did. However by Thursday, we still did not have a working system. It would appear that this is really more designed for UK users. There is little to no support for setting up Shipstation or Fedex, etc. This is the first piece of software that we have tested that does not have a working shipping solution out of the box. Note, that you need to be a FedeX developer to obtain a API key. So we setup ShipStation only to find out that no one could actually help make it work. After many hours, Shipstation was connected properly but the orders would never sync. That included manually moving orders to a folder, which is also not in the documentation.

    We were only setting up eBay as a channel and had one item just to simply test the software. After 3 days, that's exactly where it sits and that's where we will leave it.

    I will give it two stars instead of one because their support was pretty good, except they really could not help get it going other than to tell us have a training session.

    If anyone has any recommendations for something similar, I would love to hear it. Very disappointed that Linnworks has no real soltuion or even a partial solution that works out of the box. Bottom line, it's way too complicated.

    My recommendation to Linnworks is to offer a setup service. Not a third party in another country. Unless it's so complex that even you don't want to set it up.

    1. Reply from Linnworks


      I am sorry to hear that you have been having difficulties setting up Linnworks. We have many guides and tutorials to get started with Linnworks, but it indeed is true that a more specific setup can be more work to get around the setup.

      Are you familiar with this guide?

      We indeed do not offer full-scale setup services. But we have partners who are willing to do this for you.

      I realize that it has been a while since you posted this review here, have you found an easier and cheaper alternative by now? Are you still looking to synchronize your e-commerce? If you are still looking, is there anything I can do to help you?

      You can send me a PM if you would like to try Linnworks again, I will do my best to assist you in a setup.

      All the best,
      Klaas Schippers

      Linn Systems Ltd


    Overall rating

    Multichannel !! Software with extremely poor service !!

    I have a fairly good knowledge in e-commerce software and i was very happy to start my trial with Linnworks and i have decided that this can be very useful. I have started investing my time into the software to learn and ofcourse with every new software you have to give some time and need a support to understand any new things.

    I have tried my best to get the support with very limited questions that i have but Linnworks support is extremly poor and lacked understanding of their own system

    I have been advised to pay for Training session which cost £70+ , I explained to linnworks that i have no issue in paying this money however if i will subscribe to your system then you must refund me this money as you are advertising that we will get 3 hour free training.

    Which they refused and state that they are unable to refund and they are unable teach 🙁

    It looks like they are over subscribed and they dont need any new customers otherwise i dont think anyone in the world would deny such offer as it was fair on both sides.

    Fair enough , Long story short

    Software is good for inventory management but i doubt there is any good listing features !

    It lacks basic functions like listing on multiple marketplace with single click or one simple listing. They may say it exist but believe me it is not. We have to copy multiple time and click so many button to get it done!

    Many features are on Desktop version so you may have to wait for sometime before it becomes online.

    I would suggest that this company must focus on customer service and improve a system till then my advise is AVOID !

  • mini-min

    Overall rating

    Bad Luck With Linnworks

    I have been with Linnworks for about a month now, and already I'm looking for a new inventory management system. Several issues have occurred within the past week. (1) After an update to the multi-variation capability, the inventory levels stopped syncing with my Bigcommerce store. They only synced with my Ebay and Amazon stores. Linnworks corrected that issue within 24-48 hours. (2) Today, after signing into LinnLive, the software that is used to list items directly onto Ebay, the inventory that was listed had been erased. The information disappeared, however this disappearance doesn't appear to have affected the actual listings on Ebay. This issue still hasn't been resolved.

    I'm just afraid that after every patch, another configuration or operation will just fall apart. Linnworks simply appears very unstable. I'm especially afraid of using such an unstable platform during the holidays.

    Has anyone had any luck with their multi-channel inventory management system?

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      Hi Mini-Min

      I'm really sorry to hear you are having troubles with Linnworks, I currently work for Linnsystems and I would love to see if we can help you.

      If you can give us a call and ask for either myself or my colleague Josh then we will be able to look into the issues you are having.

      Or if you would rather email me then please feel free to do so, [email protected]

      All the best,

      Charlie McBroom
      Ecommerce Specialist

  • Bigian13

    Overall rating

    The way forward

    We looked at several solutions that would look after our inventory over multiple selling platforms before we went for Linnworks.

    The fact that they offer a free version so you can have a good look at the way it works before you commit is a real bonus.

    We use Linnworks on three ebay accounts, Amazon worldwide, as well as our own websites (Shopify) and drop-shipping on websites for three clients.

    The package we are on also includes the re-pricer for Amazon for "free" which pays for the monthly package cost on its own.

