Quick steps that you must know before playing Hide Online Game


Hide online is an interesting game as the name suggested one had to hide, and the other had to seek. If you are playing the game then either you had to play as a hunter or as props where hunter seeks the hidden props. For more details regarding the play way of the game, it is appropriate to use Hide Online cheats.

Set your target

You had to switch on the small items from time to time that are either to the burger or to the can if you are using the props. It is because if you are playing like a hunter, then it is quite difficult to chase behind the small objects. But if you are using large objects, it becomes very easy for the hunter to target that. Always remember that if you are playing as a prop, then you had to only one objective that is to hide till the end of the match. For the hunter, it is very easy to target the object, which is big that is a bench or chair, so try to avoid that.

Use small objects

One of the most interesting features which you should know about the game is that you can transform the hunter into the animal. But it should be used at the right time and in the list it should be written in the form of duck or animal transformation. One can easily switch to the small object or the item by running away from the hunter, and it should be done swiftly as your hunter gets activated in few times.  Always try to relocate at that place where the hunter finds difficulty, and also you can transform your props into the other form.


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