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Feedvisor is the end-to-end optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon. Feedvisor’s platform and team of Amazon experts offer algorithmic repricing, strategic advertising campaign optimization, and brand and content management. Together, these features help drive demand, profit, and revenue growth on the Amazon marketplace.

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$100,000+ in average monthly sales on Amazon

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  • goodtom

    Overall rating

    We used Feevisor for 2 years

    I'm writing this review for several reasons. We used Feedvisor for two years and are top 5000 seller on Amazon. What I didn't realize is they put my company under contract with No Authorization... which is very disturbing. Then when I tried to cancel the service they became extremely aggressive. We tested FeedVisor for two years and realized it's a gigantic waste of money. Below are the reason why we no longer use Feedvisor. Normally I would not write such a review but they were very nasty when I tried to stop using their services. Hopefully, this review helps other from making the same mistake.

    =Re-pricing frequency is same as competitors
    =Rules/logic for calculating profit or Min/Max pricing is the same as competitors
    =Rules/logic for how to complete against FBA/FBM/Amazon/Specific sellers is the same as competitors
    =FeedVisor UI is clunky, with the sidebar pop out. Too much clicking to get things done.
    =Filters are the same as the competitor. Sorting by FBA/FBM , BB%, Has / Does not have BB, etc.
    =FeedVisor forecast/replenishment equation is too basic. It wants us to send large quantities of an item that rarely sells because of a 1-time large quantity purchase. This hurt us badly in several instances where we purchased hundreds of units of an item and it did not sell
    =Price is far more expensive than competitors
    =We have reporting in-house that covers our needs that FeedVisor provides since there reporting is nothing special

  • tom487

    Overall rating


    Feedvisor has changed the way we do business. If you are selling on the Amazon platform this software is a must have. Their analytics are above and beyond, they give you all the tools you need to succeed.

    The repricing itself is fantastic when we joined Feedvisor, (over a year ago) we watched our sales increase almost instantly. Additionally the most important part, we watched our margin increase too. The repricing works to drive your price up, not race to the bottom like most others.

    The customer service we receive is amazing, at any given time we can pick up the phone and get a live person that knows our account. They have always gone above and beyond to help. Marc (our account rep) is very knowledgeable about not only the Feedvisor platform, but our Amazon business. He actually understands all the struggles of an amazon seller and strives to fix and help in any way he can.

    This software is so great it would be impossible to talk us into switching ever. We have been with many companies before and none come close to this. It is a little pricy but this is as true with everything in life "you get what you pay for". Feedvisor is a premium product for high volume sellers.

    We consider Feedvisor not only an invaluable software, but a business partner. We highly recommend them to any high volume seller.

  • Amzseller

    Overall rating

    constant performance issues and accounting/reporting errors

    What were the positives?

    only the presentation was good. this company has the best saleforce. and that's the only good thing i can say about this company

    Any negatives?

    software design is good, however, super major issue with performance - you push a button and instead of seeing software to respond, you might as well go make yourself a cup of coffee, and by the time you will comeback you might get lucky and see the next screen.


    awful, awful, awful - but very quick to report that they are working on the issue, however, i have support tickets for major problems that were never resolved for over a year, other things, i would say most of the issues do not get resolved quickly, you would have to wait for days and weeks to see anything fixed, but than after a little while all problems that they fix come back again, again, again, and again. I think it is a failing enterprise.

  • erilyn

    Overall rating

    Great Service

    Feedvisor makes everything easier whenever I have to check certain details on Amazon. Extremely helpful with MAP pricing, Amazon fees, approximate profit features.

    I am very satisfied with the service provided by Amanda Gomez, our Account Manager. She is always there to help us and teach us how to navigate the website.

    Approximately a month ago our Amazon sells were terrible low. She immediately contacted us and gave us all the advice to help boost our sells. We speak with her every two weeks to follow up and as well our sells have been increasing.

    Thank you for an amazing service!

  • sinalan33

    Overall rating

    Excellent Repricer and Great Service

    Feedvisor is an intelligent repricing tool compared to other products in the market. They helped to increase our profit margin. The technical support team is quick to respond to queries and solves issues at the earliest. Our success manager Leemore who is very professional and supportive has helped us with various strategies to increase our sales and margins. The reports provided by feedvisor is commendable. Their new feature on scouting also eases our job to find the perfect products. We would like Feedvisor to include the repricing for the Used condition in future.