    Customer service from Linnworks, we have found, is excellent with messages and problems answered within a couple of hours on average.

    Why would we recommend Linnworks ? Good back up, set monthly cost with no commission fees and easy to integrate with our selling platforms.

    Any downsides ? None that we have found in eighteen months of use and nearly a million pounds in sales.

  • PorscheFan

    Overall rating

    A priceless partner in your business

    I have been a user of Linnworks for around 3 years now, and I run a business that sells mainly on ebay and Amazon, but also on play and a couple of websites powered by Big COmmerce and Amazon Webstore.

    Before signing up to LW I looked at Channel Advisor, Eseller Pro and Channel Grabber. The 1st 2 charge a % fee (about 1.5%) and the latter has heavy set up costs.

    Linnworks is free to trial - they definitely stand by their product. Its like my right hand man in my office - my faithful friend. It works, and its fast. I have all the amazon channels syncing, and had no overselling (the whole point of the software). What I love is the auto sync runs while you are asleep, but in the morning will tell you if its encountered any problems - typically ebay will time out or through up some issues, so its tell you it retried and resolved any issues!! Brilliant!!

    I wont go on about the features - they are all there. I want to highlight 3 great features:

    1. Returns console.
    Its a seamless return, exchange refund console that manages your stock level based on how you handle the return - so you can scrap it or put it back into stock etc or give a partial refund or exchange for another item.

    2. Service
    It really is second to none. They recently moved into new premises in Chichester, and have taken on lots of new staff - all techy people who can sort out your problems. If they cant straight away, they look into it, sort it and always call you back. I once put up a ticket at 10pm at night (it was a long day at the office!).I was amazed to see an answer from Peter at 11pm ish...the guy does not sleep!! I am not sure if they have a 24hr operation, but I was well impressed!

    3. Linnlive listing system. Especially good for amazon - you can search the amazon catalog by barcode or keyword, and list you inventory fast...

    Its a great system, and if anybody wants to look at my set-up, I am more than happy to offer any advise. I dont work for Linnworks, but I consider them my #1 partner in my business. A well deserved 5***


  • Group Vertical LLC

    Overall rating

    Great software! We use it on Magento, Amazon, eBay,

    February 12, 2013 - Linnworks & LinnLive (their listing tool) is overall a great software. We have used it for 1 full year now. They have grown a lot in 2012 and added some much needed features. When we first started there were some bumps along the way, which could have been prevented if we bought some of the start up support plans. For this reason I highly suggest purchasing one of the integration packages that are included with enterprise or the higher level accounts to get you started.

    The only reason we do not give it 5 stars: We are located in the USA and Linnworks is a UK based company, so the time difference can be a little frustrating when you need support. Support times end around noon EST, so extended support for USA customers would make this an excellent 5 star software. This being said, we don't have many problems on a day to day basis.

    Overall a great program for those selling products on multiple channels and the cost is well worth it!

    Thank you Linnworks,

    Group Vertical, LLC

  • markpadam

    Overall rating

    Good, But could be great

    We currently use Linnworks to manage our eBay, Amazon, Play and Magento store ( We find that it works very well for eBay and the Linnlive listing tool saves loads of time. Amazon integration often seem to miss some products when updating inventory and can cause us to oversell. Playtrade intergration is ok but for some reason it doesn't download all of the orders, but i not sure if this is a problem with play rather than Linnworks.

    The Magento integration work without any problems and link with out inventory of cheap ink cartridges listed on the site.

    Overall i would recommend Linnworks, when you compare the product to the price eSellerPro charge its good value.

  • jjthebig1

    Overall rating

    Linnworks stands out from the rest

    As an integration specialist, I work with many clients in the ecommerce industry and have been working with many order and channel management tools over the years. There are many tools out there and many more are coming to the market yet Linnworks stands out for three main reasons.

    A. Simplicity. Clients are shocked these day at how fast I can get them up and running with full integration of their various channels. The screens and menus in LW are maximized for usability, you don't get a gazzillion buttons on the screen, it's all compiled into context menus (the ones that pop up when you right click). Flow of the screens are left to right, top to bottom, unlike other tools I've worked with, it's easy to figure out what button to press next.
    B. Flat fees and no contracts. Many tools out there charge a percentage fee of sales and that's a big problem for sellers who compete on Amazon with very thin margins. LW charges a very fair monthly fee and they also work on a month-to-month billing system with no contracts. This forces them to stay relevant with their feature set and takes away the risk from the sellers.
    C. Powerful Scripting Engine. Let's be real. Every system falls short somewhere regardless how great it is. LW also has some shortcommings but they have a script engine (C# based) that makes it possible to customize the application and add any features needed right inside the system. They have many sample code that can be easily adapted. I am using the scripting engine to manage sales tax, integrate with QB (using OpenSync for QB), and generating custom reports.

