Category Sponsorship

Category Sponsorship

Category Sponsorship on devices


Video Overview


  • All devices:
    • Desktop
    • Tablet
    • Mobile
  • Reviews directory:
    • In the category of your choice


  • Placed where your customers are looking
  • Sponsor status boosts reputation
  • Shows on every screen size
  • Large logo
  • Title and copy on hover (desktop)


  • We can set it up for you, from your listing information
  • Or provide your own logo, copy and URL

Suggested Uses

  • Building recognition and reputation
  • Driving customer inquiries and signups

Pricing Basis

  • Always shown in one of five slots per category
  • Calendar month basis
  • Minimum of 3 months booking
  • Volume discounts start at 6 months


  • Logo sizes required:
    • 180×150
    • 234×60
  • PNG, GIF or JPG
  • Maximum file size 30KB
  • Category to sponsor
  • Destination URL
  • Copy text approx. 80 chars

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