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Selling Jewelry Online: eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Beyond

By Igor Nusinovich

A look at the world of selling jewelry online. Includes buying trends, current opportunities, common challenges and the most important sales channels.

Selling Jewelry Online: eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Beyond

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Hello – I understand from your (very well researched and written) article that jewelry sales on Rakuten and Overstock are not significant. Is that across the board or does it apply only to expensive jewelry ? I have a friend who sells less expensive fine jewelry (silver, pearls, etc.) on Rakuten and Overstock and she claims she is doing OK.

Igor Nusinovich

Replying to Ernie

Dear Ernie,

Thank you for the question and apologies for the delay, seems like we’ve missed the comment.

We have quite precise statistics (unfortunately not too optimistic) on items in fine jewelry category, with the average price tag of $100 and up. For cheaper items, the marketplaces do perform better, still w/o being the top of the list.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,
Igor Nusinovich
Valigara Online Jewelry

Giovanni Clarke

Do you know of any websites where I can design and sell jewelry from using and ecommerce platform?


Amazon Handmade seems to only really cater for USA crafters. They really need to be global in order to force Etsy to up their game. I’ve been looking to join Amazon Handmade for about a year now and I don’t find it particularly useful for me as I’m based in the UK.

Igor Nusinovich

Replying to Orchid

Dear Orchid, You are right, making the Amazon marketplace work for you is never easy 🙂 With that, Amazon Handmade is much more easy to join, especially considering the Fine Jewelry. We see sellers also from Europe/Asia being successful there. It does require special effort, but in many cases it’s worth it. In addition, establishing your jewelry store on AH is an potential step-in into the global Amazon marketplace. As you might know, the recent requirements to sell fine jewelry include previous history of selling on Amazon, and here AH can do a good work for you. Once you apply… Read more »


Very comprehensive article.
I learned a lot.
Thanks so much!

Igor Nusinovich

Replying to Yoshi

Dear Yoshi,

You are welcome and Thank you for the warm words!

We have a lot of unique jewelry eCommerce related content, hope more of them will appear on Webretailer!

Best regards,
Igor Nusinovich
Valigara Online Jewelry

Vaiana Roometua

hi ,

I will be selling tahitian black pearls and would like some help in selling them on Amazon . My brother and I will be meeting with the pearl farmers in Tahiti in May of this year . We would also be exporting the pearls out of Tahiti since we have a license to do so . Can you assist ?

Igor Nusinovich

Replying to Vaiana Roometua

Dear Vaiana,
Thank you for asking!
First of all, good luck in your beginning! Sure, our technology can be of a great help in creating effective jewelry eCommerce. Personally, feel free to be in touch with me with all questions related to Amazon, selling jewelry online, or any other questions. I will be glad to share from my experience!
Best regards,
Valigara Online Jewelry Manager

David Bellville

Thank you for this comprehensive article. I have s very beautiful piece by Sevan bicakci and need to have it appraised and need some guidance in selling it. It has not been worn and is in the original box. Thanks


nice information ,thanks..

I need an advice please!
actually I am planning to open fine jewelry online store ,but I am not sure where to start because my items are high prices 2000k and up ,which platform would you recommend etsy ,ebay or somewhere else ! thanks


Igor Nusinovich

Replying to SAER

Dear Saer Looks like your comment didn’t get the appropriate attention, my apologies for this. To your question: eBay and Etsy can work well with the price range you mentioned, but it’s not enough to see the whole picture. Pricing is definitely one of the important factors when selecting the marketplace for your jewelry. With that it’s not the only one. Additional factors such as product style, materials, your location, logistics, and other influence this decision. In addition, each platform has its own characteristics, limitations, rules (f.i. Amazon doesn’t allow selling clarity treated diamonds, to sell on Sears you need… Read more »


I have a lot of costume, fashion rings that I would love to sell. They have been appraised and range from $15-$25. Not expensive items but very pretty and affordable. But where and how can I sell them? I just have aquired too many, and of course my oldest daughter doesnt “do rings” and my other children are too young to keep them around. I have close to 75-100 rings. Any suggestions ??? I don’t mind selling in a bulk type situation or at a lower price than appraised. I just am trying to only keep things I wear /need(since… Read more »

Igor Nusinovich

Replying to Brooke

Dear Brooke Thank you for your question. From our perspective, selling jewelry online is a strategical move, not a one-time action. The right operation means establishment of the online stores, marketing etc… If you look to occasionally sell a fixed amount of jewelry (75-100 rings are not a wholesale qty), I would recommend to offer the whole lot to the local jeweler, of try to return the items to the store you’ve purchased it from and get some (partial) refund for its cost. Another option is to create a home sale party for your friends – this will be much… Read more »

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