The Web Retailer News Digest for April 30th, 2021

The world’s #1 seller on eBay and #3 on Amazon has been floated on the London Stock Exchange. Almost everything they sell is second-hand.

By Andy Geldman

Amazon Lightning Deals: All Your Questions Answered

Lightning Deals can boost sales, but not all deals achieve the same success. These best practices will help you avoid the most common mistakes.

By Ryan Faist

The Web Retailer News Digest for April 23rd, 2021

Over the last 12 months, companies that specialize in acquiring Amazon FBA brands have raised $3.5 billion in capital. Half of that went to just one company.

By Andy Geldman

The Web Retailer News Digest for April 16th, 2021

From the latest Prime membership and marketplace stats to advice on letting your distinctiveness shine, Bezos is really covering all the bases with this one.

By Michael Burns

The Web Retailer News Digest for April 9th, 2021

A new umbrella organization of small business groups is campaigning for the separation of Amazon’s own retail business from its third-party marketplace.

By Andy Geldman

Amazon Package Inserts: What’s Allowed and How to Use Them

Many Amazon sellers add inserts to their product packaging to build their brand or ask for reviews, but they often break Amazon’s policies.

By Henson Wu

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