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The new Vendio Platform enables online sellers to quickly sell products across multiple online sales channels including eBay, Amazon,, Shopzilla, Google, and their own store.

Merchants manage inventory and sales from these different channels from one integrated user interface. The Platform includes a free online web store with no listing fees, no set-up fees, no image fees, no final value fees and no hosting fees.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States

Pricing & Trial

From $29.95 per month.

Trial Length: 15 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • eBay Motors
  • 11 Main
  • Etsy
  • Endicia
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • PayPal

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  • Nick Boor

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Horrible support. Lots of tech issues. Lots of work-arounds. Always my fault

    What were the positives?

    It works properly for spells if you understand how to manipulate and navigate the work-arounds. The price is comparable to the competition.

    Any negatives?

    The support is polite but they always blame you when there is a technical issue. I am copying products through their copy button. Some identical items will not list a second time. They blame me. I look it over and over. I can Amazon. I just then have to list the items directly. This defeats the whole purpose of their program.


    I would run the other way from this one.

  • Azpb

    Overall rating

    Cancer. Disgusting Service.

    What were the positives?

    Nothing, literally. It will not link to Amazon, the USPS integration has been broken for 3 weeks, they will not provide a refund or credit for time lost due to their own incompetence.

    Any negatives?

    They are absolutely garbage! If they even gave one care about their customers they could do better.


    The one time I needed support they ignored me and closed my account. There is literally nothing more appalling than this service.

  • dirt42fan

    Overall rating

    Love Vendio

    I have been with Vendio for years, so many years ago they were not even in existence then. When Andale became Vendio I stuck with them and since then they have helped me grow and maintain our eCommerce business. That is close to 20 years all together I think. Hard to believe. The site is super easy to navigate and use daily. They offer great customer service to back it up as well. We are a fairly large volume seller and Vendio has no issues handling that work load. I cannot say enough about them honestly.

  • onlineseller1

    Overall rating

    Horrible Product, Horrible Company, Bad customer Service

    What were the positives?

    The only good thing about this product was that you could end the subscription. We would be totally screwed if they didn't let us end this crap.

    Any negatives?

    It is a joke program that will shut down your eBay listings even though quantity is still available. For some reason, after a sale was made they would shut down. But that's not it, the have this sku problem where you need to make new skus for vendio just to list items on eBay. HOW DUMB? Can't I just use my own information? No because that makes it too easy.


    Support is only a 2 person team. So don't think about them actually solving a problem. The system has a bevvy of errors and glitches and they are not very timely in responding. I'm saying this because you are charged for this crap.

    The lack of English makes it very hard to understand their instructions. We sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and New Egg. We know what we're doing. These guys are just not good. Save your self the time and frustration. It will be a waste of labor in the end.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce



      Thank you for providing your feedback. We are sorry you were not happy with Vendio.

      We take your feedback very seriously and hope you give us a chance to make it right. We will be following up with your case so this will never happen again.

      So, we'd like to know more about your specific situation because we need to investigate the situation. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss more about your case.

      Providing excellent Customer Service is Vendio’s main goal.
      We do hope you don't judge the entire company by this one experience.

      Thank you again for your feedback, cooperation and understanding.

      Yours sincerely,
      Vendio Team 🙂

  • Aaronr

    Overall rating

    Horrible company

    They are super backwards and not up on the current technology. Constant problems, cant keep your history without a huge charge, Takes months to fix any problems.

    phantom text shows up in your descriptions and they say you need to enter code to each auction to fix the problem. ...

    We have so many listing with them and we need to transfer to another company but we cant transfer our listings so we would have to redo thousands of auctions.

    You cant store photos without paying for them.

  • Teliperk1

    Overall rating

    Handy features

    I primarily use the Gallery feature and the customer appreciation email service, and both have worked flawlessly for me for several years. They are easy to use, and easy to configure when changes are needed (I often modify the "thank you" emails to reflect holiday shipping changes and weather-related closings 😀

  • u4golf

    Overall rating

    DO NOT USE They are selfishly only interested in themselves

    As already mentioned here, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I trialed their services, didn't like them and therefore stopped using them. However, they still added their 'Buyer Appreciation' banner to the bottom of my listings. When I asked them to remove this I had to reactivate their token to give access to eBay again. They did remove this banner from the bottom however they ADDED their GALLERY banner to the TOP of my listings. This totally ruined my store design which cost me a fortune to have designed!! They selfishly are ONLY interested in promoting themselves and will steal your listings to do so without your permission (although probably hidden on some small print somewhere no doubt!) - You have been warned!


