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Amazon Seller Support: What They Can and Can’t Do For Sellers

By Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe explains how to get the most out of Amazon’s Seller Support team, and when calling them is the last thing you should do.

Amazon Seller Support: What They Can and Can’t Do For Sellers

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Jeffery Pyle

Amazon Seller Support often gives me the wrong answer. Many of the reps seem unknowledgeable and can only give me the answers from Help.

Gorilla ROI

Replying to Jeffery Pyle

Hi Jeffrey. We have very good success with FBA support. Not sure what you mean that they’re unknowledgeable.

They all seem to know what they’re doing and they’ve been a great partner to our FBA business. We rarely use phone support and we had great results with their email support staff.

Martha Howowitz

Replying to Gorilla ROI

You are correct! FBA support is much more helpful. FBA departments are not governed by seller performance guidelines and these offices and managers can operate outside of the Amazon section 3 business agreement. If you are lucky enough to live in a city where an FBA fulfillment center is located, you can go directly into these centers and speak with account managers who can provide great assistance!


I register information of the seller to transmit wrong id card, how should deal with?


H Jeffery

I new to amazon. amazon wont approve my bank account statement. i send them the correct bank statement generated by a company called “worldifrst”- Amazon keep rejecting it but amazon has approved thousand of other clients that have submitted to amazon the same type of bank statement. any idea which department i should call to tr to solve it as for now they don’t allow me to sel on amazon and they say the document is not ok but don’t say what else it should include..

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