Online Marketplaces in Europe: Dynamic, Diverse and Disjointed

Behind Amazon and eBay, Europe has dozens of online marketplaces. But despite the economic unity, country and language divisions remain stark.

By Andy Geldman

The Web Retailer News Digest for June 25th, 2021

Amazon seems to be under attack from all sides. This time, a new bill with wide support could force it to sell its entire logistics operation including FBA.

By Andy Geldman

European VAT for Amazon FBA Sellers: Your Questions Answered

The new EU VAT rules for sellers outside the EU are in effect from July 1st. Here’s when you need to get a VAT number and what returns you have to file.

By Pedro Pestana da Silva

Online Marketplaces in Africa: Fast Growth, Enormous Potential

Ecommerce is taking hold in Africa, as internet access expands, trust grows and logistics modernize. No market has more room to grow than Africa.

By Andy Geldman

Online Marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand: eBay and Trade Me Lead

Australia and New Zealand are attractive markets for international sellers, but these are two countries where Amazon does not dominate ecommerce.

By Andy Geldman

The Best Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

We walk through the best keyword research software Amazon sellers can use to improve their listings and marketing efforts, for absolutely nothing.

By Kate Merton

The Web Retailer News Digest for June 11th, 2021

Online marketplaces lobbied hard against the Inform Consumers Act, designed to protect consumers from fake and unsafe products. Now it has been dropped.

By Andy Geldman

Online Marketplaces in the USA: Amazon is Not The Only Show in Town

Amazon is the leading online marketplace in the US, but eBay remains strong, is growing and niche players are thriving.

By Andy Geldman

Brand Abuse on Amazon: What to Do When Black Hats Attack

Sabotage is running wild on Amazon, with hundreds of agencies offering services to help sellers attack their competitors. Here’s how to fight back.

By Chris McCabe

Online Marketplaces in China: The Land of The Giants

Online retail sales in China make up a third of total global ecommerce, but just three companies make up 89% of the total Chinese ecommerce market.

By Andy Geldman

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