How to Use Trademarks to Protect Your Amazon Private Label Business

Trademarks play an important role in your private label success on Amazon. Here's how to pick a strong trademark, when to register, and how to enforce it.

By Eric Perrott

Selling Media Online: Books, Music, Movies and Video Games

An in-depth look at selling books, music, DVDs and video games online. What are the current trends and challenges, and the best channels for selling media?

By Brennan Burns

From Hobby to Business: The Magic of Repeatable Processes

Many online sellers struggle with the leap from hobby selling into building a legitimate business. Here's what I’ve learned in following that path myself.

By Todd Ryan

Selling Jewelry Online: eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Beyond

A look at the world of selling jewelry online. Includes buying trends, current opportunities, common challenges and the most important sales channels.

By Igor Nusinovich

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