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Stone Edge is order management software for small to medium sized multi-channel merchants.

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  • Half
  • Overstock Shopping
  • Underbid
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Infopia
  • Monsoon
  • SixBit
  • Endicia
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • 3dcart
  • AmeriCommerce
  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • Authorize.Net
  • BigCommerce
  • CoreCommerce
  • Interspire
  • Loaded Commerce
  • Magento
  • Miva Merchant
  • osCommerce
  • PayPal
  • Pinnacle Cart
  • Shopify
  • ShopSite
  • Upshot
  • Volusion
  • VP-ASP
  • X-Cart
  • Yahoo Stores
  • Zen Cart
  • QuickBooks

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18 Reviews

Average overall rating
  • Ryan-d

    Overall rating

    Nothing better!

    It's relatively cheap, and even though you can customize it, I don't know if you would really need to because it does so much right out of the box. I don't know of anything better for the money. My Amazon business is completely dependent on it, and my order processing girls would be lost without it. Stone Edge is coming out with new features all the time. The support is great, although I wish they had weekend hours. Do yourself a favor and buy it. You can't get a better bargain for the money.

  • JDodds

    Overall rating

    Great (Again)!

    We've been a Stone Edge customer since 2005. This software is the product that keeps our business running. It's very powerful and reasonably priced. Now that the company is under new ownership, the support is fantastic (again) and I'd recommend it to anyone.

    This software features:
    Inventory management
    Management and operation reports
    Point of Sale
    ...and many other functions we haven't yet used

    The software is scalable from small operations to large operations that handle hundreds of thousands of records.

  • OTC Wholesale

    Overall rating

    Long TIme User

    We have been using Stone Edge Order Manager since 2005. There was a period some years ago that Monsoon Commerce purchased Stone Edge that it was terrible. Once Stone Edge Order Manager was sold from Monsoon Commerce it was great again. We have many users and have been able to customize Stone Edge Order Manager to our specific needs. Our customization has been done by us and by the staff at Stone Edge Order Manager. When we have needed support, it was very quick. In addition, the forums and user groups are very helpful.

  • neilg

    Overall rating

    Stone Edge Keeps Our Business Operating

    What were the positives?

    We've been a Stone Edge user since 2004. Before that our business was a mess. I couldn't imaging operating our company and the tents of thousands of orders we ship a month without SEOM. It's streamlined our operations and made us extremely efficient. It's also grown with our company, and evolved as we have.

    Any negatives?

    Everything is fantastic. Things can always be better, and Stone Edge is therefore always changing. Our feature requests are taken seriously and added to upcoming builds.


    The support was fantastic.

  • ddavis860

    Overall rating

    Excellent Support from Stoneedge Is Back

    We have been with Stoneedge and using their Order Manager platform since the early 2000s. Prior to the purchase of Stoneedge by Monsoon Commerce, support was amazing. If you had an issue, it was fixed same day by their great staff. After the purchase by Monsoon, support was slow and poor. Support staff was not knowledgeable. Now that Stoneedge is no longer part of Monsoon, their support is back to the pre Monsoon days. I have had 2 support issues in 2018 and both were dealt with same day. Couldn't be happier that Stoneedge has returned to their excellent service and support.

  • seekinggooderp

    Overall rating

    Terrible response

    They cannot and/or will not answer the most basic of questions - how to export sales history to an excel compatible format. Referred me to consultant who is typical I.T. geek and says he will do it when he gets around to it. They advertise as being oriented to small businesses but then they fail to support at all. ...


  • jen360

    Overall rating

    Horrible Support Horrible Program

    The money we invested in the beginning kept us using this horrible program. The tech support is totally worthless. They close tickets without the problem being fixed. The tech support manager is living in a dream world and actually told me that Monsoon tech support is the best and that all of our tickets we resolved. Monsoon crashed our server. I submitted a ticket online and via email and no one ever got back to me. (Not surprised) We are finally free of this totally worthless horrible program. If you are thinking about purchasing this program don't do it!!! I guarantee you will be sorry!!! I tried to not even give Monsoon 1 star but wouldn't let me post this review without at least 1 star but believe me it is not even worth 1 star.

  • StoneEdgePro

    Overall rating

    Best OMS Ever

    I've been using StoneEdge since way back when they had around 2 techs :).

    It's really been a love/hate relationship, but I would suggest it to anybody!

    A few things though...

    1. StoneEdge PERFORMS best on PROPER hardware. You have no idea how many of my clients cry their heart out that it's too slow / buggy etc, only to see it transform into a powerhouse once they have the proper hardware, OS, MS Access etc.

    2. Someone in your company should be tech/computer/access savvy if you are planning on having more than 5 users on StoneEdge

    3. COMMON SENSE solves most issues.

    4. Acknowledgement that software isn't perfect...neither is your spouse. You keep them both and make good of the other 99% percent.

    5. Setup can take a time-span to do... there's the initial setup, and then as you progress in the first few weeks, you'll have to set parameters as you notice them.

    6. Workflow is KEY. Pay someone with experience and brains to setup your company workflow.

    So why marry a non-perfect spouse? Simple. There really is no better OMS that has unlimited functionality potential, open source and doesn't cost a million bucks.

