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Handles inventory, listing and fulfillment for Amazon sellers. Pricing can be set automatically based on cost, or the price position of other sellers. Supports importing of order emails, can create packing lists, and print postage.

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Windows 2000 or later, MS Office 2000 or later

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$49.99 per month or $499 per year for UK or US version

Trial Length: 21 days

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  • etailEverywhere

    Overall rating

    Feels like malware

    Posted everywhere in the install instructions: "it is VERY important that you turn User Access Control (UAC) off (and leave it off) BEFORE installing AMan Pro."

    I refused to follow this step and could not find a 'cancel' button nor any process or application to kill the program in Task Manager. For ten minutes, I repeatedly got popups trying to get me to turn off UAC. This would allow the program to make any modifications to my hard drive that it wants without notifying me that they're being made - it could download and run anything it wants on my computer without me knowing.

    Download at your own risk. The developers have ignored modern security practices, and request that you actively subvert the security policies in place on your computer..

    Use the original installer to uninstall.

    1. Reply from SpaceWare

      Kevin for SpaceWare here. AMan Pro does require UAC to be off for Windows Vista and Windows 7. This is because of issues with UAC in those OSes. Windows XP does not have UAC and it is not required from Windows 8 as there are no longer issues. The application is certainly not malware and is in use by hundreds of users on those platforms.

      The application name is Amazon.exe . The product may be uninstalled using Windows Control Panel (via Programs and Features) or via the uninstall option in the SpaceWare-AMan Pro menu in the normal All Programs via the Start button.


  • Wozzum

    Overall rating

    Excellent product at a bargain price!

    Have to agree with the last reviewer here. Can't see how this system hasn't got 5 stars! I've used AMan Pro for years now and it's been brilliant. The support is by far the best out there and it's free. Nothing is too much trouble and even though I'm in the UK and they are based in The USA, the support is really quick (couple of hours max). Can't recommend this product enough. I have about 30,000 books listed on Amazon and this software has helped me build a consistent income. Thank-you AMan Pro!

  • Fernando

    Overall rating

    I can't believ this still only has 2.5 stars!

    18 months ago when I first started to look for third party software to list on Amazon UK I saw on this forum that AmanPro only had 2 stars(at the time) so though it must be rubbish and tried all the other ones (though not SellerPro which is supposed to be THE best but is way too expensive for us.

    Eventually, we tried AmanPro (mainly for the repricing and templates) and found that it worked better and was much more extensive then its competitors. You can do everything through Amanpro and never go to Amazon's website. Yes, there are things I would like done differently but then you are talking about a customized solution which costs big bucks.

    Support is very fast indeed at all times of the day and night (although it often seems a bit jaded as if they have answered too many dumb questions for too long and maybe this is what has so annoyed the negative reviewers here) and there are so many features that we do not use a lot of them. A lot of thought has gone into this software.

    Obviously, there is a learning curve otherwise it would not be so extensive. Just invest a whole day to working it out.

    There are a few things I think could be done differently such as a more modern user interface but then I've never come across a bit of software I thought was perfect.

    All in all I think it still deserves 5 stars and is probably the best cheap(ish) solution at the moment for Amazon UK or US. If a better one came along then I would try it.

  • thelastword

    Overall rating

    A pretty good solution for Amazon sellers

    I have used this software in the past and overall, it done the job required. It does take a little while to get used to and it seems a bit dated but it's pretty decent and does everything you want when selling on Amazon. Customer services were always there to help with any issues.

  • BRB

    Overall rating

    Not worth the money and fatal product flaws

    I dont want to go into the full details of the issues I have had with this company but I would certainly advise customers should not waste their time with this product. It is veyr difficult to use, user guides are poor and inadequate and support, whilst quick is useless.

    When I selected the service I read about some great features and thought it would be worth the high price tag. Unfortunately once installed and setup it became apparent it was missing some major functions. The main is to reprice against other sellers TOTAL price rather than just selling price. OF course there are a wide range of postage charges on Amazon from free to £10, so being able to price only against the selling price and not the selling price inc postage is ridiculous.

    I have since found another product which has all the features I require, allows full repricing and is cheaper!

    Save your self the time and effort and go for a proper piece of software first time round

  • wuzzlewuzzle

    Overall rating

    Not worth the money

    I really don't care to give information to my competitiors but these guys have really made me mad. I originally took the trial and did nothing with it. I couldn't remember why and came back to pay for the service to try it. Within minutes, I realized what the issues were. Many of the features are not available on the trial. After paying, you are supposed to be able to bring all orders into one document and print multiple packing slips. The problems are that the first time you do this, the program brings all of your orders in from the beginning of time and misses about half of your orders. I quickly found that you cannot do a date range search so after the first time, you have to pull in your orders from a day range that pulls everything from 24 hour increments. If you don't want to look at your orders from one minute before pulling them in, too bad. And once the orders come in for this bulk invoicing, you can't look at them again. This program is supposed to allow you to easily pull in your orders and automatically reprice based on your settings. The problem with this is that you have to work backwards through the tabs to get this to work and the tabs do not make sense. I had attempted this for about ten minutes, immediately after setting up my account and could not figure it out. The information is not in the help pages either. I sent a message asking where the hell it could be found. After, I did find the info in the user manual. Upon figuring it out, the system logged me out and would not allow me to log back in. I later found that these jerks decided to close my account stating that my e-mail was abusive and they did not like the language used. Kevin stated that he did not feel that I was the type of person he would like to have as a customer. He sent a refund, minus $5.00 that he claimed for a convenience fee. I did not get to use the software even once and had part of my money stolen by this company. Since this incident, I have found five other companies that offer the same service for one third the price and have very straightforward software. Just stay away from Aman Pro. You can get the same thing for a lot less somewhere else and have a better experience.

  • bikesandtrikes

    Overall rating

    Couldn't get it to work well.

    I had a lot of issues with site and it took a lot of time to get a response. I needed more flexibility with inventory and full service features.

  • Droog

    Overall rating

    `A Total Solution - Well thought out & Well worth a look

    Clearly the work of a genius, this software is an amazing bit of kit that has brought about more automation to my Amazon account than I ever thought possible.

    It looked a bit busy at first with a million and one options but everything can be configured easily to just display the tools that you need and use the functions that are appropriate to your account.

    My working day has improved dramatically since I handed things over to AMan Pro and although I am reluctant to share this great app with my competitors I feel that something this good deserves a mention, even from a greedy self-serving person like me.
    Get This: The program checks all your listings every half hour and adjusts the prices within your criteria based on either the average or the lowest marketplace price and can be set to maintain your listings at the most profitable price at all times.
    It produces a picking list at a pre-arranged time every day, prints packing slips, address labels and invoices and sends automated emails to your customers upon ordering and shipping.
    A database is produced allowing you to track and follow up every sale you make and the toolbar includes single click access to any area of your Amazon Account.
    Many more features and tweaks are included but the free trial is fully functional so try it out for yourself.. Whatever you are doing on Amazon to sell your stuff it can be handled by the automation included in this program and it will easily reduce your time spent on the Amazon Site to a couple of minutes a day if that.
    I have no affiliation, involvement or other connection with this piece of software apart from being grateful to have found it.
    What will you do with all the free time?

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