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4 Dirty Tricks Being Used by Amazon Sellers in China… and Worldwide

By Dave Bryant

As selling on Amazon becomes an increasingly popular business, more and more sellers are turning to dirty tricks to get ahead.

4 Dirty Tricks Being Used by Amazon Sellers in China… and Worldwide

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Very interesting article and at the same time very depressing.

Amazon – Sort it out!

Dave Bryant

Unfortunately while not all the blame is on Amazon, they are guilty often of turning blind eyes to issues until they start to become significant PR issues.


So thats it, be on the defensive because it can’t be stopped for now , wow

Scarf King

Amazon chooses not to spend adequate money to police these issues, as a sale made by any seller makes them the same commission. That being said, I think the Chinese marketplaces are even more cutthroat.


Amazon spends millions of dollars condoning and promoting imorality. Any caring shopper can send a message by shopping for American made products sold by American owned small businesses.

Joshua Smith

Well written here. Both scary and surprising, especially realizing how little of the dangers I was aware of, despite selling for 2+ years now!

What wasn’t a surprise is seeing the guest author at the end. Thanks, Dave! Love the EcomCrew team who are always over-delivering on content and value!


Any ASIN number starting with bo means its from china. Unless your all for China destroying America I wouldn’t buy it. Its time we go back to “MADE IN AMERICA”.

Jack Wright

Replying to RangerBob

Ranger Bob.

You are incorrect, A BO ASIN does not mean made in China. Our BO7 product, Trademarks, bar codes, packing materials, printing, are made and sold in the USA.


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