  • paulineprince

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor is a game-changer for online retailers

    The Feedvisor Repricer is excellent, continually-innovating technology that's a pivotal solution for online retailers. The monthly subscription price is rather steep, yes. But, Feedvisor's support team are clearly knowledgeable, experienced industry-experts. My account manager is accessible and prompt with responses. Feedvisor has provided much more than a repricing solution. They've provided guidance and strategy consultation to help me grow and expand my online business in an increasingly competitive landscape.

  • david435

    Overall rating

    August 2018

    What were the positives?

    The product has certainly worked for us by giving such focus on pricing that would be impossible to manage manually.

    Any negatives?

    It would be helpful to offer an integrated service to include other marketplaces. The system can be slow to react and a speed improvement would also be beneficial.


    The support from our main contact, Leemore, is always professional, enthusiastic and very supportive.
    The technical support is fast and efficient and has resolved any issues we have had.

  • arash

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor Review

    What were the positives?

    Does what its supposed to do and more. Service is on par!
    In this crazy Amazon margin world you need all the help you can get! We have tried many repricers they are on the money and they keep changing with amazon and have made great additions!

    I am looking forward to great new products from Feedvisor to incorporate into our business.

    Found on:

    Any negatives?

    better pricing plans. MArgins are very tight these days


    The support is Top Notch! You are pretty much answered same day!

  • yankie

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor A+

    Feedvisor has helped me get to places in my Business that I never thought would be possible. It is very easy to collect Data and download those reports. Feedvisor Helps you and shows you what to do with the Data.

    It Pays for itself and really would take several employees to do what it does.

    The Scouting, in Particular, has been very helpful with a lot of info gathering to help you make the right decisions.

    Customer Support is very responsive and helpful. They are called Success managers for a good reason!

    I am looking forward to great new products from Feedvisor to incorporate into our business.

  • aglanz

    Overall rating

    We really appreciate how much Feedvisor has helped us grow!

    Feedvisor has provided excellent Customer Service and training for my company. We are not overly computer savy, Feedvisor assists us at our level, giving us a good foundation and adding more information as we are comfortable and ready to learn.

    Feedvisor provides wonderful reporting and backs that up with a monthly meeting in which we discuss anything from changes in the system to a SKU that is not performing well.

    The Technical support that is given as needed far exceeds my expectations. Typically one would wait at least 48 hours for an update - Feedvisor usually fixes any issue within one working day, and follows up if it will take longer.

    We definitely have seen an increase in sales using Feedvisor!

  • erland

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor is the best tool we have to grow our business

    What were the positives?

    One main thing is that we enjoy is the data that we need to make our business grow and the great customer service we have especially with our Account Rep. Data that we need are only a click away and not have to navigate the jungles of Amazon reports.

    Any negatives?

    We would love to see Return/Refund reports added as well to our account.


    We love the support especially our Sales Rep. She is amazing and always available to help us answer our questions and concerns. We love Jennie

  • joe794

    Overall rating

    Very good Softwards, Great Account Managers!

    What were the positives?

    This software makes it very easy to view all of your products, and most importantly monitor profit margins. The software is laid out in a very digestible format making it very easy to analyze, and manipulate data. I am very happy with the software, and especially for the price. I was using a different software, that was very expensive, and it did provide the same quality as Feedvisor. I would strongly recommend this for any eCommerce business. I also love that there is an account manager dedicated to my account. We have weekly meetings and she helps me go over all the data, and provide insights on how to better grow, and maintain sales and profitability.

    Any negatives?

    Not that I can think of.


    Support is great, they always get back to me very quickly if I have any questions. My Account Manager, Amanda Gomez is the best! She is very friendly and extremely well connected when it comes to eCommerce. She really helps me stay on top of what I need to do, and offers Great advice on what I should be focusing on Week to Week. I cannot say enough good things about Amanda Gomez. I am really lucky/happy I am able to work with her and Feedvisor every week!

  • matt.doe

    Overall rating

    Fantastic software with even better service!

    What were the positives?

    Feedvisor's data and analytics are easily read, clearly organized, and accurate. I have a lot of trust in Feedvisor's numbers. Feedvisor is a necessary tool for us to effectively manage repricing on so many listings.


    We've had incredible support from our Account Manager Katie Dewey, as well as other support from Antonio Lorenzo and Zahi Malki. Katie is super knowledgeable and always willing to jump on a call to help us out.

  • Ashley

    Overall rating

    Love Feedvisor!

    What were the positives?

    Feedvisor's services have helped me to manage a very large catalog of products with a granularity that would not be possible without them. And their product saves me time while doing it. Their team continues to deliver in the value department, especially when it comes to data.