    If you have a few orders, or don't need anything more than 1 feature, than by all means... use a simple online OMS. But if you're looking to build a company platform to help you grow the way you want to...Stoneedge is the way.

    One of our clients processes about 2k orders per day from 15 different channels. Rarely even see a hiccup.

    That being said, their support definitely has what to be desired.

    That's why I suggest you find an outside consulting/tech firm (ad: like me, or Travis) to assist you.

    Again, if you have volume of orders, it will cost you ALOT more to go anywhere else.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions.

  • MonsoonBlows

    Overall rating

    They couldn't suck more if they tried!

    👿 We have been using Stone Edge Order Manager for 15 years.

    We started back in the day when Barney Stone was THE man (and Barney did great work).

    As his team grew and the software grew, it got better and better.

    But, at some point, Barney decided to retire and in came Monsoon.

    Having dealt with dozens (even scores) of software companies over my many decades of dealing with computers, I can honestly say Monsoon should get first prize.

    First prize for being the worst software company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

    Their ineptitude is only exceeded by their disdain for their customers.

    As most former clients have done we stayed with what worked (pre version "6" which came and went in the blink of an eye, reappeared nearly 2 years later as version 7, failed almost as miserably and now they are on version 8?)

    The support is surly, slow and basically non existent.

    The cost of the P.O.S. has gone up by orders of magnitude.

    The integration with top ecommerce platforms is rudimentary in most cases (and uni-directional, as well.)

    Had we not been with Stone Edge for as long as we had (the old saying, "The hell you know..." comes to mind) we would never, ever consider intentionally starting a new relationship with them.

    Stay as far away from them as you can, save your money, save your sanity and most importantly, save your business!

    (Check out the countless, true, ERP systems that are cloud-based (even open source!) and ones that have more than a handful (an ever-changing handful, at that) of employees.)

    Do yourself a favor...

    Look at their forums and see how "many" ("many" is purposely in quotes and you will understand the reason why when you do this homework) real "fans" they have and more importantly how many former satisfied clients have left.

    Also, take a look at the tone of the interactions from Monsoon reps (when/if they even bother to actually bless the forums with their presence).

    Go with your gut (and listen to all of us who have been there, done that, didn't even get the stupid T-shirt and are taking the time to share our experiences).

  • you-know-who-this-is

    Overall rating

    Monsoon Stone edge is nothing but problems, headaches & lies

    Stone Edge is nothing but problems and headaches . Nothing but bugs, lies and the worst support I have even experience in over 12 years of doing business with hundreds of companies. Do your self a favor and find another solution.. You will remember this post if you end up going with Monsoon stone edge.. Crying

  • dvisco43

    Overall rating

    Awful support

    :evil:}:(We've had SE for about 6 years. While we were small (under $1m in sales) Once we surpassed a million and added two new users everything fell apart. And, it is not our server. We have a new server that handles customers 100 times our size. Absolutely awful support and terrible platform. They forced us to upgrade to the newest version and we've had nothing but problems. Circle of death continues to appear and slows us down while on the phone with customers. Absolutely terrible. Worst part of it is that they won't address the issues and their technical staff does not have the expertise to develop solutions. And its impossible to get someone higher up the chain to actually listen to us. Look elsewhere.

  • Scuba

    Overall rating


    This has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. Paid for support, and never could get any type of problem fixed. 11 emails, and 6 phone calls; no response for 6 weeks. DO NOT BUY THEIR SUPPORT PLAN, OR THEIR SOFTWARE.

  • Travis Romine

    Overall rating

    Powerful Tool in the right hands

    I own a mid-sized online retail shop with over 40k physical sku's in 27,000 feet. We are highly successful and I've been using Stone Edge since 2008. We compete directly against entities staffing 50+ employees... with our meager 15 person team! This is mainly because of our efficiency. I'm writing to let other serious online retailers on this forum know that Stone Edge can rock, if it's setup correctly and in the right hands. Our warehouse has been featured by UPS as a model of efficiency and we happily give tours to other online merchants in our locale.

    As with any powerful software we had some bumps in the road starting out with SE but are now experiencing the efficiency and incredible power of the product. Needless to say our business has grown leaps and bounds since we started saving so much time on processing orders and inventory and have focused on getting more traffic and engaging our customers.

    There is a learning curve, Stone Edge support will pitch you a price for them to set it up and give you a tour of the basics. Pay $1500 or whatever they charge and have Stone Edge Support remote in and setup the software for you, it is absolutely worth doing. Note: Enterprise will certainly cost you much more for setup but also worth it. They will also give you a tour of the features and help you become proficient with the software much faster.

    Like any software, it will perform only as well as the computer and the person that is running it, don't skimp on the computer or the quality of your staff members. If you aren't an IT nerd...hire one to maintain Stone Edge and your website in general, you'll never look back. You are in online retail and healthy computers and network are essential.

    If you are even a remotely serious online retailer, the cost of Stone Edge is basically free compared to other solutions like NetSuite or Order Motion or M.O.M. which are all LACKING KEY FEATURES Stone Edge has built in! Before you give any of the above systems your money, compare the features carefully.