    Overall rating

    DO NOT USE VENDIO!!! You've been WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Horrible, horrible service! 👿

    What harm can it cause me, right? I'll give it a try, right???

    Once you sign up, they import your listings. That's fine. Then, you open your Ebay, and WITHOUT ANY WARNING, they ADD their scrolling gallery on top of your listing, messing up your beautifully crafted listing.

    Then, you have to go one by one to remove it! They inserted, then GOOD LUCK TO YOU, you on your on to remove it.

    They need to be sued for this!

    The service itself is pretty bad. It takes several pages to list an item; it's worse than using Ebay itself.


  • alongtimepoweruser

    Overall rating

    Barely fit for purpose

    After a disastrous experience with Kyozou, we decided to give Vendio a try since their advertised features matched what we needed, it accessed the major marketplaces (eBay and Amazon), the software appeared to have legacy design issues but seemed to be updated recently and had received an endorsement from Skip Mcgrath (author of Titanium eBay) on more than one occasion. Despite the limited support offered, the lack of customisability in the product feed, limited Amazon support, and complete lack of international marketplace (both amazon and eBay) support, it was decided to press ahead since the other options offering similar services were much higher priced.

    On the good side, Vendio's overall interface is easy to navigate and understand, product editing is simple and easy to master, importing from eBay was straight forward, the listing on eBay and the webstore was reliable (but there are free tools for this), shipping confirmation emails were reliable but had no HTML editor and they have Facebook & mobile compatible webstore.

    The initial problems came with designing the website, Vendio offers several extremely amateurish templates with their website that could not be used, two web design companies were suggested by Vendio but their service was substandard and their pricing was above the market rate. However when our own in-house developer attempted to contact Vendio support for basic design perimeters no reply was forthcoming and he was forced to work by trial and error, increasing development costs.

    But our biggest issue was the back office system, where items orders are processed. In the shipping page there are tabs labelled:

    Needing Checkout
    Needing Payment
    Needing Shipment
    Needing to Clear Payment
    Needing Acceptance

    Theoretically, when orders are placed and paid for they should be marked "paid" & appear under the "Needing Shipment" tab, however, around 20% of eBay orders are not properly synchronised with eBay and appear as unreconciled under the "All" tab. This means that you have to verify each eBay order by clicking on it and then clicking the "update from eBay" button to force synchronise from eBay it get the orders marked properly and even this does not always work. This essentially doubles the time you have to spend processing orders and makes the entire shipping platform not fit for purpose. Orders placed on the Vendio webstore and Amazon do not appear to have issues.

    Another major issue is that the webstore checkout does not load sometimes, with the word "loading" appearing and a spinner constantly spinning, so customers can place orders. Once this problem lasted an entire weekend. Also there are misdirects to the Paypal page, so people can't pay. I've had at least twenty complains on this over a two month period.

    Getting a useful CSV for how many products you sold would only give you a list of individual sales, but would not give you a total that you could email to your supplier for example.

    Other issues include:

    • Long load times for Vendio webstore pages
    • Limited Amazon support
    • Customer support making empty promising and half-hearted efforts
    • Amateurish templates for eBay
    • Amateurish webstore templates
    • No support for mail service (Fedex, UPS, USPS) label printing.
    • Limited listing revision capabilies on eBay, hardly any for Amazon
    • Cannot export products to CSV
    • Limited flexibility for discount code, can't single use codes for example.

    Basically, its easy to set up and get going, but once you are, it doesn't work to an acceptable level. From a time POV, you would spend less time logging into eBay, Amazon and your own website than using Vendio and doing that is more reliable than Vendio. The checkout issues make Vendio a costly affair that negates whatever you might save on the service fees. As a stepping stone from say Inkfrog or Auctiva to ChannelAdvisor, I would skip it entirely. Vendio is dated software that will cost you money, especially...

  • gizmo1922

    Overall rating

    Horrible Customer Service, and minimal tools and features.

    They just jacked their prices way up. From 20 a month to 100 a month for entry level. (200 Skus)

    They claim to offer inventory synchronization but all it is is the ability to change your inventory levels through their site. It does not keep track of it across all channels and remove items from other sites when out of stock. The only thing good this software does is multi channel listing. You have no control over your google base feed. The tech support is almost non existent. I am supposed to get an email every time an item is sold. To this day I have never received one and the only thing they tell me after several months is engineering is working on it. Google base is about to change and the only thing they have to say is we will let you know if we do something about it.