    Any negatives?

    Nothing that I can think of!


    Support is always great - quick to respond and quick to resolve the rare issues that come up.

  • chassy

    Overall rating

    Great Service and Product at Feedvisor!

    What were the positives?

    Their repricer is out of the ordinary and far surpasses their competition. They seriously adjust the prices every 15 minutes if needed. Their dashboard and reports are clean and very helpful. Their dedicated account management team is knowledgeable and uber practical with ideas and assistance..

    Any negatives?

    NO, they have great people behind the product and treat each customer royally.


    Support line even weekends is answered in 2-3 hours with a call in line for emergencies that is answered all the time. They always avail themselves to calls and to add the pain points of each seller to the discussion and really work on it.

  • Epic

    Overall rating

    Wish I could go back in time and not sign the agreement

    When I first signed the agreement with Feedvisor it worked good for the first 2-3 months and then something catastrophic happened with the repricer. Suddenly, in my opinion, there was no difference between Feedvisor and the free Amazon repricer. It seems like the Feedvisor repricer just started racing to the bottom on pricing. We would find that often we would be the lowest price (by far) sometimes by a few dollars. It also seemed to have lost the ability to realize the difference between FBA and FBM Sellers. We made our concerns known to the company multiple times, and finally tried to get out of our contract but they absolutely refused. For the past few months we have been paying for a service that we hardly use. Would Never Do It Again - Beware!!!

  • rob387

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor not a good repricer-Cost us over $50K during test

    There are two major issues that I will address in the review: Performance of the repricer and dishonesty during the sales process.

    Determination of repricer performance is quite simple: With all parameters / options being the same between repricers, what is the change +/- of sales.

    Before Feedvisor, I used either the Channel Advisor repricer or Appeagle. With both repricers, our average sales were about $15,000 / day and was consistent over a period of months. As soon as we switched to Feedvisor, our sales plummeted to $1,500 / day. Our account manager told us that it will take time for the system to learn about the repricing information for our ASINS. Fair enough. I let the repricer run for over two weeks, without any improvement. I switched back to the Channel Advisor repricer, and the sales immediately increased back to $15,000. The Feedvisor account manager looked at the data and conceded that their repricer was not as good as the competition. There was nothing more that he could do to improve the performance.

    Product Misrepresentation

    I asked a simple question: "Does Feedvisor reprice eBay and other platforms?" The reply was: Yes The caveat was that it would transfer the price from Amazon to the other platforms.

    This is not true.

    The eBay repricer does not work with variations which makes it worthless for most e-commerce applications. Furthermore, despite being told that it is available, it is still in development.

    A number of other questions were responded to with answers which were blatantly untrue or were complete lies. No matter the question, the answer was the same: "Feedvisor can do that".

    You may see a response to this review from the company attacking all the things that I did wrong during the testing. I stuck with the repricer for over two weeks and it did not get any better with time. The account manager made changes to the account as needed to try to get better performance without success.

    In conclusion, the testing of Feedvisor over the two weeks cost us over $50,000 in revenue. I would strongly suggest looking at other options before committing the time and money to using Feedvisor.

  • dsheridan

    Overall rating

    The Best Repricer on the Market After using 4

    We've used ChannelAdvisor's repricer. We've used Appeagle. We used Wiser. We used Feedvisor.

    Feedvisor is the clear winner. They price up market and the buy-box share is profit maximizing. Glad that we eventually found the right repricing partner for a reseller on the Amazon marketplace that is mostly FBA.

    The service has been phenomenal. We taught the system to ourselves but had Leemore to rely on if we needed it. I was pleasantly surprised at the analytics, thought we use the service primarily for repricing.

  • tbcdvm

    Overall rating

    Good investment overall

    Feedvisor has been good for our business. It saves us much time that can be better spent on other things rather than watching prices constantly. It seems to be able to avoid driving prices down to a considerable degree with its intelligent engine, rather than just participating in a race downward. It has been a big part of a major increase in our net profits over the past 24 months. It isn't cheap, but it has been a good investment for us. The online support has been excellent, responding very promptly and effectively virtually any time.

  • ankur.bansal

    Overall rating

    Improved repricing process and excellent ROI !

    What were the positives?

    The product automated the repricing process which
    - Improved process efficiency
    - Next logical step after rule based pricing tools
    - Better margins since we were able to find the best price without loosing the BuyBox.
    - cut down the no of errors
    - fast responding team in case something goes wrong

    Any negatives?

