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How to Make Amazon’s Customers Your Customers Using Facebook Ads

By Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee explains step-by-step how to use Amazon buyer data to create targeted Facebook ad campaigns, and go direct to customers.

How to Make Amazon’s Customers Your Customers Using Facebook Ads

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Hi Lee, thanks for the great article!
Just to clarify…Amazon strips the phone number and email address of the customer from the orders data. From my testing (in the UK) it seems that facebook needs at least one of these fields to be able to match the customer with a facebook account. Am I missing something?

Anthony Lee

Replying to Charlie

Actually, Facebook does NOT need an email or phone number. The customer file custom audience option allows you to create an audience with just first and last name, city, state and zip code.


Replying to Anthony Lee

It allows creation of the audience but I get a 0% match rate

Anthony Lee

Replying to Charlie

Are you sure you are getting 0%? I ask because Facebook recently took away the audience size estimation feature from custom audiences created without email addresses. The audience is still there, still with plenty of people in it, but Facebook just doesn’t report how many. So it will show as <20 or whatever their default is.
A great way to test this is, if the data you input is greater than 1000, input it and create the audience, then try to create a lookalike. If it lets you, that means you had over 1000 matches.

Sarah - Leigh Kropman

Replying to Anthony Lee

I am getting the same issue in the uK.


Replying to Anthony Lee

So what your saying is that Amazon employees have Facebook ads manager account my question then is do they work with Facebook business manager account as well and is this for all employees lmk

Tom Pannett

Replying to Charlie

Hi this is not true, they only strip these details out of the data feed. If you export order confirmations these include telephone numbers and addresses in the UK and elsewhere….


Great article! How big should it be the customer audience to get reliable data for the lookalike audience?

Anthony Lee

You need at least 1000 people for a lookalike audience.


The downloads we get from amazon do not include the name fields, we do not use amazon to fullfill our orders – our reports only show buyer address details along with product details.

Anthony Lee

Unfortunately for this to work you have to have the name. If you don’t use Amazon to fulfill and don’t get the name in your reports, you’ll need to extract those names from elsewhere (I assume if you self fulfill you get the name from somewhere). Then input the names separately. You can also attempt to create the audience without the name. Facebook may be able to match with just address, but I’ve never tried.


Hey Anthony, I love your article! I have been looking for ages to find a way to do this. However, I’m having some problems. About 2 days ago I uploaded a file containing around 900 customers, the audience says it’s ready but it shows and audience size of -1 one (2 days later). Moreover, fb won’t let me create a LLA as it claims the the audience is too small. I’ve confirmed that for greating a LLA the msource file should contain a minimum of 100 people. Does this mean that out of 900 people facebook was able to match… Read more »

Anthony Lee

Hey there.
Ok, first off, the reason Facebook is reporting an audience size of -1 is because right now FB has turned off that feature temporarily. They made a public post about it but basically their devs are working on fixing an exploit they found. The estimated audience size will return as a feature one day, but we don’t know when. However THE AUDIENCE IS STILL THERE.

Now, to address your looks like issue, you actually need at least 1000 people to create a LA audience. So it appears you are just a little short.

I hope this info helps.

Koen van den Heuvel

Replying to Anthony Lee

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for your fast response! I have created LLA audiences in the past with less than 1000 people. Also in the link below FB mentions the source file should contain a minimum of 100 people.

Evenmore so, while creating the LLA fb gives me an error that the source file should atleast have 100 people.

This would mean that out of 900 people FB was not able to match a 100. Do you have any tips on how to fix this problem?

Anthony Lee

Replying to Koen van den Heuvel

I don’t recall where I read it but I read recently the audience needs to be 1000. It’s possible you are reading an old bit of policy. Further I can confirm that I have an audience with a bit over 200 people I used to create a custom audience and it was “too small” to create a lookalike. Yet my other audience of 1800 people created a LA just fine. Regarding the statement that FB says your source file has less than 100 I wouldn’t trust it’s accuracy since FB disabled the audience count feature. It is POSSIBLE those 900… Read more »


Replying to Anthony Lee

Thank you, Anthony!


Great article, thanks Anthony. A question, GDPR comes into play from the 25th May, with this in mind do you think this method will still be used? I am unsure if third party amazon sellers will be able to obtain permission to use the customer data to populate lookalike audiences on facebook?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks, Nick

Anthony Lee

Replying to Nick

I’m not sure what will come of the new changes either.
As it sits, we have the ability to obtain customer info.
And we also do not use any personal information. I could be wrong but I feel like nothing will change unless FB decides to do away with LA’s altogether.


Given the changes to FB advertisement/process does this process still work as I would like to try it. Is the requirement a list of 1000. Any updated info would be appreciated. Thanks

Anthony Lee

Replying to Will

We have many clients still successfully using our services to do this, so yes, as far as we can see it still works.

The only thing we’ve seen change is FB is getting better at actually reporting audience size. Also you may be able to create LA audiences with less than 1000 contacts now.

casey morris

Thank you for the tip. I just downloaded the all order report from Fulfillment. There are city and state name, but the customer’s name is not there anymore. Do you recently check the report? I wonder if Amazon removed the customer’s name recently.

Anthony Lee

Replying to casey morris

Hello and sorry to hear about your difficulty.
So, I have heard this happening to other people before, but not many (only a handful).
I am still able to see names, and so are all of my colleagues.
I wonder if there is a specific subcategory that doesn’t include names?
I am not sure. And unfortunately, if you don’t have access to the names, this strategy will not work for you.
I am very sorry.

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