    What's still missing is inventory transfer features (done for now by exporting and importing CSV files), integration with (in development, they say), CRM (they work to integrate with ReplyManager to handle this), and some more features they're either working on or planning to add in the future.

    Support is also great. I never had to wait for more than one business day for a reply.

  • Overall rating

    Up and running in two days

    Linnworks is a godsend if you know what you are doing. Buy it!

  • Handbagnet

    Overall rating

    better than GOOD

    I was using freebie version for 3 month now. Just signed up for standard version.

    I love it and have no idea how I managed without it for so long.

    Cannot comment on support as I never needed it.


  • thelastword

    Overall rating


    It looks great at first and you watch all the videos and you think wow this is going to be the answer to all my problems then you start to use it and it's all downhill from there. The main issue is that you can't get any help from anywhere. I hate to think what would happen if I was using them throughout the busy Christmas period and something went wrong. Read the small print carefully as using Linnworks will prove to be very expensive for your business. From reading the comments left I notice that the positive remarks are very, very postive and quite in depth, almost as if someone at Linnworks was writing the reviews themselves. My total experience with Linnworks was a complete waste of time. The team needs reviewing and if this was my company I would consider starting again with my main concern being the way I treat my customers. My overall verdict on this software: Total rubbish! Rude customer services and very unhelpful, an overall waste of time and money.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      The only way support would turn you down is if you are on Express Edition (which is free). Phone support is not available for a free edition and this is exactly what you were trying to do - get us to do stuff for you for Free.

      Don't see any other reason why you wouldn't be able to get support any other way. And even if you are on Express, forum and documentation provides most of the answers.

  • Wozzum

    Overall rating

    Avoid! All talk no action.

    I have been using the free trial and I must say out of all the programmes I have used over the past 6 years Linnworks is by far the most disappointing.

    The system couldn't handle importing less than 9,000 listings. I was given every excuse under the sun (replies take from a couple of minutes to a whole day, you never know which one it will be). The blame was put down to my computer, my connection speed, my sku codes and so on. You don't speak to the same customer advisor and I get the feeling the advisor's don't really understand what's going on. this has been proved by the fact that I was told I would have to fork out £45 plus VAT per hour to learn the system. What a joke! The customer services is terrible, by far the worse I have ever experienced and most of the programmes I have used have been from the US.

    I sell on eBay and Amazon UK. I have around 9,000 listings on eBay and 15,000 on Amazon. If you have a similar amount or more then I would look elsewhere because there system simply cannot handle this many listings (haven't even tried Amazon yet).

    There are much better programmes around. Don't waste your money with this one!

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      You had 8000+listings on ebay. The mapping tool was dropping connection all the time due to the speed of your PC. We have investigated it and gave you a full account of the issue and provided a resolution. You only needed to use the mapping tool once and all it takes is to refresh the list. We will not do the system setup for you. You asked us to perform full setup of the system and we refused to do it for free. What is wrong with that?

  • paulz

    Overall rating

    Reveiw & brief comparison of Linnworks, Channel Advisor, eSeller pro

    I have been using a heavily modified osCommerce website to run my business for the past 6 years and it fits my business well in the first few years. With the increasing of turnover, routine sales work are consuming more and more of my time, like adjusting stock & price
    level across different chanels (own website, Amazon, eBay, Pixmania), listing new products on eBay/Amazon ... with annual turnover reach £3.5m last year, I realised I must change the system for good.

    Channel Advisor as a company has awesome sales power, they attend trade fairs and host webminars regularly, and they have a very effective system to keep track of potential customers. Their software is web-based. It can auto-synchronise the inventory and process orders across the channels, with tools to help listing products on eBay and Amazon quickly. To my surprise, they don't even have a solution for integrate with Royal Mail and various couriers. Later they offered me a free module from a 3rd party vendor and a free SalesForce customer service module too which would make them a complete solution addressing to my requirement. However they charge 1% of the Gross Sales which is costly.

