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Multiple Amazon Accounts: What’s Happening and What You Should Do

By Chris McCabe

Amazon is getting harder on sellers with multiple accounts. Here’s what you need to get approval and avoid being flagged for investigation.

Multiple Amazon Accounts: What’s Happening and What You Should Do

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I have 10 Amazon stealth accounts and Amazon can go FT – untrustworthy and suspend accounts at a moments notice.

If you have any business sense you will create those stealth accounts asap – always ways around the system!


Replying to James

Right but you assume you’re smarter than the tools. Hubris may result in more account closures later. Lots of work keeping that ruse going.


Replying to Chris

Never had an account closed and don’t intend to. I’ve read enough horror stories though to know though that Amazon only cares about themselves – not us their guinea pig sellers they use for market research.

I used to be a cyber security expert – I know how computers and networks work.

Not that much work to be honest keeping them going- less risk and more peace of mind- multiple revenue streams and multiple products.

If I showed you my monthly sales – you would do the same.

Christopher McCabe

Replying to James

Good luck.


Replying to James

we would like to hire you for some assistance with that set up. Email us 🙂 thanks!

Christopher McCabe

Replying to Jay

Hi, What set up would that be? I advise sellers on their multiple account problems or situations, but I would not set up additional accounts for sellers.


Replying to Jay

my comment was to James about setting up multiple accounts. We would like a consultation on that. thanks


Replying to James

We at Kaspersky will accept your challenge see just how good you think you are..


Replying to James

I would really be nice if you can show me how to open an amazon account, I had one few years ago and was suspended and I can’t open one now what is the best way to go around that, thank for your time

Chris McCabe

Replying to Dave

Hi, the purpose of their policies and their tools is to keep sellers who are suspended from simply starting over with a fresh account. Hence, the messaging indicating accounts are closed for relations to a previous block. You were meant to appeal the prior suspension and focus on why it happened, and what you’d do differently if given another chance. Not to start fresh. I can’t help show you how to get around policy, I’m afraid. Appeal the original.


Replying to Chris McCabe

Hi Chris. I run a small oursourcing company from Caracas, Venezuela. We manage an autoparts seller account since 2016, very succesfully. We recently got another client who sells shoes, and we are also managing its seller account. We are not owners, we just manage listings, answer emails, and run campaigns, but we do not have any business relation to either of those companies other than helping to run and grow the account. They also are completely unrelated. I was not aware that I should not operate two or more accounts from my same computer, in my view Im just doing… Read more »

Chris McCabe

Replying to Maria

Amazon’s tools are pretty crude for this, so don’t risk it. Keep your operations separate. Don’t share sign ins and allow appearances to show that make it look like the accounts may be owned and operated by the same company, even if you can prove after a suspension that you’re only a consultant. Maybe in the future it’ll be easier. Right now, Amazon makes it ten times harder than it has to be.

P Bell

Replying to James

Please contact me.


Replying to James

Hi, my account was doing awesome until it got shut down suddenly for a reason I still don’t understand. It’s been 7 months and I decided to created a new account with a new phone corporation, phone num, email address, Bought a VPN, new credit card, new bank account, etc. The only that bugs me is that although the previous account, that is suspended, was a corporation under which I was the VP, the new corporation has also my name on it as the Pres. My husband’s name appears nowhere. Will Amazon link both accounts? Note: I fought and appealed… Read more »


Replying to James

Hi James, how do you work around the Amazon’s detection of your multiple accounts?


we are agency from Prague and we opened like 10 AMZ account for our clients. Naturally they dont know English, we are experts etc. It is true some of them were closed without warning recently and we try to appeal to the Performance team.

Is there any tip how to manage accounts as agency? I believe we felt down into this multiple accounts thread yet I feel we have all the legitimacy to run the accounts for our clients- we even add written deputy for each accounts when we are establishing them.

would welcome any help of tips.


Replying to Adam

Can’t advise you without knowing more about how you access accounts or how similar their sourcing or inventory are. If you access multiple accounts and they share relations beyond sign ins you likely are causing multiple to appear related.


Me and my husband are both selling from the same household, but via different corporations and use unrelated ASIN’s. Our companies and products we sell are honestly not related in any way shape or form, but we sell in the same general “category”. What would be the way “to demonstrate entirely unrelated operations”? What list of documents can we provide so they allow us to keep selling? Thanks a lot for this article Chris, your input would be of great help!

Margaret Siemers

Looks like the story is only going to have more accounts opening for the same sellers.
I wonder if this was Amazons reason for it. Boost the bottom line with more stores?

Megan Simmons

I use multiple Amazon accounts that were set up by Auction Essistance because Amazon had banned my personal one. It does help you move a lot of inventory and minimize the risk of getting suspended if you know how to use them, but Amazon is very strict so it is hard to tell what could change that can throw everything off course.

Chris McCabe

Hi Megan, I’ve not heard of Auction Essistance, but when these accounts were set up were they approved by Seller Performance? Or established unilaterally? You said they banned your personal one, then set up other accounts, which means there was something that got around the tools and the accounts were not considered related. Sounds like it worked, but will it always work? They may have overlooked something on one go-round. Why was the first account banned? They don’t really measure personal versus other kinds of accounts, they care if the same person or people is operating an account related to… Read more »

mike james

Replying to Chris McCabe

Auction Assistance is no good they sold me accounts that were suspended, and they charged me for 2 accounts i never got

Chris McCabe

Replying to mike james

Hi, I haven’t heard of that company but obviously what they are doing is outside of policy. Buying accounts that are suspended, or active, is itself something Amazon is trying to prevent.


I’m starting work as a consultant in multiple seller central accounts. Is it necessary for me to have a separate email for each account, or is it possible for the merchants to invite me with a single email.

Donna Ferrazzi

I had an old Amazon seller account with my email address. How can I reactivate with the same email? It wont let me. Its my buyer email too.


Hi Chris MCCabe, Thanks for the article. My wife has a registered business that manufactures toys and she has been selling her toys on Amazon for 6 years. I have recently opened my own seller account selling pet products. Now I am paranoid that Amazon will spot the two accounts and question them. We both log in to our accounts from home. I think her seller account is registered to her separate Business Address; mine is registered to our home address. In order to to avoid the risk of my wife’s account being suspended I have been advised to shut… Read more »


Hi there, my case is having multiple accounts at the same time. The reason I opened another account is that when I first started I just wanted to test the water a bit and listed a few items that I did not have inventory. And I got sales from those listing. however, I had to cancel on the buyers. With that being said, I got some negative reviews. That’s why I wanted to start over. So I opened another account and made a couple of thousands before my account got suspended. My question to you is that I don’t want… Read more »

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