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Video Overview


  • All articles
    • Including all our highest-traffic pages
  • All listings
    • Viewed by ecommerce businesses looking for products and services
  • Desktop devices


  • Get seen on articles and listings
  • Our largest banner size
  • Within the content area
  • The highest side banner, sticky on scroll
  • Image ads and HTML5 ads supported


  • Single or multiple creatives
  • Rotation options:
    • Rotate evenly
    • In a sequence
    • In specific proportions
    • Auto-optimize by CTR

Suggested Uses

  • Ongoing offers or planned series
  • Building awareness over time
  • Communicating complex products

Pricing Basis

  • 20% share of impressions
  • Calendar month basis
  • Minimum of 1 month booking
  • Volume discounts start at 3 months


  • Size required:
    • 300×600
  • PNG, GIF, JPG or HTML5
  • Maximum file size 100KB
  • Destination URL (can be different for each creative)
  • Preference for rotating creatives (if using multiple)


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