  • Archie

    Overall rating

    part 1 of open letter to vendio management

    Overall I like using your software. Your CSR respond quickly and professionally. But there are some significant problems with your software in my opinion and I am wondering why these problems are not really being addressed. Its like to me Vendio is a company on the verge of greatness at what it does but has not taken the final step to do so. What would be involved in the final steps? I think developing a close relationship with some key users of your software to implement changes and proposed improvements would be key. I’m not saying I should be one of them either. I am still a small company and just starting with Vendio, only 3 months in. I think you need “consultants” that are bigger businesses and have been using your software for much longer.

    I’m not at all ready to abandon Vendio but just perplexed as to why lots of seemingly simple program glitches just are not being addressed. Also, the CSR support is quite good. So why not go a step further and offer great videos and remote support. It is very odd. You are on the verge of greatness. Why not become great? To make a football analogy its like you guys are making the playoffs every year, but aren’t doing what it takes to win the Super Bowl.

    To me it seems that upper management of Vendio is disconnected with the actual users of Vendio and their efforts are being focused elsewhere. Wouldn’t it make sense to have some key customers on Vendio board or a panel of long time customers that work with Vendio to make recommendations and to bounce potential changes off of? Just seems like there is a disconnect with Vendio for their customers that they are serving.

    Problems with using Vendio. This is not a complete list. Just the ones that I have asked Vendio to fix that I can think of right now.

    1. when there is a significant problem it goes to the engineers and don’t get fixed.

    Problems that the engineers said that they would fix but have not:
    a. Fedex does not work waiting 3 months on this one.
    b. Major glitches with Amazon. Waiting 2 months already. It does work but Vendio auto updates my item title and descriptions and when I ask it not to clicking off some optional functions Vendio offers) it will not save and will not list.

    2. does not auto send email confirmation of shipping to customers. No brainer. Why not offer this?

    3. can not select when we email coupons to customers. Who want coupons sent out immediately to customers? They will forget to use it. Send out coupons a week after you have shipped makes more sense. They have their product by then and hopefully are ready for more. The coupon gets lost in all the other confirmation emails they are getting from us, ebay, and for me shipworks (the tracking number with link to usps that Vendio does not offer).

    4. Where are the videos? All other companies your size are offering video tutorials. Written instructions are very hard to follow and time consuming. Vendors don’t have time for that! There are a few videos. But they only scratch the surface of what should be on video. The whole user guide on Vendio help page should be converted to video with audio. It would be pretty easy to do I think. Very odd that something this simple and logical would not have been done by now.

    5. Why isn’t remote support an option for csr? Emailing is often very unproductive. I suggest doing a time study test and I would guess that if you offer remote support you will have much happier customers and your csr will be more productive. Your csr say that they it is not included in the costs of the company. I think you will find it costs you more not to have. Plus you will have MUCH happier customers. This is recent trend in support that seems that you are behind on. Eveyone else is doing that I have been working with and we quickly fix any problems and communication is much better. Help your retailers to grow! I spend up to a week sometimes trying to explain a problem that if remote login was available could be exp...

  • electrichippo

    Overall rating

    Big print giveth, small print taketh away

    Yawn. I spent hours setting myself up with Vendio following their headline claim of "Sell on eBay", "Sell on Amazon" etc. I even went as far as printing out one of their huge 120 page manuals.

    Then to find out that Vendio ONLY SELLS ON EBAY.COM and even there ONLY LISTS IN DOLLARS. No support for Pounds, Euros or any other currency or indeed international eBay & Amazon sites. This is 2011. GLOBAL commerce. We are not all ruled by the Dollar.

    So to answer the ubiquitous Vendio banner ads "What's the catch?" Well, you're limited and disappointing.

    Vendio = US sellers only. They should make this abundantly clear on their home page instead of wasting everyone's time.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      Hi Steveharman,

      I'm so sorry that we were unable to provide the international support you were looking for. To your point, we do have a link to our International supported sites on the home page (

      It is one of our goals to eventually support international sites from our main site!


  • asimpsonkqs

    Overall rating

    Horrible customer service

    You really need to be familiar with third party listing platforms to use Vendio because they really don't like to help much. It's understandable that being on the west coast, it might be hard for someone one the east coast to get help until around noon, but even still, once they actually start, you're still left waiting for someone to respond to you.

    They are still pretty buggy for a company that's been around awhile. There are a lot of little things that it seems like you should be able to do, but for some reason or another just simply can't. The automated uploading of bulk inventory only goes so far. You still need to change each and every item so that the correct eBay specifications are in place. If you don't, you simply can't launch the items to eBay.

