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Ecommerce Inventory Management: The Essential Guide

By Vera Lim

Everything an ecommerce business needs to know about inventory management, including forecasting, safety stock, reorder points and more.

Ecommerce Inventory Management: The Essential Guide

Control, automate and simplify your business with the best systems for managing multichannel inventory, customers and orders.





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Jack Phillips

Thank you for the interesting article. I do have a couple of comments. One thing that really differentiates many retailers online is NOT concentrating on fast moving SKUs. I like to stock a significant number of deeper SKUs, targeting the 80% of products that my competitors are not bothering to carry as they are a much smaller percentage of their sales. Chris Anderson wrote a good book on this called “The Long Tail” ( Many of the long tail products I sell generate a significant amount of my profit as the shorter tail products are highly competitive with other retailers… Read more »


Replying to Jack Phillips

Hello Jack,

First, I’d like to say thank you for your comments! You’ve made me think about how the long tail works within a retail setup, and I must say,it’s really interesting. The same goes for your notes on inventory forecasting: it makes a lot of sense and offers a simpler, more straightforward way to go about inventory forecasting.


Replying to Jack Phillips

Hey Jack,

Just wanted to say, I was really inspired by your comment, and went off to investigate the long tail of inventory – resulting in this post:

Again, thanks for your feedback and insight!


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