    Despite good reviews, eSeller pro is really dumb on it sales technique. Their website refers to a major investment from a venture capital a few times which in my view is irrelevant. It takes them almost a week to reply my initial requests (made on their own website as well as a few telephone calls). Eventually a salesman called me but he is even dumber than his company, he will not study my request and seems to repeatedly ignore my points too. eSellerpro software is also web-based, and it handles all aspects selling including inventory synchronisation, order processing / shipping. There is no customer service module either, but they are considering offering the SaleForce CRM module in one year or so. Their cost is the dumbest of all, 1.5% of the Gross Sales, and around £2K for setting up a basic webshop ... Maybe the main influence of the venture capital investment is their confidence to increase their prices. They later reduced to 1% but with that amount Channel Advisor will give me the CRM module immediately instead of waiting for another year. I hope all my competitors use their solution so I have a cost

    Initially I did not like Linnworks because there are some bad feedbacks, but they offer a very attractive flat fee and even offer free trial of their software too. To my surprise LinnWorks is really well designed (which shows they have a really bright architect). Unlike the other two web-based software, LinnWorks is a desktop application with a cloud-based database. I think this makes programming much easier and quicker because a lot of tools are available which are not accessible for web-based software. This makes it possible for them to issue updates / fixes quickly with a much smaller team. It also reduces the load on the websever so more users can work simultaneously without noticeable performance differences. The salesperson also knows their software well and responds fairly quickly. Linnworks does everything the other two can do like inventory management, order processing/shipping, product listing ..., but in a simpler way. The software is quick to setup (a big advantage). We have over 600 products and selling on three Amazon sites, eBay, Pixmania in addition to our own website, and we process over 400 orders every day, so the setup is not a simple job. I managed to set up this software alone in three half-days. Then I am able to train my team. You cannot get telephone support, but their support ticket system works well. All my tickets were answered in a few hours, and the answers are quite relevant too...(unable to finish due to length restrictions)..
    If I am to rate the three software in 1 to 10 scale, my scores will be: Linnworks - 9, Channel Advisor – 8, eSeller pro –6

  • ilreeves

    Overall rating

    Worth the effort.

    I tried this software last year. But found it too hard to get into, So I went elsewere.
    But this year I needed a better soloution than what I had gone to last year.
    Reading what it could do it seemed to be what I was after. But after my attempt last year I thought it may still be a very steep learning curve. but would it be worth it. dont get me wrong. I have pretty good knowlage of working on pc's and can handle almost all that is put in front of me. But the documentation on Linnworks leaves a lot to be desired and last year I found it too much.
    So this year I was determined to give it a proper try, and what did I think!
    Yes it is still a hard programme to get to grips with. But WOW. after 3 weeks of reading the documentaion (still needs improving) and a couple of calls to tech support. (excelent support and every problem sorted within a short email or call)
    This is just what I needed. I sell across 7 channels online and was sick of logging onto each and every channel morning, noon and night to download all the orders, the logging on again to dispatch them. Then logging on at the end of every week to check and adjust sotck levels on every channel.
    Well I spent about 60 hours learning Linnworks over 2-3 weeks.
    In the first week of being a paid customer I saved 2-3 hours a day as all the orders went to one place automatically. Every Fri I save a further 1-2 hours byy not having to upload stock to every channel I sell on.
    The more I look into Linnworks the more impressed I am with it.
    My Conclusion.
    If you are serious about multi channel selling, try Linnworks, Yes it is hard to get to grips with. But the end result is more then woth the effort. It does all I want to and more than I thought I needed, but the extras (dispatcjhing emails with tracking numbers, Returns, Exchanges and more) are worthe every penny for a programme that delivers what it promises.
    If are prepered to put the effort into learnig the programme, the end result will be a programme you will wish you had found a long time ago, and will be amazed in what it can do for you and save you loads of time in the process.

  • CrazyBits

    Overall rating

    Nice piece of software I must say

    Having tried a lot of multi channel selling systems , I must say linnworks looks far more easier to work with compared to the other complex systems that are present out there. We need to see if this could have an impact is our overall business and then estimate the true value of this software.

  • kulture

    Overall rating

    A professonal solution

    I have downloaded the trial version and after a full evaluation of both the software and the support I decided to purchase the PC monthly solution.

    The support I received was friendly, knowledgeable and fast.

    This is a complex solution to a complex problem. Namely processing orders across multiple selling platforms with a single stock control.

    The documentation is good, and the software is kept up to date. The software works. The day to day running is simple.

    I can see many hours ahead properly setting up my core stock, and linking this to the items for sale everywhere. But once done it will be straight forward. I can see our sales over Christmas going up and the level of problems going down, as the stock is automatically reduced across all sites when one sale is made.

    I am not going to say what this software does in detail. Go to the web site and read the documentation, it is all there, and it actually does what it says on the package.

    Also go to their support forum, its public. Read what their customers say and ask. Its not the most active of forums, but posts do seem to get replies within 24 hours. Sometimes from other users and sometimes from the support team.