    I would say if you're a listing a lot of items, just use turbo lister or something like that. These guys are more for the mom and pops that aren't spending company time and money being paid by the hour.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      Hi asimpsonkqs,

      I'm so sorry that your experience was not more positive. We get rave reviews on our customer support ALL the time, so I'm saddened that this was not your experience.

      Your correct on the bulk editor needing more functionality, but the good news is that next week, we have an all new bulk editor releasing that covers all of your points and more!

      I hope you'll come back and give us a try. Please feel free to contact me ([email protected]) if you'd like additional details!!


  • grievousangel

    Overall rating

    Vendio Multi-channel selling is great but features are few and buggy still . . . .


    I have been explaining to Vendio that your product is buggy and I need help. Some bugs cost me directly, some costs me time, some upset me when support passes the blame back to their customers (me)!

    i am very close to jumping off even though it's a LOT OF WORK to convert to another platform.

    Decision very soon. I told them i was patient but now i am tired and upset. not good.


    another customer

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      Hi Grievousangel,

      There is not a lot to go on from your post, but I'd be more than happy to assist! Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]


  • Bottom Feeder Emporium

    Overall rating

    Not OK with Vendio

    All I can say is "I'm leaving you and going with one of your competitors" Last night was the last straw. For months I had problems with getting anything from their customer service. I thought they simply didn't like me. I did some investigating last might and found out I am paying far too much not just in money but my time.

    My conversion to Vendio was not supported what so ever. I tried contacting them via emails with my issues and over time it became apparent they could not resolve the issues or simply didn't try to understand it. Worst, their HELP is so outdated. I determined most of solutions myself by trial and error considerable time being wasted. Hit the search engines tto see if others where having problems. My goodness I am not that evil person after all other users where questioning VENDIO's system bugs and lack of customer service. One of those bugs cost me sales because of the huge shipping quotes Vendio was reporting to the seller. I looked at my records and for combined shipping there was a refund. I am not talking about a few dollars, but 10s of dollars. With my past history with customer service, I just didn't want to report the problem and have them ignored again.

    That FREE web site well it is not showing up on GOOGLE as promised. It might be me, but than again it might not be. I just don't have the time to waste any more.

    VENDIO, you need a wake up call. Where is your QA and support?

  • purito

    Overall rating

    Too Expensive

    Started out with Vendio. Really expensive and when I called to ask why my bill went from $20 (150mb) to something like $40 and they charged me $7/ea for every call to Tech Support. Vendio is owned by Ebay and treats their customers even worse than Ebay does.

    Signed up at Image Viper. Inexpensive but they have this Rate This Picture insert on all photos which makes listings links look cheesy.

    Signed up at Inkfrog. Long on promises, short on delivering. Advertise $9.95 a month/monthly billing through Paypal. Didn't work (I think they make sure it doesn't work because they know people will bail out once they find out how badly they suck). Greg Sisung (President) said bi"Strange, I noticed PayPal has been doing this lately. Have you tried contacting them to see if they can get it setup for you? Do you have another browser you can try maybe (or another computer?) - i wonder if it's a browser issue."/i/b I called Paypal they said it was a Inkfrog issue. When I emailed Greg again he said bi"...unfortunately we have no contacts with PayPal to get any of this stuff resolved :-("/i/bThis is NOT THE CASE AT ALL. Anyone with an account can call Paypal Support for free. I even provided him with Merchant Account (and regular account) contact information. So I ended up having to sign up for 3 months. BIG MISTAKE.
    Their Tech Support is pretty much non-existant and once you sign up they string you along with excuses. Their uploader doesn't work and software is Apha or at best Beta. Don't fall for their hype.

    Finally signed up at Seller Source Book. They seem to be the best. Not perfect but close enough. I will be using a combo of Image Viper and Seller Source Book. It's still cheaper paying for both than using Vendio. I'll cancel Inkfrog shortly.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      Hi Purito - sorry you had these billing issues. We do have a Personal Assistance plan that is designed to provide in-depth one on one support (e.g. tutorials, set-up calls). The best way to reach our support team is via email (serve at corp dot vendio dot com). We also actively monitor the message boards.

  • petermichelson

    Overall rating

    Overall - okay

    We've been working with Vendio for many many many years now. The solution is good and it works, yet it has always been buggy - and always will be.

    The features are good, you can accomplish a lot, but when it comes to the details of selling professionally, you soon realize the limitations (mostly due to the lack of business knowledge of the company's employees).

