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MucheCo is an outsourcing company, registered in the UK with teams in India, that specializes in ecommerce and marketplace management. Services include listing, optimization, eBay storefront design, competitor analysis, market research, customer support and online retail consulting.

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  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • Bonanza
  • Fnac
  • Trade Me
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • ChannelGrabber
  • ChannelMAX
  • ChannelUnity
  • Linnworks
  • Volo Commerce

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  • Ebay_pro_user

    Overall rating

    Substandard service and Rip off

    What were the positives?

    All talk and no delivery

    Any negatives?

    Promised to help with ebay store design template and listings but after taking the money, no replies and phone is continuously engaged.

    Avoid at all cost.

    It can be quite tricky to understand the accent sometimes.


    Really good with email correspondence initially until they received the money. Cannot even find the company 'Mucheco' listed in UK after being told "We are the UK Company"

  • mgf9090

    Overall rating

    Awesome Programmers and Designers

    I have been using MucheCo for over 1 year now on many various projects, they have never missed a beat and their customer relations and attention to detail is First Class. MucheCo Designers and Programmers understood the requirements fully, always resulting in a finished project that we are more than happy with..:

  • Recomended

    Overall rating

    Client of Mucheco - Web Development and Listing

    Very happy with Mucheco, very solutions orientated, reasonable price for service. There doesn't seem to anything they can't do. Extremely focused on making their system work for your business rather than the system working which makes it easier for them.
    They do our webdevelopment, uploading of listings, fix bugs when they occure.

  • collectorsunleashed

    Overall rating

    Best Company Ever!

    Mucheco has been the best place for me to go to for all of my website's needs. Since the beginning, Mucheco has delivered much more than expected, staff has been very attentive to my requirements and have delivered nothing but expertise and that is perfect in my books. They do nothing but professional work and deliver fast. If you're looking for API integration or an e-commerce website, Mucheco is right for you and highly recommended. As their motto says, "Mucheco makes sales happen"!

  • younghappynfree

    Overall rating

    Best Software Designer!!!

    MucheCo is a great company to work with! Their staff was brilliant in creating a solution that worked for us in a short amount of time! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with AWS and Amazon services! I know he is trained in other areas, but our needs were met on this platform.

    The price was reasonable and they worked with us to get the project in our budget range! Not only would I recommend them to others...I will be using them again in the near future. Once you find the best there is no need to look anywhere else! MucheCo is one of the best!

    Professionalism: 5/5
    Project Budget: 5/5
    Getting the Work Complete on Time 5/5
    Overall Functionality of the App: 5/5

    I truly have no complaints or concerns about their company or their work!

    Thank you for a great experience!

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