    - KPIs for my whole amazon account are not possible, I keep pn switching between marketplaces
    - I had to serach for other tools for Ebay repricing
    - Could not find out a solution for pricing if the SKU was sold under Muti Country Inventory in Europe


    The support was mostly excellent, sometimes !

  • hhuang

    Overall rating

    Great product that helps us increase profit margin

    What were the positives?

    The way the product works is great, instead of lowering price to compete with other seller, feedvisor will try to find the higher price that still wins the buybox.

    Any negatives?

    Would be great if we can decide the buy box share we want to have on some products, and repricing based on the buybox requested.


    General support is ok, could be faster. Our current account manager, on the other hand, is pretty on top of our needs.

  • doylp

    Overall rating

    Great Software Solution For Amazon Sellers

    We have been using Feedvisor for 9 months and love it! Not only have our sales increased but our profitability as well. It has helped us get a bigger share of the Buy Box even when we aren't always the lowest price.

    We thought we were just getting a repricer with Feedvisor but it is so much more. The many features included in the dashboard have really helped us get a handle on our profits and see where we really are with our business. We can readily see what our best sellers are and what we need to restock and what items are not making money for us.

    The expanded pricing methods are a great help in liquidating slow moving inventory while still making the most profit possible.

    We love the software and their service is the best. Worth the investment without question!

  • smoore

    Overall rating

    Amazing solution for Amazon profitability

    We've been using Feedvisor for 2 years now to reprice over 4,000 items. We had tried several repricing solutions previously Feedvisor works best for us. They understand Amazon's buy box algorithm well and keeps you from racing to the bottom, their system has increased our margins. This is the only true algorithmic based repricer, the others as much as they claim still works only as a rule-based system. Feedvisior has really transformed our ecommerce business. We used to have a team spending hours a week repricing SKU's

  • ryan412

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor - Amazing Product

    What were the positives?

    Feedvisor allows for algorithmic repricing, so the price can go up or down. Many other repricers are just a race to the bottom. Additionally, the service provides an excellent way to get a very good view of what is happening in your account. It is the main point of management for our account. We use the acutal Amazon admin less frequently, and do everything we can within Feedvisor.

    They are constantly adding features and benefits. One thing I liked is the ability to setup and utilize sale pricing within the system. As Amazon changed how they displayed suggested retail, sale pricing, and the actual price, Feedvisor adapted their product to suit the changes.

    Any negatives?

    The product is expensive, but you get what you pay for. It is a top notch product, with a price to match.


    Our support has been very, very good. They have given me support that directly relates to the Feedvisor system, and also valuable support on topics that relate to just selling on Amazon in general.

  • TLF

    Overall rating

    Spent way to much money and lost too many sales. STAY AWAY

    When I decided I needed a repricer I did the following:

    1) tried repricerexpress trial period...I didn't understand how to use it.
    2) tried Excellco trial period...I also didn't understand how to use it.
    3) contacted Feedvisor which was a expensive mistake (read below)

    I decided to try feedvisor. They had a "deal" going on so I decided to do 3 months which cost me around $1,700 + .5% of sales (total for 3 months). My sales plummeted, its not designed to win you the buy box, its designed to split the buy box with competition. I wish I would have know that prior to purchasing. every time I talked with them about sales being cut in half they kept on telling me that the algorithm has to learn my sales and they could try different algorithms to get my sales up, well we tried all of them and none worked. I don't understand how people use this.

    Not knowing what to do I emailed Excellco and asked for some phone help, they agreed and help make my rules for me with me on the phone...It's only $200/mo and no % of my sales. Also, my sales have risen because I win the buybox 95+% of the time.

  • joejonovich

    Overall rating

    Try it and you will be convinced

    We have used FeedVisor for about 6 months now.

    We were hesitant in the beginning . . .. . we looked at competitors that ranged from $10 to $300 a month and Feedvisor was several times that cost, but we wanted to at least do the free trial to see what was so special.

    After the 2-week free trial we weren't convinced but could see some glimmers of hope as Feedvisor accumulated better data toward the end. We then paid for a 3-month contract to give it a better test. After the first 30 days we were sold!!! Feedvisor actually raised our price enough on some existing products (while still increasing sales) to more than pay for itself from the added profit margin. You can find a repricer that will lower your price automatically for a lot less, but FeedVisor knows when standing firm or even raising prices wont hurt your Buy Box percentage. That is what is special about FeedVisor.

    Add in the increased sales across the board, more time for other things, great analytics, and personal consulting that is all included and this is a must have service.

    I also really ended up liking the inventory reports that make forecasting and replenishing products easy. Reordering product now takes 30 minutes instead of hours and is much more accurate.