    You should beware that this solution is not technically elegant, search engine friendliness is bad, the store solution totally sucks, and so forth.

    The value is really good. But if you want to be a professional seller, I would recommend to look elsewhere. The staff is friendly and helpful in resolving things, but you always wonder why they're so busy with other things and why the software and many year-old bugs are just not resolved. I think they focus more on new features, rather than solving the shortcomings.

    Anyways, this is the best solution for semi-professional sellers!

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      We released a new version of our Platform which includes new free stores. I hope you check them out as we've changed a ton in the overall usability and design. We are working on migration tools to move our existing customers over to the new Platform. Also, our new stores also allow for DIY SEO so you can optimize your site for search engines.

  • stmoritz

    Overall rating

    Vendio is ok ,but really it will not automaticly deduct inventory if.......

    I have tried several third party software like vendio platform or Auctiva,selling manager pro,
    I can only say that inkfrog is a better solution plus it is only 9.95 a month ,(just comapare to vendio and see the savings), and also very clear on the computer screen(to see),also not to mention that is very user friendly,also i liked because it update everything from my ebay status, from payments to feedback and since i used shipwork for sending packages ,once you update shipworks ,it sends all the info to myebay and the in to inkfrog (this amazing and is not working with vendio),also when you list a auction ,you can check the price before lunching(also not in vendio)also vendio charge final value fee of 1.95% to 1% depends on sales valumes(yes, its free for now till the of 2009, but what for later..,and once you use vendio , some people are not interesting to try a new software..after much time spend with vendio... ) also you can revise active and non active auction(yes vendio has the feature but you will pay extra for it and if you revise more than 100 ,it will cost an additional fees extra for each listing,its is ridiculous),the only avantage with vendio that you can send listing on multiple channels,and also that you get a free store(but inkfrog also offer a free store)(but no really an avantage,because for instant,if you have a single item to sell,yes, you can send the item to amazon and ebay ,but beawere!!! that if it sell on ebay in will not take down the item form amazon automatically and same goes for amazon(by the way ,the same goes with vendio store)
    ,you have to do it manually, so it very hard to remember this all the time,so what am suggesting to all to ebay users to use inkfrog for ebay listing, and use is an an ebay company )to sell on other channels .like shopzilla or will not work for amazon)(because prostore synchronize directly with ebay,so if you sell on prostore,it will automaticly deduct from ebay and end the item ,that goes also if it sells on ebay it will take the item down from the store
    thank and i wish everybody good lack

  • pedro

    Overall rating

    Overall great site

    We signed up with Vendio 2 years ago. Besides the occasional tech glitch, I've really enjoyed working with the software. The tech support (Chris) is top notch, getting back to my emails very quickly. There is rarely, if ever, an outage. I don't really know what the other sites charge, but my one complaint about Vendio is it seems expensive for what it does. Granted, I list thousands of items monthly, but it seems like there should be a cap on the charges for larger sellers. Now I've just seen that they're offering free service to Auctiva users, and that kind of eats at me a little more, knowing what I pay in comparison to free.

  • Helen

    Overall rating

    Easy to use yet robust.

    I have been using Vendio Sales Manager for almost two years. I particularly like the one page lister since I tend to list very similar items (premium denim jeans) because once my template is created, I can copy the listing over & over again. While I use it to list a few items, I've talked to many sellers who list thousands of items. It's nice to know that I'm using a service that I can scale with.

  • q007jb

    Overall rating

    Robust and easy to use listing/management solution

    I have been with Vendio for slighlty over a year now, and it has helped me in more ways than I thought it would. Originally I was just looking for a listing solution to get semi-serious about selling on ebay and chose Vendio on the recommendation of a friend. I found the listing process to be easy and complete and loved the automation that I was able to create. Things started to go well so I started to get more serious, and as this happened I started to use sales analyzer and research. Essentially they ended up helping me determine which of my products were doing the best and how/when i could list them to get the highest sales price - it also helped to see how my competition had been listing and adjust how I listed. Things continue to go well so no complaints here.

  • 91CRxsiR

    Overall rating

    Good for small-mid level sellers 100-200 SKUS

    I liked this program/service allot. The system allows you to quickly edit / copy and paste from listing to listing.. the vendio store is also great I sold quite a few items on there. The only draw back I faced was that they did not have a custom listing template that I could use to quickly process my new items I would have to insert my own coding. which is why I left to marketworks ( MUCH more complicated ) but if vendio had that one option I would still gladly be with them today.

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