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Company Profiles

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  • Posted on the Web Retailer website
  • Featured on the homepage for one week
  • Announced in its own email to subscribers
  • Included in the weekly newsletter
  • Shared on Web Retailer social pages
  • View previous Company Profiles


  • Raise your industry profile
  • Explain the benefits and USP of your product or service
  • An asset to share with potential customers and partners
  • We manage the process and take care of all the writing


  • We research your company online then set up an interview call
  • We write a balanced profile explaining who you are, what you do, how your products or services benefit sellers, and what makes you different from your competitors
  • We share the article with you so any inaccuracies can be corrected
  • We publish the article on the site and send you an email notification
  • We feature the article on the homepage, share it on social media etc. (see Placement section above)

Pricing Basis

  • Fixed price per article
  • Usually a single project


  • Three-week lead time
  • Availability for phone interview
  • Help sourcing screenshots and photos
  • Prompt feedback on article draft

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