    Our personal Feedvisor consultant, Leemore is AWESOME. If she cant answer a question, she finds someone at Feedvisor who can.

    Overall our Amazon business has grown 10x in the past 6 months to $120,000 per month thanks in large part to FeedVisor.

    Thank you!!

  • hall

    Overall rating

    Very helpful tool for selling on Amazon

    Feedvisor has made it much easier to manage the prices in my Amazon store front, not only has my buy box share increased but items that I had previously only occasionally sold are selling all the time now.

    The knowledge of my representatives at Feedvisor have help me clean up my Amazon rating and account, helping us to raise our review score and feedback percentage.

    Since I launched with Feedvisor the number of orders that I process on a daily basis from Amazon has increased by at least 50% and the profit from those orders has also increased significantly.

  • Rajiv

    Overall rating

    Exceptional Solution - Not just for repricing!

    We've been using Feedvisor for over 2 years now and have to say we're more than just pleased. We have tried multiple repricing solutions before we settled down with Feedvisor.
    It is the only true algorithmic based repricer, the others as much as they claim still works only as a rule-based one. But that's not just what has ensured our stickiness with Feedvisor. It is also the continuous evolution of Feedvisor as a platform. They keep adding features / analytics based on their internal brainstorming and requests from customers like us. The Performance Dashboard and Order Level Profitability are two features that surely stand out and help us analyze our business better.
    All in all, one of the best solutions in the market if not the best!

  • ecathicks

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor Is Worth The Investment

    What were the positives?

    Feedvisor has allowed us to streamline our team's productivity by no longer having to spend precious hours manually repricing our products. Time is a commodity and in business, it is important to us to have the right systems and tools in place, so our business and team are able run with great efficiency.

    We also immediately saw an increase in our sales velocity and ROI. Feedvisor's algorithm opened our eyes to that simple fact that we were selling ourselves short. Feedvisor was selling our products at a higher price and a larger quantity of what we were selling. The algorithm was able to identify the sweet spot of our products price point, something that would be nearly impossible for us to every get a handle on with the number of SKUs that we manage.

    Feedvisor has proven to us that it is “A MUST” tool/system for our business to be efficient.

    Any negatives?

    We are honestly very happy with this system, it has increased our business. When there has been an issue come up, Feedvisor’s team is on it and has it corrected for us right away. No complaints.


    The support that we have received from Feedvisor is beyond what we could have every asked for. We were assigned a personal manager to insure that we completely understanding the software, as well as guidance and direction on Amazon’s platform.

    Feedvisor has gone above and beyond in supporting our success.

  • rupesh

    Overall rating

    Excellent Product. Super Good Service.

    What were the positives?

    Repricer works well in real time. It bring in sales at expected level.

    Any negatives?

    No upper limit on # of SKU we can put through repricer. I believe they are working on it.


    Support from Peter and entire feedvisor team has been exemplary. They are quick, fair and willing to go extra mile. They are usually quick to resolve any challenges or technical issue. Best part is, they help with overall business, strategy, communication and not just repricing part of business.

  • b.bell

    Overall rating

    A great competitive edge

    Once you hear about the Feedvisor repricing algorithm, it's almost impossible not to think of the thousands of way it could give your business an incredible edge with the competition. Feedvisor allows us to reprice hundreds of products with little work and customize our repricing based on our goals. You can really see the difference as you work with your repricing method and the revenue speaks for itself.

    Would definitely recommend Feedvisor to any and all who are looking to be more competitive on Amazon without needing to spend hours and hours repricing products daily.

  • barryl

    Overall rating

    Serious Sellers Need Only Apply

    There is a lot to be said about Feedvisor and I could be quite effusive in my praise. But I'll stick to the main points:

    1) Feedvisor is HAND DOWN the BEST repricer on the market today.

    2) The OTHER guys (we have tried many) are simplistic in nature, drove our revenues to the floor and rarely made any significant impact on our overall sales volume.

    3) FEEDVISOR has maximized our revenues and increase our profits while maintaining the best Buy Box percentage possible given our pricing parameters.

    A few additional notes:

    * Their customer service is top notch. Having a personal account manager is a HUGE help in driving the success of our store.

    * Some other features like their replenishment report have been tremendously instrumental in ensuring that no stone is unturned in finding additional ways to maximize our profits

    * There are additional "deep dive" analytics that give us a great view of all aspects of our store from multiple different angles.


  • Mark14816

    Overall rating

    Excellent Product and Service

    What were the positives?

