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2nd Office is an ecommerce outsourcing company with staff working out of offices in Manila, Philippines. 2nd Office supports top 100 Amazon sellers and top 500 internet retailers.

2nd Office provides part-time, seasonal, and full-time staff in roles such as customer support, live chat, help desk, automotive fitment specialists, product listing, marketing, web development, virtual assistants and more.

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Rates vary based on the level of experience of staff and total head count hired. Contact supplier for a quote.

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  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • JustBeads
  • Marketplace
  • Trade Me
  • Facebook
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify

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  • Sid_90005

    Overall rating

    2ndOffice has allowed me to grow faster than I could imagine

    2nd Office are outstanding at listing products to Amazon and ebay, Aswell as maintaining the errors and problems that arise. I find there staff extremely professional and responsive. I have been using them for over 8 months now, I have never used such a knowledgeable and friendly company in my 12 years of trading online.

    Hiring staff from the UK can be a real headache, when I use 2nd office I don't need to worry about my staff's emotional well being such as ,family, moods, health, staff politics etc. Bearing in mind I have come from being a 4 strong work force in a big office to being 1 person working from home. I work more efficiently than ever before. In fact my stress levels are more a less zero since I don't have staff to manage.

    2nd office take care of all that. 2nd office manage and treat there staff with 100% respect, this in return ensure every VA work's to there maximum potential. I must highlight that the full time worker I have been using for the last 5 months is by far the best worker I have ever worked with before. I am so please I really hope she will continue to work for me for many years. I have now started using a seasonal worker aswell, all within the last 8 months.

    As I see my future business relationship with 2nd office to be most important, I am looking forward to grow to a work force considerably over the coming years. I must congratulate Carlos on creating this fantastic company, for that I have so much respect for.

    Keep up the great work 2nd office, your the best


    Note I do not reveal my business details on this review as I prefer my competitor to not know my business practices

  • daneharper

    Overall rating

    It's like having my own employees in house

    Early on in my business I struggled to find competent virtual assistants. I used elance, cloud peeps, Fiverr, etc and just didn't find anyone that I could trust. I ended up using most of them for menial tasks that I spent too much time explaining these tasks to them.

    After some googling, I found 2nd Office and was intrigued. I signed up and wanted to give them a test run. Well, a year later I have fully invested in them and am currently utilizing their VA services exclusively.

    I love the fact that they are well-versed in ecommerce platforms, especially Amazon and Shopify. They understand what I need so I spend less time coaching.

    Would absolutely recommend!

  • pcpsl

    Overall rating

    Fantastic service! Highly recommend!

    Having tried MANY different vendors in an effort to find competent virtual assistants who are familiar with various aspects of eCommerce, we finally found what seems to be the ultimate solution.

    2nd Office has been the absolute best at hooking us up with very quality and knowledgeable VA's that truly try and familiarize themselves with the various industry-specific details of our business. In a short period of time it's like having additional staff that we hired and trained in house. We were initially very hesitant, as we have had very sub-par success with VA's in the past.

    We've tried Upwork before and while it was convenient, it was hit or miss on finding a competent VA. Out of the 20 or so we've tried over the years on Upwork, 2 of them panned out. This is not the vase with 2nd Office. Right off the bat our VA's were phenomenal and well ahead of the curve when it came to understanding some of our eCommerce needs.

  • grant219

    Overall rating

    It's just like having a 2nd Office!

    As a start up business in Sydney Australia, the potential costs of getting local developers, systems and administration support that we required to get us going would simply not have been possible for our budget. We were referred to 2nd Office and within days their team was fully plugged in - Skype and emails, and working on our projects. We had a dedicated project manager, whom was very easy to communicate with, which was my initial concerns before we commenced, and he effectively kept us updated on the progress along the way.

    Basically, 2nd Office provides us with extremely affordable and experienced quality work without any communication barriers which continues to allow our business reach goals beyond our reach!

    Top Jeans Co

  • TomNBecky

    Overall rating

    2nd Office is a terrific company.

    Working with 2nd Office has been a complete pleasure.

    We have been working with Carlo and his team for almost 3 years. They have performed multiple services for us and each has been done better than we could have hoped. Every person we have worked with at 2nd Office has responded to us quickly, acted in a professional manner, and has done terrific work.

    We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow their business with the help of a great company.

  • acc

    Overall rating

    Easy to work with

    I've been working with Carlo and his team for over 2 years now, and they have always been reliable. My VAs have been capable and efficient, and have been an excellent resource for improving my company's productivity.

    Would definitely recommend (to anyone that isn't my competitor!)

  • info561

    Overall rating

    Great Company to partner with - Easy going and Professional

    At first, i was very hesitant with the idea of outsourcing because the thought of managing staff overseas seemed very challenging and stressful. However, as i needed to grow my company and due to my time constraints and budget, it seemed like a viable if not the only option. When i first started looking into outsourcing, i contacted 3 overseas companies; 2 from the Philippines and 1 in India. i gave them each the same sample tasks to complete, not only did 2nd Office complete the tasks before the other two companies, but the quality of work they produced was by far more impressive than the others. Communication being a very important factor, 2nd Office also exceeded expectations, their English writing skills and grammar were better than some of our staff here in Australia! For these reasons, we chose 2nd Office and 12 months later - we haven't looked back. It took a few weeks to train the staff and with the help of their user friendly online project management platform - it made it very easy for us. The team at 2nd Office are honest, professional and have a "Can Do" attitude and they take pride in their work, i believe this is a culture that's been set by the CEO and it runs through all departments of the company from accounts through to HR and all the dedicated staff. If you're looking to grow your company and want to save time, money and stress - give these guys a go - you will not be disappointed!!

  • AVID Logistics

    Overall rating

    Best Service & People I've Ever Worked With!

    I can't begin to express how much 2nd Office has helped with my businesses. They have performed many services for me, including the creation of multiple websites. The work they do is top of its class and the people at 2nd Office are some of the best people I've ever worked with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to advance their companies capabilities on the web. Thank you 2nd Office for everything!

  • JayFactory

    Overall rating

    Amazing value for money and great work ethics

    We have been using 2ndOffice for a while now and I cannot fault them, they are brilliant and fast at what they do, I could not be happier with their work, it is money well spent and they make a stressful life a lot less stressful. Highly recommended!

  • Leonard Kim

    Overall rating

    Great Service!

    The team at 2nd Office is very attentive and on top of their game. They go out of their way to make sure all deadlines are met and top notch service is provided, at absolutely reasonable prices. I totally recommend 2nd Office as a provider for web work.

  • emily_burns

    Overall rating

    Fast, reliable, competent

    I've been using 2nd Office to support my web merchandising team for over a year. They have been a great asset to and allowed me to efficiently manage product data changes and site merchandising improvements without needing to bring in part-time or temporary staff. They are able to assist with image editing, pricing changes, product characteristic mapping, etc. Their staff is incredibly helpful, responsive and fast, and their deliverables have been consistently accurate and usable with very few modifications. I would recommend using 2nd Office to supplement your site merchandising/content management.

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