    If you are still only processing a few orders a day and are just starting out don't wait to purchase Stone Edge later, it has all the systems to run your inventory, POS and will be a great systems road-map. I've found the Stone Edge workflow to be a series of eCommerce best practices that are scale-able for the future.

    I will also say in retrospect that I wish I had purchased it when I first opened the shop, it makes every part of the our operation so much easier and automates boring tasks efficiently.

    So as far as support...
    I have to admit support hasn't gotten 5 stars from me during the transition to Monsoon but they are getting much better. I looked around and interviewed dozens of Order Management/ERP solution providers over the last year just to see what else is out there. The least expensive one that compared at all to Stone Edge was...gulp...$25,000/year, some were up to $100,000 for setup! I entertained a few of these options as I don't mind paying for something that works great. As I learned more about these alternate solutions I found they all had shortcomings and really couldn't compete with Stone Edge.

    I've taken the time to submit this comprehensive review because I noticed a few poor reviews here that just don't accurately represent the product. I suspect these users were expecting...a magic wand? Stone Edge is magic, but it is still just a tool... like a bulldozer is to a general contractor. In the right hands it is amazing.

    I'm chomping at the bit for Version 8.0 which promises to streamline the interface and add some new innovative features regarding inventory. I couldn't have built my business without this software. I highly recommend it.

  • SH707

    Overall rating

    Look Elsewhere for a functional P.O.S.

    Horrible software supported (if you can call it that) by an incompetent company. Apparently Stone Edge used to be a great P.O.S. solution until the founder sold out to Monsoon. Everything you've read about Monsoon is true: !!!DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GIVE THEM YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY!!! We learned the hard way.

  • Justin

    Overall rating

    Support Appaling

    I have been using Stone Edge for 2 years and I like the software when it works. However when it doesn't then don't rely on support even if you have paid $1000s for it. If you have a major crash you might get support within a 1 or 2 days but if you have a bug or discover a problem then forget all about support as you will not get a reply for months if ever. You never receive a call back and when and if you receive an email response they are extremely rude and unbelievably arrogant.

  • TDS

    Overall rating

    Terrible Support

    The Support is Horrible and they will not answer Tech Support Calls. If you submit a ticket it takes weeks to get an answer. The answer is not specific and refers to an article. There is no interacton at all. The support is good for the first 60 days then you are ignored.
    The software is not user friendly and set up with very little order. It is like they have developed it in peices and not put them together in a way that is logical. I wouldn't mind figuring it out but they make no effort to help or impove.
    The software is very capable but they make it bad because they won't fix things that are Standard Business Practice. The software continues to look and act like it was made 20 years ago.

  • jonesy827

    Overall rating

    Outdated Software

    I operate the technology for an online sporting goods store that currently has about 1000 active items and averages about 50 daily orders. We used Stone Edge for one year as we expanded from selling only on eBay to Amazon and an osCommerce store. We have numerous qualms with the software and are in the process of getting rid of it.

    The major downfall is that there is no eBay inventory synchronization. It can import eBay orders but it cannot control the inventory on eBay, which makes it a bad solution. We created a custom query that sent the inventory data back to BT for listing purposes, but it was just too cumbersome.

    The UI is just god awful in SE. It looks like it was made in 2001 (probably was) and has hardly been updated. The screens are not re-sizable and the view orders screen automatically takes up your whole screen, so forget about doing a side by side in Windows 7 with it. You'd be scrolling back and forth in SEOM all day.

    There is also no easy way to view your outgoing orders and make bulk changes. There is no way to tell if an invoice has been printed (we opted for auto printing). We had numerous issues with orders not printing, and we would only realize this whenever the customer came and said hey where the bleep is my item, many times resulting in negative feedback.

    They released Version 6 back in November, and then had to call everyone who adopted it and downgrade them back to V5.9. It was a hassle and caused even more bugs in the future.

    The only good thing about Stone Edge is their support. You do pay a decent amount for a support contract, but they are persistent at fixing any issues that arise. They even edited the osCommerce integration script for us when it did not function properly.

    I do not recommend Stone Edge.

  • Howieg

    Overall rating

    Dont waste your money on stone edge technologies

    Honestly there are way better. Stoneedge was once great, but uses old technology with no interest in updating in any way. There software has been inherently the same since inception . We bought their software and used it for 2 years. We had bugs, and long tech calls non-stop as orders wouldnt import, things would crash, etc.. Finally the program just ceased and their inept team could not find any reason why it stopped working. So they just said, sorry and that was it. No refunds, no alternate options, nothing. We bought new computers, spent thousands on tech support and labor, and was shocked on how bad the program and team was. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. There are so many other companies and ads, that you would be stupid if you went with stoneedge. The only positive reviews on the web are on the stoneedge forums, written or edited by them.

    We actually hired a program to write our own custom software, which works better, and fractions of the cost. If you aren't that technical, just click someone else. I am taking the time to write as they got their money, and if I don't, they will get yours too. Good luck!

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