    Product is excellent, our sales now almost doubled since we started in Nov 2015. Initially we thought it may be because of X'mas period, But i must say Feedvisor kept the momentum going till today. we would certainly recommend this product to any seller. In fact we do not see life without Feedvisor anymore.

    Any negatives?

    Although the Feedvisor keep doing innovative reporting tool regularly, but there is always a scope of improvement, I would recommend report such as expiry date product report would certainly helps seller like us who deals with the grocery stuffs.


    Support is an advantage with the Feedvisor, team of experts Ninjas always an email away, sometime it gives us a feeling like they are sitting at the same building where we located, by resolving the issues within hours.

  • info357

    Overall rating

    Awefull High Presure Sales Tactics

    Initial call was from an appointment setter. Sounded interesting so I let him schedule an appointment for an online demo with a sales rep a few days later. They rep called as planned but I had changed my mind so i let the rep know that immediately. The rep was courteous and said he understood and would follow up with me in the future.

    The original appointment setter called me 3 times since my cancelation of teh demo wanting to know why I changed my mind and said that he would not have wasted someone elses time like I did.

    Rude - will not ever deal with again

  • rik697

    Overall rating

    pleasure to review feedvisor as they are the best

    easy 5 star review:

    software/ end results
    customer service
    ease of use
    available data

    all of the above key features are very very good.

    we were unsure to use a repricer but then as our competition was using it against us, we decided to fight back, we have fought back very hard and we have seen many good results. Ideally we would not be selling the same items as many others, we would be unique and this is ultimately the course we are going on, but for now, we know we can fight back against increasingly aggresive competition whilst still protecting our nett profit and maintaining a healthy share of the buy box.

    it is all about nett profit (not revenue or gross profit) and fast turnover of stock, feedvisor gives this information and it actually pushes prices up (whilst not ripping off the buyers providing you enter fair ceiling prices) so overall it is a positive repricer for everyone involved.

  • Daniel83

    Overall rating

    Fantastic Repricer

    I can't give enough praise to Feedvisor. Their repricing software is great at getting us the buybox and keeping us competitive and profitable. And the team at Feedvisor, including our account manager, is incredibly responsive and help us dig into our sales data and put together an action plan to grow sales. In addition, the data provide by the analytics dashboard helps us make critical inventory purchasing and liquidation decisions. Love Feedvisor.

  • Shaindys

    Overall rating

    Great Repricing Company with great customer service!

    Great Company! They do a great job at repricing. Great customer service. Their reps are very helpful and respond right away.
    Their dashboard is very user friendly and provides an easy way to see which items are selling slow/fast.
    Only downside is that it's a bit pricey, but totally worth it in the long run.

  • UltrabikeX

    Overall rating

    Great support and amazing attention

    Since we started working with feedvisor our sales have increased as well as our profit margin.

    They provide the best attention, fast and reliable replies, and an amazing team that treat us as their first priority.

    We are very pleased with Feedvisor and very exited to keep working with them.

  • Dann

    Overall rating

    Great repricer

    FeedVisor is a best-in-class product. The platform is intuitive, the support team is fantastic and the repricing behavior is in line with my expectations. It is limited to Amazon, so it can't handle multi-channel repricing, but as good as it gets for Amazon sellers.

  • SugarFree

    Overall rating

    Best in Repricing AND SUPPORT!

    FeedVisor does a great job of reprising without rules. Simple straight forward and easy. If you have any issue or idea they actually listen and add new features . Their team understands Amazon's buy box algorithm well. When the algorithm changes on amazon, FeedVisor learns quickly and changes as well.

    What good is a great product without great customer service? They have second to none service. you get a dedicated rep and someone will always get back to you in a jiffy.

    I've tried every other re-pricer on the market and FeedVisor wins hands down.

    The amount of genius effort that went into this astonishes me.

    Don't let the "cost" scare you! It actually pays for itself. Don't penny pinch with the $49/month that other might offer. You WILL make more money with FeedVisor period.

  • JackB

    Overall rating

    Superb Repricer, with Amazing Personal Service

    Feedvisor is hands down the best repricer on the market, they actually reprice based on getting you the most of the buy box at the highest possible price. Most repricers just lower your price until you are the lowest on the page, and eventually you will win the buy box, but that will just create price wars, and you will end up selling at the floor most of the time. Feedvisor however uses an algorithm that calculates multiple different factors, including shipping times, feedback, fulfillment method etc, to figure out how to get you the most buy box share, and most of the time that does not require you to be at your floor price. So if your competition has less ratings, or a longer lead time than you, Feedvisor will figure out that even if you are a certain percentage more expensive than your competition that you will still win the buy box, and you will end up making a lot more money winning the buy box at the higher price that they calculated. Their dashboard is also amazing, it gives you a really clear picture of your profits, items that need to be restocked, items that you have overstocked, items that you are losing money on etc.

