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Repricing Tools: An Amazon Seller’s Top Ten Myths

By Todd Ryan

There are still many Amazon sellers who are wary of using automatic repricers, for a variety of reasons. Here are the top ten most common myths that I hear.

Repricing Tools: An Amazon Seller’s Top Ten Myths

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

Do you see any value for repricers if you have brand registry and are selling a unique product?

Todd Ryan

Replying to ScarfKing

Not really. If you have no competition, then you’re essentially repricing against yourself. The only possible exception is if your product experiences a significant amount of “emotional” buys, i.e. where someone buys due to perceived scarcity or late at night compulsion. In that case, a time based repricer (i.e. repriceit) may be beneficial. With that, for example, you could price at $14.99 every morning at 7:00 a.m. to encourage bargain shoppers, then raise it 11:45 a.m. to $19.99 to catch lunch time impulse shoppers, drop it again at 1:30 p.m., then raise it to $25.00 at 10:00 p.m. to catch… Read more »


Replying to Todd Ryan

Thanks, Todd.


Replying to Todd Ryan

Hello, in regards to previous brand registry questions; what if you have the only brand but there are other similar products being offered on So your not competing against your own brand but similar products options and alternatives. Would it then help or be beneficial to have a re-price program active?


Great article, Todd. Have you done any side by side comparisons of the major repricers’ features? It would make it easier for us to decide which repricers to use.


Todd Ryan

Replying to Mark

I have, but honestly there’s not a lot of difference between the affordable (i.e. under $150 per month) repricers in terms of functionality. I always recommend starting out with the cheapest ones and moving up as your volume permits.
If you have specific features you’re looking for, I’d be happy to give you some solutions. I believe the publishers of this website try to maintain a neutral stance (which I agree with), so I hesitate to recommend one over the other.
You can message me here or post a comment, your choice.

henry rowe

Replying to Todd Ryan

Enjoyed the article and would like your rec’s on entry level repricers.
Thank you,

Kevin Waygood-West

I’ve been sitting on the fence for over a year now, manually running re-pricing several times a day and wondering over the cost of my time versus the cost of a repricer.

Each time I review the various apps available I retreat to the fence!!
This was a clear and well constructed article that has given me some additional insight to the subject.

Have I got off of the fence yet? Not quite………….!!

Todd Ryan

Replying to Kevin Waygood-West

Honestly, there are too many choices out there, both in packages and in rules and settings. I’d suggest picking one and doing the free trial, and just use it to reprice a handful of your items. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll never look back!
If you want to message or email me, I’ll suggest a few to consider for your trial.

Kevin Waygood-West

Replying to Todd Ryan

Thanks Todd – much appreciated

Todd Ryan

Replying to Kevin Waygood-West

My pleasure. At the risk of sounding like a dweeb, I enjoy helping other sellers become better sellers because I believe better sellers = better selling platforms.

The more sellers that I can help take control of their pricing and aggressively pursue every penny of profit, the better it helps me (and all of us) in the bottom. To that extent, I’m willing to help anyone as much as I am able with their processes and business operations.

BOLO’s and product sources……fuhgetaboudit! I am a firm believe in trade secrets…..;)

Max Sigurdson-Scott

Hey Todd, I’m looking for a repricer with lots of functionality. Any chance you could point me in the right direction ? I’m in Canada on. Amazon.CA selling used books mainly. Thanks !

Todd Ryan

Hi Max! It depends on your price range really as there are a lot of good solutions at each level:

Entry level ($0-$10 month): Repriceit, Scanpower Reprice
Middle level ($25-$200 month): BQool, AppEagle, ChannelMax
Upper level ($500 – $1,500 month): Teikametrics, Feedvisor

I usually suggest figuring out what you can afford, then trying out at least 2 or 3 packages in that tier. There isn’t a world of difference in functionality, but there is in terms of the user interface and support.

Chris Dunne

Great guest blog post Todd.

Todd Ryan

Replying to Chris Dunne

Thank you Chris, appreciate the compliment!”.

Deniz Olmez

Many sellers are using repricing software for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because of the loss of authority and control over their pricing. There are alternative solutions to have the buybox.


Hi Todd,

In my thinking that repricer tool is necessary for reseller in order to compete with other reseller. But it’s not for private label product maker, isn’t it? Do private label maker also need this kind repricer tool?


Jati K/

Lucas Gonzalez

What if you are a private label seller, yet you still have competition selling the same or extremely similar products, but under other listings and ASINs?

Is there any software that detects competition not only in the buy box but out of the buy box? Which one would this be?

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