    So, don't just take my word for it, go look.

  • chris0241

    Overall rating

    Avoid - Tech Support None Existent

    We signed up for Linnworks Order Management in September 2009, it looked like the answer to our dreams!

    However, although it promised us the earth, it was very, very complicated and no overall manual exists. We contacted Linn Systems to get help and paid them up front for setup.

    We continued to pay the monthly subscription of £47 for 10 months and despite numerous voicemails to Linn and support emails, setup was never forthcoming.

    Linn had our warehouse's contact info yet refused to be pro-active in installing preferring instead to simply take our money and avoid our calls.

    Sometimes, some things look too good to be true. Linnworks Order Management is one of those things.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      Your system was set up ages ago. The fulfilment files were uploaded to your warehouse and all the necessary preconfiguration was done at our expense actually. You were hasseling my privet mobile phone number instead of calling the office and rightly so got ignored. Emails were sent asking you to click Sync button at least to get started, which was not done for month and month and then it is somehow our fault? Wierd. We are here to design software and support the technical aspects of it - not to actually run your business!

  • biz_trade

    Overall rating

    It’s worth the effort of setting it up!!!

    Have been using the system for 4 month so far. It is a mission to set up and get everything working like a clock but once you do it delivers really well.

    Currently doing order fulfilment from eBay (2 account), Amazon (3 accounts), Play and 2 Magento sites. To get all orders from all channels was easy, to get stock control working with all of them takes time and patience.

    Also print royal mail and UPS labels at a click of a button for all orders is simply brilliant - it saves us on average 2 hours a day.

    Overall - well designed, feature-rich system, would highly recommend.

  • okaydoke

    Overall rating

    problem with eBay sync and SKU

    I've been trying this program almost for 3 weeks to fit myself using this program because I really love this program. At first I'm been impressive with the easiness and multi-site-sync program. But I was wrong. I'm mainly using this program to manage multi-ebay accounts and websites. Some products are unable to download for managing the orders. Some products downloaded are matched incorrectly with another products.

    I'm not sure if this is a good program for Amazon sellers using this tool. But I'm definitely not going to buy this program unless this problem is going to be solved.

    Though it is not usable to me, I rate it a four stars. One star less because of the above issues.

    1. Reply from Linnworks

      The system is built on flexible products to listings linking. Meaning you can have multiple listings for the same product, hence you need to map your listings to the products in your inventory. I reckon where you went wrong is assuming the system will do it for you by default (appologies for causing a confusion in this case). Basically once your products in Linnworks have mappings to all listings across different channels, either by SKU or a title or a custom label or whatever bit of information available on your listings you can use to uniquely identifiy the listing. Linnworks will take over and will be able to change available inventory on Amazon, end listings on ebay, relist them, and change available quantity (the same goes for all other channels).

  • Hazeest

    Overall rating

    everything I need under one roof :)

    I have tried many kits to get my several ebay stores, amazon and 3 websites working together and save some time sending out hudreds of orders a day. This one is the only one that works. I guess the best thing about it is that its PC application rather than annoying website based solutions, which look flash but always slow. And of course the fact that its very flexible when it comes to pluging your website to it. It can virtually work with any cart platform - even my own bespoke cart pluged in couple of hours sitting down with our web developer - no extra costs.

    I have been running the system for 3 month and I think I got everything smoothly running now. I can genuinly say it saves me 4 hours a day as minimum and saves me from overselling - which is A HUGE PLUS!

    Ok instead of rambeling about this and thats here is pros and cons

    - Very nice and easy to follow user interface
    - Very fast - everything is done to automate everything, everywhere. There is internal programming language (Marcos) - looks very promising.
    - integrates with any website
    - direct royal mail despatch express integration, ppi and fedex
    - automated import/export of data
    - everything is/can be barcoded (invoices, labels, stock labels)
    - ends listings on ebay if I run out
    - synchronizes all stock levels on all channels automatically - IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

    - its desktop and the database is on my pc, I have to back it up all the time and setting up. Works over the network but setting it up was a challange.
    - no ebay, amazon listing - not huge but it would be nice
    - packed with features when you open it for the first time - looks a bit to fat at first - in the end everything is in the right places, it's a little scary at first.

    I must say couple of words about their techical support. Its absolutely brilliant - they answer emails within half an hour (I sent 272 emails so far, and all got a reply - i think about 50 of them went in one day 🙂 Online chat support is knowledgeble beyond believe, connect to my pc remotely and flashes the mouse so quickly it makes me dizzy. Overall any issue got resolved in less than a day.

    Its by far the best toy in town!

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