    The best part however is the service. It is so good to be able to speak to the same person every time you need anything, and that they actually know what they are talking about. Leemore is our account specialist, and she freakin amazing. She is smart, responsive and very witty to boot, making it a real pleasure to speak to her, and do business with Feedvisor.

  • Max

    Overall rating

    Insightful Software

    Feedvisor does a good job of dynamic repricing of our Amazon product listings. Their team understands Amazon's buy box algorithm well and cater's their software to optimizing the buy box percentage, revenue, and profit of your listed products.

    In addition, their customer service is great as exemplified by their interest in having regular one on one conversations with you and asking for input on future concepts and developments. Whenever I have had a question, my rep generally emails me back within a day.

    The thing I probably like best about Feedvisor is the vast amount of data they collect which I have access to via their interface and via custom reports I can request from my product rep. These are invaluable and provide insights I would never be able to glean on my own. The extreme amount of data they collect and their ability to cater this data to our specific needs have provided a significant boost in our sales and operational abilities.

    I would recommend Feedvisor to any FBA sellers on Amazon that can afford it and are serious about optimizing their sales performance.

  • Biggest Dave

    Overall rating

    Top notch software- Amazing customer support!

    The key reason for our success if due to Feedvisor. Our business quadrupled after we started using their service! Though costly, there's no doubt that this is made up through the use of their highly intelligent software.

    Now, if you want to talk about customer service these guys are top tier. They are highly engaged with their customers and know that if you succeed they will succeed.

    This is a fabulous product which i would strongly recommend to anyone interested in maximizing sales and profits. 😀

  • S.G.

    Overall rating

    Best Customer Service and Repricer on the market

    I have used several different repricers to date. By far the best. FeedVisor has the most simple interface on the market today. The customer service is even better. Any questions i have had they answered me the fastest i have ever seen. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to make money the relaxed way

  • infectedmethod

    Overall rating

    Amazing solution and excellent customer support

    Feedvisor is amazing. I was hesitant with the 1% fee on all sales, but we have since quadrupled our sales. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects. The repricer does exact what it's suppose to. It's very easy to use. The sales charts it provides for sales is amazing. It's really transformed our business. I used to spend 5 hours+ a day repricing each SKU. Now it's set it and forget it. My time is now spent doing things such as bringing in more business. Fantastic piece of software.

  • CCCC1

    Overall rating

    Great App & Amazing Service!

    Feedvisor is a simple and easy way to make sure my products keep the buy box on Amazon. It is very user friendly and the support team they have is extremely helpful when they are needed. I suggest this over any other repricing app out there and will continue to use it as long as I sell on Amazon. As of right now my company only uses the repricing feature but there is also an inventory portion which we are going to try next.

  • Tyler

    Overall rating

    Awesome Repricer with Superb Support

    I've been working with FeedVisor for almost two years and I have to say I will continue to use them for a long time. I love the idea of setting it, and leaving it, to let it do its thing. I know that my products will be priced effectively for a balance of profit and good sales velocity. My favorite part about FeedVisor is their support and customer service. Really top-notch and I always get a polite response within 1 day and a solution to the problem comes shortly after. Very pleased about this. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  • bonsaijim

    Overall rating

    The only Repricer you should use.

    We have tried several repricers before finding Feedvisor. No other system even comes close! Feedvisor increases your margins as well as your sales by getting the Buy Box with the best margins. All the others are just interested in pushing the price down to get the Buy Box. The support and additional analytics they provide have increased our sales on top of the increase the repricer did.

    It doesn't matter if you are a big or small seller, if you are serious about selling on Amazon this is a must software.

  • davedama

    Overall rating

    The absolute best Amazon intelligence system on the market

    I have used a couple different repricing platforms and can confidently say that feedvisors system is by far the best. I am consistently selling more units at a higher average selling price than other sellers thanks to feedvisor. Feedvisor also makes it extremely simple to manage and reprice inventory and get robust analytics on how your business is doing from day to day. They also provide exceptional customer service as they are very quick to respond to any questions or requests you may have.

  • kamisera

    Overall rating

    Great company, easy to use software

    I've been using FeedVisor for the past few months and must say that I am overall impressed by both the software and the personal touch in the customer service I receive. The software is designed to be easy user-friendly as possible, relying on their own algorithm to determine how to price the listings, based mostly on buy box percentage and your desired margins.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. A+

  • BB2U

    Overall rating

    The BEST! Awesome.... 5 Stars!

    Wow... simply a fantastic software tool. So intuitive. Maximize all of your Amazon sales! Set it and go. It is that simple. I wish every one of my competitors used FeedVisor. Price erosion issues would disappear. Such an unbelievable tool and with the tech support to match. Get it done with FeedVisor. They got the smartest people working for them.

    Just do it!

  • bazinga worldwide

    Overall rating

    Great Service and Product

    Love the product, they are adding new services all the time and they actually listen to your advice to help the software work better for your business. Their price may seem steep at first but they are completely worth it and compared to other companies that provide similar services, feedvisor is half the price!

  • Tyson

    Overall rating

    More than a re-pricer

    Feedvisor has proven to be more than a re-pricer for me. It has been a personalized service to clear out old inventory as well as maximize profits and sales through everyday re-pricing on my regular inventory. The customer service is excellent and I find them being proactive about helping me to succeed. Thank you!

  • arielmoghaddam

    Overall rating

    Great Customer Service. Even Better Product.

    Without feedvisor we would not be able to grow our business, simple as that.

    They create a way to have all our prices stay competitive, and let us know when products are not selling, the best part is they do not charge a hefty monthly fee like other companies out there.

    The customer service is also great. They are on top of all questions and will answer in late hours of the night for you.

    They want to help make the program better so they often listen to requests and will customize reports for you.

    Hands down a great product.

  • dgarcia

    Overall rating

    1- Increase margins, 2- Maintain sales

    We were looking for a something to help increase margins. Our current repricer was not smart enough (or we were not smart enough to apply proper rules) to increase the profit margin. Feedvisor helped us increase our margin above what we expected. It's not complicated, it increased the margin far above what their fee is, without compromising sales. No-brainer.
    As an added bonus, it's ease to see what's selling (go get more) and what's not selling (drop and run).
    Last thing, our account rep is extremely helpful. I don't think she sleeps much.
    Oh yeah, I'd give 5 stars if they would integrate with my other software, (hint)

  • HWS

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor Amazon Repricing Software

    Feedvisor Software and Support has been Excellent and our company would highly recommend Feedvisor as a professional firm and their competent Repricing software for Amazon marketplace, Feedvisor are an innovative company on the cutting edge of their profession.

  • jai

    Overall rating

    Cannot rate highly enough

    We’ve used Feedvisor since Nov 2013 in efforts to increase marketplace sales. The customer service has been exceptional from the very first day, we’ve enjoyed both a professional and tailored service which in turn has helped increase our Amazon sales almost 50%. We consider Feedvisor to be a partner in our business and credit them in playing a fundamental role in our marketplace success.

  • nancynolte59

    Overall rating

    Happy Customer

    I learned of FeedVisor from another Amazon seller. When I chose to go with FeedVisor, I was at a turning point in my business. I shared my concerns with my FeedVisor Customer Success Manager and she listened! I had worked with three other pricing software companies prior to FeedVisor and struggled with success. Because of the excellent communication and service that FeedVisor has provided to me, I am back on track and know my business will be successful. Thank You! Nancy

  • Evan

    Overall rating

    Feedvisor Repricing Rules-Based Repricing

    Feedvisor has helped us grow our business, with the best repricing engine available. Their algorithmic repricer reacts to competition and learns over time. This translates to less time spent on setup, making adjustments to rules or price setting; when compared to rules based repricing solution. Feedvisor’s service team is friendly, knowledgeable, receptive to new ideas, and fosters a collaborative approach to solving our business challenges.

  • brian467

    Overall rating

    Great Re-Pricing Service for Sellers on Amazon!

    We have used Feedvisor for over 19 months. More than a "regular" rules-based re-pricer for Amazon sellers, Feedvisor focuses on the best output (optimal price) instead of a complex web of rules (some of which may work and some may not).

    We really appreciate Feedvisor's efforts to optimize prices through balancing price with buy box percentage to improve sales and profitability. We have seen our prices maximized to the extent possible while maintaining reasonable buy box share. Due to these efforts, we believe that FeedVisor's value-added greatly surpasses its service fee. The service has been very reliable and significant effort is put into working with customers to ensure success. FeedVisor works with clients to provide new improvements to its software to stay ahead of the competition.

    We do not have any reservation in recommending FeedVisor as a company to partner with.

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